The trend of our government focusing everything that goes on with women’s bodies except for whether those bodies are heading off to jobs in the economy continues.

The Virginia House has quietly passed through a “personhood bill” that is likely to make it through the Senate as well thanks to a Republican supermajority. The bill declares that human life begins at conception, meaning that the federal Roe vs. Wade decision granting women the right to choose would no longer be valid in Virginia; anyone who harmed a human fetus would be subject to criminal charges. One GOP representative took the House floor and said that most abortions come down to “matters of lifestyle convenience,” angering supporters of women’s rights.

The House also passed a bill that requires women to have a “transvaginal ultrasound” before having an abortion, a measure that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, a Catholic and member of the GOP, has already promised to sign into law. Although he has not  confirmed or denied his support of the personhood bill, his political past suggests that he will sign that as well. While the personhood bill criminalizes abortion and the morning after pill, the ultrasound requirement is seen as an intervention meant to deter women from moving forward with their choices with good old fashioned guilt.

This is all so much effort and to-do for any elected officials to be making en masse when there are such large and looming problems that need attention! There is a long list of things we need our government to help us with that have nothing to do with female sexuality. These political moves at the expense of women are just disturbing.

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  • Rj

    Hmmm…the slippery slope. I think so many of us need to wake up to the Republican agenda. They don’t want women to have abortions but then at the same time they don’t want to mandate that employer’s provide insurance plans which cover contraception.

    The Republican party is the party of control and exclusion.

  • O’Phylia

    “CONVENIENCE OF LIFESTYLE??” Yes, because I don’t have the resources to raise a child, I am having an abortion because it’s just plain CONVENIENT.

    And the ultrasound…. Do you seriously think we wake up and our train of thought is this:
    “After yoga and smoothies this morning, I think I’ll squeeze in an abortion then hit the mall with Erin. Fun times!”
    We don’t wake up and decide to get one, you idiots. It takes thought. Seeing a picture probably won’t change the thought if we’ve already decided ages ago.

  • kissa

    Rj I have to agree..there are many different reasons why a woman would make the choice not to have a child…With that said who are the government to tell me/every other woman what is right for women and our body..My body is mine not theirs end of discussion..The country has many paramount issues that needs their immediate attention yet the decide to focus on women’s wombs…I just pray that the rest of the country will wake up and get it before its too late…

  • Le Chele

    This personhood movement is frightening. We have to push back.

  • t

    The GOP wants to force women to have unwanted babies, but will not provide a dime of financial assistance to those women raising those unwanted children. Hell, they don’t even want contraception to be freely provided to women. How anyone can’t see that this is their way of controlling women’s sexuality and punishing them for it is beyond me.

    Look, I really don’t care if there are people out there who personally find abortion morally repugnant. That’s an opinion they’re entitled to. What they shouldn’t be entitled to is making their personal beliefs into law. You shouldn’t get to decide what a woman can and cannot do with her body simply because you don’t approve of it. That’s called infringing on someone else’s rights. And sorry, but fetuses, who are not sentient beings with a consciousness of their own do not merit rights as legal persons.

    Between this and the Planned Parenthood controversy that’s being going as of late, I really feel like this country is going backwards in regards to women’s rights. Who would’ve thought that the 2010s would be a less progressive era for women than the 1970s, huh? I think what’s most shocking about it all is that this going on under Obama’s watch. Wow.

  • t

    Oh, and let me not get into the GOP going out of their way to narrow the definition of rape so that women impregnated as a result of rape and in need of an an abortion would still get screwed over:

  • Socially Maladjusted

    I wonder how many women, especially black women – involved themselves in monitoring the activities of the Virginia Legislature to make sure abortion wasn’t stripped away?

    People act as though a ‘right’ is garaunteed in perpetuaity once it’s been won.

    it’s not

    it has to be gaurded in perpetuity and if not, it will be taken away while you’re not looking.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    this is the GOP.

    watch and learn. there is no reason for any women to ever vote for a republican for anything. the conservatives want to take us back to the days when the white man was king. any black person and any woman of any race who votes republican is silly.

  • dvine

    why is it that it is always a man trying to determine what women should do w/their bodies and wombs?! no birth control, no abortion, what about the fact that men still can get Viagra and health insurance pays for that..

  • Bee

    Socially Maladjusted is right. We have to always fight to make sure the rights we’ve won are not stripped away. They are not forever. Iowa has just drafted a law outright banning abortion (calling for possible life prison sentences for those who violate it) and the house will be considering it soon. Smh. These f*cking politicians make me sick. A woman who votes republican is a moron, imo, no matter what excuses she has. And a man who cares about women who votes republican is equally moronic and hypocritical. So mad.

