YouTube can turn anyone into a overnight celebrity (peace to Twista), but at what cost?

Recently, a viral video of two teen girls has been making the rounds, and once again, it proves that people will say anything from the comfort of their own homes.

While their rant is your typical “why are black people so _______” jazz, what I’m more concerned about is how young people are taking to the web to air out their views without thinking about the long term effects it may have on their lives.

While I don’t know if these girls are actually racist (ignorant? certainly), they have already been ousted by their classmates and school, and I’m sure their future employers, lovers, and friends will have A LOT to say about their 15 minutes of YouTube fame.

Nothing on the web ever dies. And even if these girls regretted their words and took down their video, sites like World Star Hip Hop (and their local news affilate), make sure that their rant will live on forever.

So, what’s the moral of the story, kids?

If you have a little brother, sister, cousin, or child….please…keep them off the web spewing dumb ish that they will surely regret in the future.

And if you’re thinking about making your own, “I hate _____” video, don’t.


  • QofThecastle

    Pretty cruel actually.

  • Lady T

    hmmmm…..According to the brothas, I thought all white women were nice?

  • Trey

    I really just wanna vomit. White people don’t have to deal with this ish…No wonder i’m so tired all the time, fighting against ignorance is difficult, especially when it hits home so hard…

  • Christina

    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Had to stop at “Imma get my G-E-D.”

  • AJ

    Funny thing is, I have the same questions.

  • QofThecastle

    Not brave enough to attack these girls huh?

  • arlette

    how lovely. isnt that just heart warming. and they go to an old black school even lovelier, i hope nothing happens to them.

  • CD86

    Hmmm… A lot of articles I read on Jezebel then appear on Clutch.


    I don’t even know what to think of this video. The idea that there are two types of Black people – Black people and n*ggers makes no sense really.

    I am not particularly bothered by her sentiments, but I could only *shake my head* at her feeling that her Black friend is only Black because of his skin color, but that he is actually White.

  • So Over This Ish

    My thoughts on this video…this girl is Cuban. I have a feeling that she probably lives in South Florida, because we have an overwhelmingly Hispanic population, mostly Cuban. I’m sure her friend is probably Hispanic, too.

    I hate to generalize but I cannot tell a lie. Many of the Cubans in South Florida look down on Black people and treat them like sh*t. I’ve experienced it firsthand, despite the fact that I’m light-skinned and can pass for Latina. But when they find that I’m just a biracial woman who identifies with the Black community and I don’t speak Spanish, the insults come out. They don’t play…they will call you the N-word to your face, straight up.

    Not to mention how badly they treat the Afro-Latinos for having kinky hair and brown skin. So believe me when I say that there is a lot of contempt for African Americans.

    While there is some truth to what she said in terms of how some Black youth carry themselves and how they speak, I find this video to be an ugly display of racism. Notice how she said that she lives in a “nice white neighborhood”.

    Sadly, her attitude is fairly typical of racists. Many people in this country are unaware that there are many classy, successful, accomplished Black people and not every Black person from the “hood” is a violent criminal or welfare queen.

    Hopefully her classmates at school won’t see this video because they will whoop that ass.

  • BrooklynZoe

    I’m sending this video to a person who once told me that “kids don’t see color”.

  • So Over This Ish

    Only a few people will be openly racist these days. I’m sure that they would never be bold enough to say these things out loud to a Black person, but the Internet makes some people feel more powerful. Most racist individuals have learned to be more subtle about it.

    And please believe that if anyone recognizes them from this video, it won’t be pretty.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Here is another one with teen girls:

    I didn’t bother watching any of them so I don’t know all on it, but this one is supposedly bad as well. Apparently, there is no shortage of young white children disrespecting black people on youtube.

  • anon25

    I completely understand what you’re talking about except I live in Los Angeles and the racism I have encountered comes from Latinos that are Mexican, even though I am a Black Latina myself.

