A 34-year-old Georgia man was sentenced to life in prison plus two years after being convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

Stephen Troy Kendrick was found guilty by a Fulton County jury last week of statutory rape, aggravated child molestation, child molestation, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal trespassing stemming from his “relationship” with a 13-year-old girl.

According to reports, Kendrick met the girl when he was a boarder in her parents’ home. After they became uncomfortable with how close the man had gotten to their daughter, they asked Kendrick to leave. Apparently, that didn’t end the sexual relationship and the girl later ran away with Kendrick.

After reporting their daughter missing, the pair were found sleeping together in a vacant apartment building two-months later. Initially Kendrick told police the girl was his 18-year-old cousin, but they later determined she was the missing 13-year-old girl.

While some may scoff at the life sentence handed down by the judge, it’s clear he was trying to send a strong message.

Should more pedophiles face similarly harsh penalties?

What do you think? 

  • CurlySue

    Absolutely!! Considering the extremely high rate of recidivism of rapists and child molesters, I think in some cases, a life sentence should be mandatory. I read so many stories of children being raped and murdered by men who were convicted sex offenders. Those children would have been saved if our justice system placed more emphasis on our children’s safety than the “rehabilitation” of a pervert.

  • mamareese

    Um yes he raped a child….he raped someone period! He better hopes he makes it to see life….they don’t play with pedofiles in prison.

  • Afrostyling

    They need to be put to death but that’s just me.

  • LaDreaming86

    “Should more pedophiles face similarly harsh penalties?”

    Is this even a question really? Hell yea, they should receive harsher penalties.

  • CurlySue

    Lol, seriously. Like, what else would we say? “Nooooo. I think pedophiles and just misunderstood and need more hugs. Matter of fact, I’ve been looking for a babysitter…”

  • kidole

    how about stoning?

  • Dalili


  • Alexandra

    Pedophiles are a danger. They prey on vulnerable, young and naive children. They abuse their position as an older/trusted adult to take advantage of kids. This is why parents should be very careful when they are constantly telling their children to ‘respect your elders’. Many children can misinterpret this & think certain gestures are “ok”.
    Of course I think they should get tougher sentences. Let them out to do what?

  • Shirl

    There is no cure for pedophilia so the death penalty is adequate in cases where there is 100% proof that a person has raped a child. Why waste tax payers money storing these animals in prison

  • Si No Da

    As long as old a** female teachers who sleep with young underaged male students get the same penalty in Georgia, I am all for it…

    But this is strictly preying on men & excluding women for the most part… so much for equality

  • Trisha

    When I read this title, my heart dropped. It did not dropped from being a perplexed state of mind, but from “yet again” another case of a pedophile being ABLE to strike again. I am so drained and brokenhearted of constantly hearing our children being taken advantage of. Pedophiles are going to always exist; therefore, harsh penalties should be executed. Depending on the case, they should be awarded the death penalty.

    Please allow me to vent. Hopefully someone will read this. Pedophiles have a spirit vested deep within them that exist which is not going to cease due to any counseling, rehabilitation programs, or being confined. They are sick individuals that really need to remain locked up. They know they are sick, but their sexually appetite is as strong as any desire as that of a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. It is the detriment and the calamity of the child’s in which I hold the parent’s accountable.
    The justice system should implement harsher penalties. While they are working on their end, we as a church, community, and schools need to dig a little deeper to find out what in the hell are these parents doing? I don’t understand. It enrages me to think that a grown man could possibly touch my children. What has shifted in our society that would make a 13 year old want sex and with a grown man at that? Even though society glamorizes sex, we still caught blame them. Sex sells right? So we know much thought isn’t giving to sex/fornication being a sin prior to marriage from a societal point of view. Sex is very carefree and acceptable. I believe that message is snowballing down to our youth.

    By any means am I blaming this child. I just hear so many stories about 12 – 16 year olds sleeping with 35+ years old sick pedophiles. We know the pedophiles are sick and should throw away the key. As long as these parents aren’t more accountable, they’re giving their pedophiles free reign over their kids. This right here: “According to reports, Kendrick met the girl when he was a boarder in her parents’ home.” In my house, (in my house) this would have NEVER happened nor do I allow my children to go to anybody’s house. Any type of organization my children partake in or neighborhood I visit, I’m checking it out. If you are close friends of mine, but still have frequent visitors coming in or out your house, my children won’t go over there by themselves.