  • Bee

    Although the democrats (party of “do nothing”) are not much better. Sigh.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    when is the last time that democrats outlawed abortion?

  • chanela

    yes yes! lets fight for our right to legally murder children!!!!

    i think we should shoot for post natal abortion too. i mean its my child right? i can spank it,put it in time out,yell at it, and kill it because i’m a single mother who wants to get back into the dating scene and this little bugger is messing up my game! plus i can save money and have a happier child free life….my baby daddy did left! why can’t i get rid of it!

    right? yeah!!!!! lets do it! we should also eliminate the concept of “domestic violence”.pfft! please!my wife is MY wife. i paid for the marriage papers and the wedding and the ring and she technically belongs to me so if i beat her then its nobody else’s business (unless she accidently dies).

  • chanela

    really?!?!? i didn’t know that about the viagra…BUT i believe health insurance also covers useless things like breast implants and other plastic surgeries dumb women get as well soooooo… hmm

  • Akinson Tumbure

    I am shocked at how u make a two people event into a one person event. What if the man wants the kid what about his rights? it shows u ladies hv not considered these men making this into law, maybe theyv all been deprived of kids by ‘your ryts yr bodies nonsense’. I support them, thumps up.

  • Akinson Tumbure

    thnk you chanela

  • Candy 1

    (chanela) I thought health insurance only covers plastic surgery if it is health-related (breast reductions if they are causing painful problems, like size 38 F bra, deformities, stuff like that)?

  • au napptural

    Smh at the situation. At first, when I saw it was abortion on the chopping block I shrugged b/c I don’t believe in it anyway but the f%cking morning after pill! It’s only a tiny step to outlawing allll birth control. Then women will be screwed. I’m pro-choice- my choices are all those including birth control and the morning after pill. I’m no abortion supporter but the ban is unconstitutional on it’s face because of Roe v. Wade and if it can stand, no right is safe. People judge because it’s a social issue, and they think they will never need abortions, but it’s nothing but a litmus test. If the gov’t see it can do this with no problem, goodbye freedom.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    so you are supportive of contraception? the GOP is trying to outlaw that too.

  • chanela

    isn’t it funny how if the man wants the baby but the woman doesn’t then she has the right ti kill it… yet if a man doesn’t want a baby but the woman does and tries to “trap” rich athletes and entertainers by sabotaging the condoms then the MAN is forced to pay for a child he never even wanted until the kid turns 18. how odd is that?

  • chanela

    okay, taking away contraception just doesn’t make any damn sense.

    i’ve always been on the fence with abortions though. i think it should ONLY be used in emergencies or with incest or rape. other than that? don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby.. that’s what sex is for dumbasses! if you don’t intend on having a child with someone then why would you open your legs for them? you DO know that contraceptives aren’t 100% right? why take that risk just so you can enjoy 15 minutes of sex just to kill a child.

  • haffie

    A baby is a life, you dont wants kids close your legs .Yes its should be a crime. You don’t have money close your legs.The bible says its wrong to kill. Some people like myself would love to have kids but they can’t. I am not rich but i sure know even with less you can still love and provide the best environment to your kid(s) Try having kids without an uterus. My husband wants kids with me but I can’t give him one, so imagine the pain of not being able to give this lovely black man a child, a daughter thats what he wants. Been together since I was 14 now I am 33. Almost 20 years together and no kids and to see people killing life breaks my heart. We tried so many times but could not. I know he loves me because he says it everyday by his actions, his words, his kindness. I was blessed to find this Haitian/American man. I want to adopt one day and when the time its right we will talk about it. I want to adopt black kids because its harder for them to find a home. Abortion should be illegal, maybe womem will think twice before laying down with a man; on the other hand if a woman was victimized by rape its her choice to choose. otherwise if its to get rid of a baby because it does not fit into your plans then thats wrong, maybe you should get rid of that no good man of yours. Ladies let’s celebrate life instead of killing it.There’s already a lot of stereotypes about black women. we dont need to add that one on top of all of our problems.

  • LemonNLime

    That is dumb. The woman carries the child not the man. For a man to envoke paternity rights on a unwanted fetus – part of the woman’s body – she would have give up her own rights. A man’s 10 second sperm donation doesn’t override my right to control what I do with MY body. Should men who don’t want kids be able to give up full paternal rights? Yes, but you never have the right to dictate what another adult can do with their body.