  • binks

    Agreed! my mom works in the hospital and she always say how some of the Cuban people smile and grin to white people and break their necks to get assistance from them while they look down on her “mind you she often get mistaken for being Hispanic and people speak to her in Spanish first” and the other black ladies at the nurses’ sation but as soon as the white people ignored them then they want to ask her for help but she ignores them. Heck she even told me one was ready to fight because someone didn’t refer to them as “white” so I am not really surprise, shrugs…as for these girls poor little tinks tinks they aren’t getting my attention/time

  • T

    For the people who think, “Oh hey, people don’t say this to real Black people…” Oh yes, people do. Teenage Black girl in suburbia… yes… they do. Black History Month is… Say All the Racist Shit to the Black Girl and Wait for Reaction Month
    This really is nothing new

  • :)

    @So Over This Ish

    Quick clarification: These girls live in Gainesville, Florida. : ) I’m sure they might have family in South Florida though. : )

    Great post!

  • TJ

    I’m Cuban. I’m black. She’s Cuban. She’s white.

    Just like Angelina Jolie is American and White and Gabrielle Union American and Black.

    Speaking Spanish vs. speaking english doesn’t make you any less/more racist.

    She’s racist.

  • Alexandra

    Seems like the trend is White women getting fame from racist videos. There was another duo of girls ranting about Mexicans. Earlier this year it was the British woman on the tram, last year it was the ‘Asians in the library’ crap. The end result is the same. People should just keep their prejudiced thoughts to themselves.

    They voluntarily broadcasted this crap, they deserve whatever criticism they get.

  • Choc

    But she has such eligible vernacular?? smh


  • HowApropos

    You say the same kinda shtt, so why act so wounded all of a sudden?

  • apple

    This the same b*tch from tumblr who was posting things like this. And she’s not even white she’s Hispanic, I want to ask where is your green card c*nt?

  • HowApropos

    Friends of yours, queenee?

  • CD86


  • Bisous

    There goes 14 minutes of my life I can’t get back. This will follow these girls around for the REST of their lives. She really just should not have gone there. I’m embarassed for her.

  • PeeWee

    You know what……honestly, minus all the “niggers” & “black people are stupid”, I find a lot of truth to what this girl is saying. She may be in a small town and only know what is around her, but this ignorance does not come from nowhere. There ARE blacks that will be quick to spend hundreds on Polo gear and Jordans, but can barely pay rent or feed their children, thus going to welfare.

    We as a whole need to really look into why in 2012, not only whites but other races still look at us as inferior. Look at the people we have representing us! Waka Flaka, Soulja Boy, Basketball Wives…and should I mention the usage of the word NIGGER and how it’s fine if we all use that disgusting, hateful and dehumanizing word it’s all good but as soon as someone from the outside uses it, every flame in Hell breaks loose & everyone wets their drawers. Everything is in OUR hands and frankly, even despite MLK and the Civil Rights movement and everything our brothers & sisters have done to fight for the future generation, we have a loooooooong way to go. The brand name obsessions, gangs, the defeatist mentality that black people have which is KEEPING them in the hood (my opinion) needs to stop before we can become truly upset about rants like this.

    Rather than get upset about this, what are YOU doing about this?

  • Guulo

    i don’t see the point of attacking them, rather it’s best to advice them, they are still young and there is hope for the young, unlike the old who are set in their ways, hopefully these two young girls will change.

  • Bisous

    one of them “apologized” so it’s all good right? -_____-

  • Kaya

    Hmmmi can’t even be angry…or annoyed…what can I say?
    I almost pity them. There obviously got their seed of hatred somewhere but yet …to think its majority of people in our state ….aahhhh these new generations just gotta love eme

  • HowApropos

    Honestly, PeeWee, black people need to stop think that all black people need to be held in account for other people’s actions.

    Sorry, but I will not be responsible for Shaquenna’s outburst on video just because we share the same skin color. I won’t.

    I’m not a walking stereotype, nor do I give anybody a reason to think so, but it’s THEIR PROBLEM if they think that I’m just like Shaquenna on video.

    These dumb little ignorant white girls are the same ones that will be having mixed kids in tow in about a year or two, so why should we care what the dregs like her think.