    I’m not stating that we can avoid ALL pedophiles, but parents often times should be more accountable of what is going in and around their children. Then again, I believe we stop pedophiles by talking to our kids, watching our surroundings, the people we as parents and our children interact with, and organizations our kids are involved with. Remember pedophiles prey on the weak. For me, they will not get to mine. Call me overprotective or what you may; again they won’t get to mine.

  • Priceless34

    If only they applied this same sentences to priest.

  • CurlySue

    It’s unfortunate that our society glorifies boys having sex at young ages, especially with older women. And I absolutely think the punishment should be just as severe.

    However, since men make up the vast VAST percentage of rapists, that should be the focal point of discussion.

  • Ade

    Yes, life is prison is just right. He has practically changed the course of the girl’s life with his pedophilia so he should pay for it with his own life. I have no pity for who who manipulate and abuse children. I hope the girl lives a fruitful life despite this mess.

  • Mo

    This artcle does not mention that the girl became pregnant and gave birth to this man’s baby. So he has most certainly changed her lifr im immeasurable ways. he should rot in jail forever. He knew without a doubt that she was a child and her parents should have reported him to the police as soon as they suspected something rather than just kicking him out. Better to overreact than to under in some cases.

  • chanela

    would anyone have been mad if this was in pakistan here 13 year old girls have relationships with older men all the time? i wouldn’t be surprised if people push to have that sort of relationship arrangement legal here too.

  • LaDreaming86

    The difference is that those relationships are usually consensual (female teacher and male student). Likewise, the women are usually young (20s – 30s), not ‘old ass female teachers’ as you state.

  • Kacey

    Since pedophiles can not be rehabilitated/cured, I think life sentences are appropriate.

  • haffie

    A pedophile will always be a pedophile. They are not humans they are beast with savage desire and in that case the only remedy is castration.I dont know why no one wants to do it. Its the only way out for preventing these acts from happening ever again.

  • Tonton Michel

    No, the opportunity to seek treatment, rehabilitate, and monitored release should be given for first time offenders. Couple this with a strict application of the law across the board for fairness.

  • Gina

    LA Dream What does it matter? A child is a child. Same brain capacity just different sexes. Either way they are being taken advantage of. I bet you wouldn’t say that if it was your son, or would you just give him a high five if he told you he was banging his teacher? Shame on you

  • LaDreaming86

    “Gina”, I get the feeling you are someone who frequently comments on the blog but is using a different screen name, riling people up with your comments.

    Once again, you think you have me figured out. The real shame is on you and your innate ability to make contrived assumptions.

  • wuluwulu

    He is filthy period. But I have to wonder why the parents let a male boarder under their roof considering they have a teen in the home, and a female at that. I know times are hard and people are trying to get money whichever way they can, but we have to act with wisdom especially when you are bringing someone under your roof.

  • http://[email protected] theMuseintheMirror

    Wow….now ain’t that something? Something is wrong with that. good point.

  • Bee

    And yet R.Kelly can piss on a 14yrold girl, priests and rich coaches can rape boys with impunity, and old a$$ women teachers can screw little boys and nothing happens to them. ALL pedophiles deserve the harshest penalties a criminal can get. They steal lives and minds. Period. So, to your question: “Should more pedophiles face similarly harsh penalties?” YES. (Or, there’s always the firing squad.) Next question.

  • Bunny

    @ LaDreaming86: “The difference is that those relationships are usually consensual (female teacher and male student)”…wait…

    When the person in question is a minor, it is NEVER CONSENSUAL hence the term statutory rape…what difference does it make if it’s a male or female child?

  • Bee

    Any person who sexually abuses children should receive absolutely no leniency. First time offender? Really? One kid isn’t bad enough, so now we should wait until kid two (and HE/SHE WILL DO IT TO ANOTHER KID) and then throw the pedo’s behind in jail for life? Two childhoods stolen? No. Childhood sexual abuse alters a person’s whole life and sense of self, robs them of something psychologically and physically that they can NEVER get back. It is a psychological wound that never ever heals. Pedophiles and child molesters deserve no second chances.

  • LaDreaming86


    I am going to explain this the best way I know how.

    So, maybe the word ‘consensual’ wasn’t the correct word to use.

