YouTube can turn anyone into a overnight celebrity (peace to Twista), but at what cost?

Recently, a viral video of two teen girls has been making the rounds, and once again, it proves that people will say anything from the comfort of their own homes.

While their rant is your typical “why are black people so _______” jazz, what I’m more concerned about is how young people are taking to the web to air out their views without thinking about the long term effects it may have on their lives.

While I don’t know if these girls are actually racist (ignorant? certainly), they have already been ousted by their classmates and school, and I’m sure their future employers, lovers, and friends will have A LOT to say about their 15 minutes of YouTube fame.

Nothing on the web ever dies. And even if these girls regretted their words and took down their video, sites like World Star Hip Hop (and their local news affilate), make sure that their rant will live on forever.

So, what’s the moral of the story, kids?

If you have a little brother, sister, cousin, or child….please…keep them off the web spewing dumb ish that they will surely regret in the future.

And if you’re thinking about making your own, “I hate _____” video, don’t.


  • BrooklynZoe

    How they know the weave belong to a black girl? Whites do wear weaves or what they call extensions, they may not sew it in like we do but they sure as hell be clipping them. I’m not going to say that these girls represent all white ppl, but I think the a lot of white ppl have these conversations even the ones who date blacks.

  • BrooklynZoe

    Waka Flaka, Soulja Boy and Basketball Wives don’t represent me. And If Whites and any other race want to stereotype us into being something they see in the media then that is their own ignorance. Lets not forget that whites make up the majority of ppl on welfare in America not blacks, but I definitely agree with you about blacks being obsessed with clothing labels. Some black ppl are more concerned with what they put on their kids vs. what they are putting in their kids. I feel you on that one, I been saying that for a while.

  • Woman Rising

    I agree with Kim, If we keep publishing this non sense and giving their ignorance free publicity then it will continue and get worse. If we do not give it a voice it will not grow.

  • Dalili

    My sentiments exactly!

  • mamareese

    I saw this on Huffington Post to….the comments wow. Someone should remind this girl that she is not white as well. This video is disrespectful to her family that did move here to America to allow her to be a citizen and an overprivledged spoiled brat. Even though these girls have issued a less than insincere apology….I’m actually glad that this video will live on forever. Simply because if you are dumb enough to be old enough and know better and still these dumb videos out; you are clearly speaking their true feellings and deserve what ever you get….So now each and every generation after you and every potential job offer for that matter, will know how much of an idiot you really are.

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