    I’m doing me, and that’s all that matters in my world…

  • msbklynqn

    1) Well their 15 minutes of fame will be over in…….10 minutes
    2) They’ll stil be able to pursue what ever career they choose because.. well……….. I’m sure daddy has connects somewhere and they’re future employer probably has the same views

    I come to realize racism isn’t going anywhere. How ppl think about me I could care less. Now if they use their views of who they think I am to inhibit progress, success and opportunity then we have a problem . And that should be one of the focus to make racism irrelevant. But it’s not going anywhere

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    This is one of the most stupid comments I have read on here and that is saying a lot. To borrow a phrase from a certain commenter: Stockholm Syndrome in action. Unbelievably dumb.

  • QoN

    You can be white and Hispanic. Florida is full of such people.

  • QoN


    Yes, I saw that one just a day ago. They hit a really sore nerve for some I am sure. That they found a track on the grounds of their school is a bit scandalous. I think black girls need to have a bit more discretion.

  • QoN


    Who exactly is suffering from Stockholm syndrome?

  • So Over This Ish

    @ TJ…and your point is what? I’m aware of all that. I wasn’t lumping all Cubans together because I know that anyone can be racist or hold racist attitudes. That is a moot point. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or to generalize which is why I stated that above. I’m sorry if I offended you.

    If you notice, I said that lots of Afro-Latinos are treated badly by their lighter counterparts. So I know that there are Black Cubans. What I’m referring to is a trend that I’ve noticed here in Florida with a lot of white Hispanics being racist toward darker people and people of mixed race who are not of Hispanic origin, like myself. I mentioned the English v. Spanish because it is a big deal if you live in certain parts of FL and don’t speak Spanish.

    I speak from my personal experience, that’s all. When some people find that I don’t speak Spanish, because they assume that I’m Latina based on my appearance, they are often quick to discriminate and call me a “n*gger” when they find out that I’m just a plain old biracial American, i.e. a Black woman in their eyes. Some racist Latinos are only cool with blacks who speak Spanish or blacks who look and act in stereotypical ways. They aren’t always sure what to do with a supposedly “inferior” African American who is educated, clean, and attractive. Because these two girls are from Florida (thanks to the poster who clarified the specific location), I could tell immediately that they were the kind of racists I’m accustomed to dealing with. I just knew it somehow. I did meet a very foul racist white girl from New Jersey who moved down here when I was in college. She would drop the N-bomb in casual conversation.

    I don’t know where you’re from but this is common here. Some people just hide it better. Again, I apologize if you were offended by my statement but I just wanted to clear some things up.

  • So Over This Ish

    Choc…I laughed out loud when she said that! I was like girl, please…you can barely construct a damn sentence. I believe the word she was looking for was either “intelligible” or “eloquent”. She is neither.

  • Terri

    this looks like an ignorant attention whore and her ugly sidekick #nuffsaid

  • So Over This Ish

    PeeWee…I see your point and some of it makes sense, but I agree with How Apropos. White people aren’t really judged collectively based on the actions of a few. Black people are rarely seen as individuals in this country. People tend to think that if some Black people act a certain way or commit a crime, that they are representative of ALL, if not most, Black people.

    There is a lot of white trash in this country. I see fat, sloppy, dirty white women all the time but they are never held up for ridicule in quite the same way that Black women are (unless you look at People of Walmart). There are white people who engage in terrible crimes and uncouth behavior but no one really views them as representative of their race. I’ve seen loud, obnoxious girls/women and ill-mannered children of ALL races. There is good and bad in every group.

    I won’t deny that a lot of Black kids do behave badly, but this is the case with many kids today. Parents and schools are failing to do their jobs. I attended some pretty bad schools when I was growing up, so there is some truth to your statement. But I don’t think you should justify racism because most likely this girl would look at you and call you a “n*gger” too.

    Just food for thought.

  • CurlySue

    For some context, I went to the University of Florida, which is in Gainesville. Outside of the college, it is rather rural and isolated from most major cities. There’s also quite a few poor, country folk of all colors. Part of me can see how a teenager living in a relatively isolated community might develop a bad taste for black people, considering the poverty and hoodishness that abounds there. This isn’t to excuse her. She was extremely ignorant and made herself look like a fool. But kids form opinions of other based on what’s around them. All people do. I get how it happened but I don’t approve of the end result.