    The reason I believe it is different for a male child and female teacher is because in order for the two to have sex, the male child would have to be erect. And as ‘Curly Sue’ stated above, “It’s unfortunate that our society glorifies boys having sex at young ages”. I know this may sound ‘strange’, but my perception is that the male child would be more in agreement with the situation as opposed to an older male and young girl.

  • LaDreaming86

    “But I have to wonder why the parents let a male boarder under their roof considering they have a teen in the home, and a female at that.”

    The thing is – Many women view EVERY man as a potential rapist or as someone who could sexually assault/molest them and there are a lot of people who don’t like that.

    I can only assume that the reason they let him into their house is because they were under the impression that he wouldn’t form a sexual relationship with their daughter.

  • QoN


    Justifying the rape of boys? What if the boy is raped with a foreign object? He doesnt need an erection in that case and it is still rape. What if he is forced into oral sex. Still sexual assault. Youre really sick you know that.

  • Leelee


    I’m not sure I understand your reasoning of the differences of boys and girls. You said it’s different because of his erection, which I’m assuming to mean that you are trying to say he took an active part in the relationship. From the way I understand, this little girl chose as well. She chose to run away. This happened after they kicked him out. She was an active part in this as well. Many young girls take her position as well. So how do the two situations differ?

    And I know I’ll probably be bashed for saying this, but as this is something I see at the youth center I volunteer at I am going to say it anyway. I think there needs to be some type of repercussion or counseling for the girl as well, not necessarily in this specific case, but in general. Before people start yelling at me, I’m not trying to take the blame off of what this man did, it’s disgusting. I just feel that we need to start examining what’s going on in the minds of our youth and figure out what to do about it. What’s the mentality? I don’t think that girls in these relationships should walk away without ever dealing with the issues at hand. I see young girls everyday 11,12, 13 who find delight in the attentions of older men, not in the 16,17 range, but grown men. A young girl at my youth center used to seek older men out. She’d go into the bar about two blocks away from the center and flirt with the dirt bags who were always there. She began a “relationship” with a 23 year old(she was 14). The fact that she was in the bar meant nothing, she clearly looked like a child. They all knew she was. Her parents found out after a counselor told them and they had him arrested and thrown in jail. The man-boy promptly forgot all about her. You’d think that would be that. But no, about 5 months later she found herself with a 29 year-old boyfriend. She never grew out of it. Even know as an 18 year old she dates men in their 40′a and 50′s. Knowing her home life, I understood the complex she had. But the issues were never dealt with. She never really learned that the relationships were wrong. She learned that it was wrong for the men, but not for her. I see this mentality in other girls as well. My very long-winded point is I don’t think we are done when we throw the men in jail, and of course I don’t think this applies to girls who are forcefully raped and coerced.

  • QoN


    Take little boys and coaches out of your statment. According to one of our esteemed commentators here, boys cant be raped. Apparently an erection is consent for a little boy.

  • LaDreaming86


    No, you WANT for me to be ‘sick’. Clearly, I was not justifying the rape of boys.

  • QoN

    @Lee Lee

    Ive worked with young girls in the system. I pitied them most of the time. They sought out older men and they sexually preyed on eachother. It was strange.

    Im positively disgusted by what LaDreaming was saying. Its just sheer hatred of boys and men emanating from her dried up carcass.

  • LaDreaming86


    Stop! Just stop!

    I never implied that boys cannot be raped. You are so f(u)cking full of it.

    “Im positively disgusted by what LaDreaming was saying. Its just sheer hatred of boys and men emanating from her dried up carcass.” – Gosh, and now you are trying to start something with me so that you can rant. I bet you are itching to derail on this article and turn this into your personal haven and talk about how much Black boys/men can do no wrong and everything that is wrong with them is because of Black women.

    Again STOP! JUST STOP!

  • Si No Da

    @QoN & @Bee

    Thank you for calling out @LaDreaming86 double standard a**…

    Most people feel that way about men & boys, as just being CONSTANT predators and cannot never be prey… And the opposite for girls

    If the roles were reversed, a woman would have gotten probation for RAPING a 13 year old boy…

    If you are going to fry them in jail… Take the female predators with you (the state doesn’t have the steel brass balls to do it)

    If you are going to give women a slap on the wrist, extend that privilege to men as well…


  • LaDreaming86

    Eh, no. There was no type of ‘calling out’. Nothing about what I said was a double standard.

  • QoN


    No. Not at all. But there are a lot of young male victims of sexual abuse who never reveal the crimes committed againts them because of bigots like you.