  • LemonNLime

    I’m sorry for your problems but your values and religion have NO place in MY uterus. What you consider “murder” I consider a medical procedure. So bc you can’t have children and you don’t agree with it, legally consenting adults can’t decide what they do with their bodies? I don’t think so. If you don’t want or believe in them fine you can easily fix that by NOT HAVING ONE.

  • E.M.S.

    The church and government have been working closely together to eliminate women’s rights in sexual health and it’s sickening. It’s also highly offensive they boil it down to “convenience.” What about inability to provide? What about being raped?

    And this is based on the assumption that women simply don’t give a damn when they choose to abort. Even those who are 100% certain of their choice still feel regret.

    If men were the ones who could get pregnant there would be contraception and abortions available at every sports bar.

  • Srenda

    @chanela “don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby.. that’s what sex is for dumbasses! if you don’t intend on having a child with someone then why would you open your legs for them?”

    Sex can be an extremely pleasurable experience. It can be a way for two people to get closer to each other, physically, romantically and spiritually. It’s not only for making a baby. Older people can enjoy sex long after they are able to procreate. It’s a natural way of being intimate. People focus so much on sexual intercourse. There are many ways to engage in intimate, sexual activity without having intercourse.

  • chinaza

    There is more to “human life” than just being alive so “human life” does not begin at conception.
    Technically a fetus is a biological parasite dependent on its mother so it can have no independent rights as a person.
    Note that this is purely scientific so don’t engage your emotions with the term “parasite”.

  • Nu

    I must say Thembi and to the rest of those that have commented that I am disturbed at your blindness not to see that abortion is and never was used as a women’s right. Abortion is population control and the people that are brainwashed to believe that they “must” have the “right” to abort a human life must do research. African American women have the highest number of abortions. What I find troubling is that twenty years ago the African American population of the United States was at around 12% to 13%, and guess what it still is. African American men are locked up at alarming rates and killed far to young… when are you going to see what is happening. Those that have endorsed this bill stated facts about Planned Parenthood diverting most funding to do abortions and not addressing REAL women’s issues such as assisting those in the community to raise their children and adoption. Also, when those that endorse this bill point out that African American women have the highest percent of abortions and that Planned Parenthood has most of their clinics situated in black communities (the ghettos) they are quickly shut down as if they said something so horrible. STAND UP AND ADDRESS THE NUMBERS AND REAL ISSUES, the African American Family has been decimated over the past 50 years.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Excellent point.

  • Isis

    This is ridiculous. I dont want someone telling me what to do and not do with my body

  • Leelee

    I’ve always been pro-choice simply because I recognize that there are certain circumstances that need to be considered. Do the bills being considered and passed recognize those circumstances? I don’t think they do and that’s why I can’t agree. Having witnessed an 11-year-old girl struggle through a pregnancy her body couldn’t handle(she was raped) and eventually die because her grandparents were also of the persuasion that abortion is against their religion, I have to wonder who was there to be an advocate for the actual LIVING, sentient child. I honestly believe that by allowing that pregnancy to continue the grandparents murdered their grandchild; the dr. told them the score from the start. This tragedy made me reconsider my viewpoint. There has to be some kind of allowance for things like these.

    Something else I don’t understand. A lot of people are saying that the women who are having abortions need to protect themselves better or keep their legs closed( which as many rape victims will tell you, this is not always an option). How will women be able to do this when birth control is also under attack? How is it ok that a woman who was raped cannot go to the clinic and take a pill that will divert pregnancy?

  • Quiera

    I read these comments and most border between two extremes. The attack on birthcontrol is ludicrous as 99% of the US has used is and there’s only a very small minority against it. My view is – if you are sexually active, you know the deal, you know the risks, and the tools of prevention not removal. There are PLENTY of women (incl me in my late twenties) who do not have children either they have chosen to have an IUD implanted, tubes tied, birth control pills, abstinence etc but did not resort to abortion. Though we say it’s a this and that … you look at a fetus and there is such majesty in its build, that’s why I think abortion is not the way to go. When it comes to life threatening situations etc, that is a different case – that is life or death. But these little humans also deserve the chance to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and not be subservient to the host’s mental state of what they can or cannot handle. We can handle more than we think, and thank God for my Mom having me and my sisters though it was not always “convenient” timing. Things work out in the long run if we pursue the right things in life and we can witch and complain about all types of socio-economic status but you can make it, and I’ve seen so many people make it, whom their parents were thinking of not having them.

    Birthcontrol should not be attacked bc it’s the carelesness in sexual lives that cause these “unwanted” children excl Caveat – for medical reasons.

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