  • kim

    i thought this site was about empowering blk women, (at least it was when it first emerged), why every time some whites, latins mexican or whatever post a racist rant against us yall post it and complain., if we didnt go on and on about it they woundnt do it, there will always be racist people so who gives a f, about a video clip lets do better clutch, cause now yall are sounding like the ignant ones who keep rehashing this same junk, its blk history month by the way post something of subsatance for a brief change. thanks

  • Rosey

    It’s ironic that the girl talks about how successful she will be and posts something that makes her so unemployable.

  • Joan

    So Over This Ish, I agree with everything you said…could not have said it better. Thank you! We need to stop being so consumed with what others think of us and just be us…and be secure in that. That little girl in that video is nobody to get upset over because she is ignorant, unexposed and she is in for a rude awakening if she ever comes into contact with wealthy, cultured, educated black people who contribute a lot more to society than she (or others like her) ever will. LOL. Honestly, I feel sorry for her and people like her because they think their tiny little environment (that frustrates and disappoints them) is representative of the whole world. There are plenty of people like that in every race.

  • Joan

    And that is really sad, isn’t it? LOL.

  • Rosey


    Homegirl wants to go on a rant about Black pple who get their G.E.D., I bet most of them have more sense than her not to post a FB rant video. lol

  • Rosey



  • QofThecastle


    I guess the difference between those other racial groups and black folks is that they dont make their utermensch the face of their community. They dont portray bad attitudes as strength and independence. They dont portray thuggish behavior as gangsta. Black folks defend to the death the worst elements in the community. Also blacks have a huge under class as well.

  • apple

    yes i know that, i was just being mean

  • Kenny

    lol I love how the emails bash her for being racist against black people, but most of them are being racist against hispanic people

  • Mimi

    IMO, when it comes to racists and bigots, it doesn’t matter who you are and all of the wonderful, stereotype-shattering things you do…
    You are still a n-gger to them.

  • JasmineT.

    This is empowering black women by telling us the truth instead of allowing us to live in an illusion, kim. This is obviously the reality that black people live in today & will always live in.

    ”if we didnt go on and on about it they woundnt do it, there will always be racist people so who gives a f,…”

    You just contradicted yourself. So basically they are racist, so it will not disappear, so because it won’t disappear we should ignore it, because then they wouldn’t do it. That obviously makes no sense. It is also not black people’s fault that people feel this way or think this way. It sounds like a dysfunctional relationship, maybe if I didn’t do this, then he (since I am a women) wouldn’t have done that. When in reality, there is nothing you could do or not do, because he would have done it anyway.

  • BrooklynZoe

    How they know the weave belong to a black girl? Whites do wear weaves or what they call extensions, they may not sew it in like we do but they sure as hell be clipping them. I’m not going to say that these girls represent all white ppl, but I think the a lot of white ppl have these conversations even the ones who date blacks.

  • BrooklynZoe

    Waka Flaka, Soulja Boy and Basketball Wives don’t represent me. And If Whites and any other race want to stereotype us into being something they see in the media then that is their own ignorance. Lets not forget that whites make up the majority of ppl on welfare in America not blacks, but I definitely agree with you about blacks being obsessed with clothing labels. Some black ppl are more concerned with what they put on their kids vs. what they are putting in their kids. I feel you on that one, I been saying that for a while.

  • Woman Rising

    I agree with Kim, If we keep publishing this non sense and giving their ignorance free publicity then it will continue and get worse. If we do not give it a voice it will not grow.

  • Dalili

    My sentiments exactly!

  • mamareese

    I saw this on Huffington Post to….the comments wow. Someone should remind this girl that she is not white as well. This video is disrespectful to her family that did move here to America to allow her to be a citizen and an overprivledged spoiled brat. Even though these girls have issued a less than insincere apology….I’m actually glad that this video will live on forever. Simply because if you are dumb enough to be old enough and know better and still these dumb videos out; you are clearly speaking their true feellings and deserve what ever you get….So now each and every generation after you and every potential job offer for that matter, will know how much of an idiot you really are.

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