  • LaDreaming86

    Oh, soooooo, now I am the reason male sexual abuse victims remain silenced?



  • QoN


    Girl. Can you read? I said because of “bigots like you” contributing to a culture where boys are meant to like sex so if they are abused its because somehting is wrong with them. As boys they are supposed to want it from any and everyone. Their erections, according to you, are confirmation.

  • CurlySue

    @Tonton: Unfortunately, case study after case study has shown that violent sexual predators have a near 100% recidivism rate. It’s hard for people to understand that but put it into terms of our own sexuality. I assume you’re attracted to women. Could you go your entire life and never engage in sex with a woman? Could you deny that temptation forever until you’re dead? Almost no one could. It’s the same for these sick bastards. Except they’re attracted to children. That’s why recidivism is so high. It goes against every human instinct to be celibate for life. That goes double for deviants. There is no treatment. You can’t “treat” away an attraction. Could someone “treat” you to not be drawn to women? No. Same thing here. As far as I’m concerned, life in prison or the death penalty is the only answer for violent sexual predators. Especially pedophiles.

  • Mocha

    I don’t think the sentence was too harsh. However, I do think that the young girl should be held accountable for her actions as well. I don’t think she should go to jail, but I do believe there needs to be some form of communication or action taken in order for her to learn her role in this. 3 is not the same as it was 20 or even 30 years ago. Like it or not, this is life and the things we do have consequences..some good..some bad. No matter how old you are. This is just sad all around for the girl and now a child having a child, just terrible.

  • Mocha


  • Isis


  • HowApropos…

    Yeah, shut the FUKK UP, QUEEN MAMMY BOY!

  • Jenn

    A 13 year old cannot legally consent to sex. An adult cannot legally have sex with an individual under 16. There *is* no responsibility for her. She was raped.

  • janet

    They both should be held accountable…… There are some girls out there that dont look their age and definitely dont act their age….. For the most part she was in aggreement….. There should be some accountability.. That should be the lesson for both parties

  • Gina

    lady Dream or whatever. I don’t know you and just started frequenting these boards. I just so happen to comment on two things you posted because they were ridiculous n-word comments. Frankly I have to question you because you stated you were 26 year old in the other forum. I have to question that because your comments do not line up with that. Just because a little boy has an erection does not mean it is ok for a female to take advantage and munipulate them. Rape is not just the act it is the control and mind games. It is obviously easier to do that on a minor person who is naive and has limited experiences. So answer my question: If your 13-14 year old son or minor relative was have sex with a 30 year old woman, would you turn a blind eye.

  • Gina

    Janet you are a sick B#tch

  • Tonton Michel


    Any person who sexually abuses children should be punished and given the chance to redeem themselves to society and their victims.Especially first time offenders, I am not denying the effects of sexual abuse on children what I am denying that the solution first for every problem is to put someone in jail for life.


    What I have read is that “recidivism rates for convicted sex offenders vary greatly, ranging from less than 5 percent to more than 50 percent, based on such factors as the victim’s gender, the offender’s relationship to the victim and whether the offender has received treatment, multiple studies have shown.” It can be treated some may not take other can, celibacy is possible, that has been proven, but not the final goal, that would be to engage in normal sexual relationships and addressing the underlining causes for their dysfunction. You can treat self control and discipline.

  • Tonton Michel

    She is a 13 year old little girl, she can not be held accountable for her actions when it comes to interactions with adults, she was obviously manipulated by this man. The is a serious problem with people treating kids like they are adults.

  • Cantarah

    Yes. What this person did was abhorrent. 13 year old’s cannot consent to sexual relations with an adult legally for a reason and those reasons are powerful and valid. And the people on these pages trying to pretend that blame in this situation can somehow be “shared”…yeah, ya’ll will get yours one day and I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

  • Aly

    Leelee, I agree wholeheartedly with what you’re saying. It’s not about taking the blame off of the pedophiles. They’re adults and should know better than to mess with young children- it’s absolutely disgusting.

    But, children should also be empowered with the knowledge that this type of “relationship” is wrong. After all, if children refuse to become victims this eliminates the problem, right? (Talking strictly about statutory rape)

  • CurlySue

    I’m afraid we’ll just have to disagree on this, Tonton. When it comes to pedophiles and rapists, I just don’t believe we should take that chance. Any person sick enough to engage in sex with a child or to violently rape someone should not be allowed back into society. Therapy is great for people with your everyday mental maladies. To me, there is no cure for a mind so sick that they look at a little child and become turned on. Or see a woman on the streets and fantasize about raping her. Some people are just sick. And in my opinion, our rights as citizens trump their rights as criminals.

  • Mocha

    @ Jenn: You are correct she was raped, BUT it also says this young girl RAN AWAY TO BE WITH HIM…now, I understand it sounds harsh..but I’m not asking that the girl go to jail. I think she needs some type of counseling to understand her actions were not right and how to move forward. Or are we supposed to just sweep it under the rug and excuse her for running away to be with a man who CLEARLY new better? I get the legal side of this, but I’m asking people to use COMMON sense as well. What happened to this little girl should never happen, but it does. Sometimes willingly, so who is going to tell those little girls they deserve better than that? Or are we supposed to just wait for them to appear on the next episode of “16 and Pregant” and then talk bad about them? And if the young girl is that naiive, that’s all the more reason why counseling needs to be given.

  • Mocha


  • chanela

    hell i guess the majority of men are sick then. haven’t we all seen that common fantasy most men worldwide seem to have that involves high school cheerleaders and catholic schoolgirls? something is hellishly wrong with that. it disturbs me that a little girl’s school uniform is now looked at as a sexual role play costume and girls who go to actual schools with such uniforms are cat called and seen as a fetish.

    yet we see it on tv and in movies all the time and surprisingly nobody says anything or things bad about it.

  • CurlySue

    @chanela. Yes, that is disturbing. But I’m talking more about men who are aroused and who prey on girls who are pre-pubescent or barely pubescent. There is something inherently wrong in finding children sexually arousing. I firmly believe that any man who has those thoughts and has ACTED on those thoughts should be locked up and have the key thrown away.

  • LaDreaming86

    Gina (or whoever you are):

    1. You pretending to not be able to get my screen name correct is an obvious attempt at dismissal.

    2. Of course you don’t know me. How could you?

    3. Eh, I never made any ‘ridiculous n-word comments’ or any references to the’ n-word’. So, what are you talking about?

    4. Again, I did not state or imply that is was ‘okay’ for a woman to take advantage of or manipulate a young boy who has an erection. IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY COMMENTS, FINE. BUT DON’T TWIST IT AROUND TO SAY THAT I WAS ADVOCATING THE RAPE OF BOYS BY ADULT WOMEN.

    5. I don’t have a 13 – 14 – year old son or any minor relatives, so how can I answer a question about a person who doesn’t exist? You seem to be fascinated with whether or not I would approve of a young boy having sex with an older woman. Why is that?

  • LaDreaming86

    Anyone who sexually abuses a child should NOT be given a second chance. The only reason (in my mind) I can think of why one would think a sexual child abuser deserves a second chance is because they, themselves have the privilege of not having to think about being raped.
    And for me, personally, I am 26 and frequently get mistaken as a high school student because of my youthful appearance. It hasn’t stopped men from approaching me, so my personal concern is that, if men who aren’t sexual child abusers have no problem approaching someone who they think is a teenager, what is the likelihood of someone who is and has been given a second chance from reoffending?

  • chanela

    well lookie here…. another pedophile story. SMH excuse my language but… http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/teacher-leaves-wife-kids-high-school-student-225300504.html

  • Si No Da



    Had the genders been reversed the woman would be applauded… Although she is of legal age, women feel like that man should be in jail & the woman is a victim…

    @LaDreaming86 b*tch, you got caught in a corner with your hypocrisy, and b*tch you can’t move… Luckily alot of society reflects your double standard beliefs

  • LaDreaming86

    Oh my goodness – Another comment that I am actually laughing out loud to.

    1. You know nothing about my beliefs based on one comment that you and others like you with your sick minds have misconstrued.

    2. ” Luckily alot of society reflects your double standard beliefs” – Huh? What? This doesn’t even make sense in the context that you are using.

    3. Being a hypocrite in this situation would mean that I don’t conform to my own beliefs. And the last time I checked, I have never sexually abused a child. Nor have I ever encouraged a relationship between a minor and adult.

    4. I wasn’t ‘caught’ in anything, as I was never hiding.

  • Anonymous Please

    Honestly, I agree with the sentencing. He shouldn’t have been messing with a minor in the first place. Say she looked 18…he still needed to be responsible and shit..check an ID or something…but I’m sure he knew she was 13.
    The parents need to be counseled on how to parent their child as well..at 13 she’s old enough to know about abstinence…at the very least, she should know about safe sex. The daughter needs to learn how to respect herself as well. Running away from home to be with a man shouldn’t be her priority at that age.
    Lastly, I can’t help but wonder if the crime would have been as harsh if it were a white man having sex with a minor…

  • Leelee

    I think adults sometimes need to remember what it’s like to be young. As I’ve said before, there is no excuse for what this man did. He deserves the sentence he got. If there happened to be anything harsher(castration?) he would deserve that too because chances are he probably has done this to another child. However, we have got to get out of the mentality that all girls who find themselves in these situations are manipulated. A lot of girls are and then there are some who are not. As kids, it’s probably safe to say that all of us had minor school girl/boy crushes on people who were older.(Best friend’s cute older bro or sis home from college, that TA, or the bad boy across the street.) It was fun to think about it even if we knew we couldn’t and shouldn’t act on it. It’s part of growing up. There are some girls that do act on it. This doesn’t take away from the fact that whatever adult who replies in kind is a scumbag pedophile. It does need to be examined. If you find out your son, daughter, nephew, niece etc, seriously pursued a much older man or woman, and the other party was a good person and didn’t act on it, you’d talk to them and try to figure out what was going on. At least any good parent or relative would. Why do these discussions not happen when the other party are not so good?

  • Jenn

    I agree that someone should talk to her about how what happened to her was wrong, but no I don’t believe she should be berated because she is incapable of understand why what happened is wrong. The mental development simply is not there at 13. A 13 year old girl who runs away with a man almost three times her age has something else going on and likely needs counseling for issues that existed before this man.

  • Gina

    A 13 year old or 12 year old cannot consent to sex. A 13 year old who “pursues” a grown person (as silly as that sounds) has serious psychological issues and should be taken to a specialist ASAP. More than likely they were sexually abused themselves, because a child who pursues an adult is NOT normal behavior. Children should fear adults, especially ones they are not familiar with.

  • Gina

    @ Lady Dream
    I am starting to worry about you. I seriously think you are actually in high school First you say school is “boring” in the other forum and now you say it is ok for a grown woman to have sexual relations with a boy because his thing is hard. I really have to question your maturity. When I say n-word comments, I mean that your comments or thought process is asinine, which it is.

  • Tonton Michel


    Yes we’ll just have to disagree on this, yes some people are sick but that does not mean they can not be treated or denied an opportunity to change.

  • niksmit

    We aren’t done when we throw the adult offender in jail.

    There are those who seek out this attention like the girl you mention with the vague description of “knowing her home life” you understood.

    I think that it’s more important that we try to prevent new victims by teaching people about how those who prey on children SEDUCE the children and that we try to get children out of the type of home lives that would mess them up like this girl. To do that, we need to elaborate in detail on what that type of home life looks like. I really wish you had. If people understood the seduction process of sexual predators, they would not say silly things like a boy’s erection signifies consent. If they understood, they could teach their children about the process so that they could recognize it if someone tried it on them. Educating children is not stealing their innocence, sending them out into the world as unprepared prey is doing that just fine.

  • Gina

    Thank you Nik! Someone with sense. Please tell that to that dumb b*tch Lady Dreaming. You speak the truth.

  • Meli

    I think that all sex offenders (including pedofiles and rapists) should be offered castration as a voluntary treatment option. It’s offered in Germany and I’ve ready that it is extremely effective (only about 3% of offenders re-offend). This would keep the many sex offenders who receive short sentences from hurting others when released from prison. My more conservative side thinks that it should be a mandatory punishment for serial offenders.



  • Andy

    bury him, and those like him, under the jail.

  • Dani

    Yesssss! Experts say that the reason why the sex trafficking of young girls has exploded recently is because the penalties for drug dealing are too stiff. So, the cowards turn to abusing girls. We should make the sexual abuse and trafficking penalties just as punitive, if not more so.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    His thing should be definitely cut off!

  • LadyT

    These women who are blaming the 13 year old are really showing what went on in your lives. To actually blame an underage child for the sexual activity of an grown man is so pitiful. Is that what your dad or most likely your mom’s boyfriend told you when he came into your bedroom at night? You b*tches have to be victim of child abuse to think that a child is responsible for this mess.

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