RIP: Whitney Houston Dead at 48

by Britni Danielle

Whitney Houston dead at 48

The wold has lost yet another legend.

According to several news reports, R&B diva Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles at 3:55pm local time.

Although details are still forthcoming, many are speculating that the singer’s death could be due in part to her long battle with substance abuse. CNN first reported that Ray J. found Ms. Houston dead in her room just hours ago, but his publicist told the network that Ray J. was “nowhere near” the scene. However, he is reportedly “distraught” about Whitney Houston’s death.

CNN also spoke with Johnny Gil who confirmed that Bobby Brown is currently in Mississippi for a New Edition concert and is “struggling” and “distraught” about Whitney’s death. Gil also told reporters that the couple’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina is “not doing well.”

Houston was in town for this year’s Grammy Awards, which will be taking place Sunday evening in Los Angeles.

Lately, Houston has been on the comeback trail and was excited about producing and starring in the upcoming remake of the film, Sparkle.

Our hearts go out to Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobby Kristina, Bobby Brown, her mother Cissy Houston, and her entire family.

Rest in Power.

  • iQgraphics

    Way back in the day, a vocalist had to possess actual talent in order to succeed in entertainment.

    We lost a legend, an icon and a talent in Ms Houston.

    Peace be with her baby girl.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    To quote Don Lemon, “Whitney was part of the soundtrack to my youth.” And this is MOST definitely true for me. She was one of the powerhouse women that inspired me with her strong, soul cutting voice. I remember at my 5th grade graduation ceremony I along with a couple other girls sang and performed to “Your Love Is My Love,” which is still one of my favorite Whitney jams to date.

    I hope to meet you with Jesus, Whitney.

  • Simone

    My god, so young. It’s painful, it really is. She never could pull out of the tailspin her marriage produced, poor thing. It’s just so awful. She was 48 years old. Unbelievable.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Excuse me, “My Love Is Your Love.”

  • alldawg

    miss her :(…..

  • Alexandra

    Still in shock. A great legend lost, sad.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    This is too sad. I loved her so much growing up. I am annoyed she was robbed of the chance to make her comeback, but God’s time is best.

  • Megan Walter

    This is so sad. I think we all were hoping that she would get it together and have a comeback. Damn.

  • Dalili

    This news literally knocked the wind out of me! Some of my fondest memories while in boarding school in Kenya was sharing lyrics to the latest Whitney Houston song after school break. My heart is so heavy. May she rest in peace.

  • QofThecastle

    This is really tragic. I remember her songs so distinctly growing up especially, Where Do Broke Hearts Go. A true legend.

  • QofThecastle

    When I met my husband he said when he was younger he had a huge crush on Whitney. He even admitted he had dreams about her.

  • Simone

    I love the photo you picked; she looks healthy and a little playful and beautiful.

  • 80s born, 90s raised

    The Soundtrack of my childhood & Pre-teen years…Rest in Paradise Whitney!
    1. How Will I Know
    2. I Wanna Dance with Somebody
    3. You Give Good Love
    4. One Moment in Time
    5. The Greatest Love
    6. Saving All my Love for You
    7. I’m Every Woman
    8. I Will Always Love You
    9. All The Man I Need
    10. Exhale
    11. I Have Nothing
    12. Run to You
    13. The Star Spangled Banner
    14. When You Believe
    15. Queen of the Night
    16. So Emotional
    17. Hold On
    18. I Love the Lord
    19. Impossible
    20. My Love is Your Love
    21. Why Does It Hurt So Bad
    22. Same Script, Different Cast

  • Beauty Is Diverse

    R.I.P Whitney

  • Tiffy

    This is so upsetting. Idk. Why so many black celebrities have been passing away Whitney Houston and her music will forever live on and I pray her family stays strong. I also hope that though this so tragic Bobbi Kristina will change her life in honor of her mother and do the one thing her mother wasn’t able to do.

  • Brasilia

    In shock and truly sad right now. R.I.P. you were truly one of a kind.

  • Ali

    Another icon is gone! RIP Whitney you will be missed!!

  • African Mami

    May the peace that surpasses human understanding hover over Bobbi Kristina. Death is not easy. Aiyaiyaiyai. The good die so young?! Why God?!

  • bk chick

    I can not believe it…I listen to how will I know and I wanna dance with somebody every single day. The worst is that she was coming back…finally getting it together….R.I.P.

  • Candi83

    I’m still in shock. I have her first 2 albums on vinyl and I still love listening to them. I loved listening to The Bodyguard soundtrack when I was a kid. I really thought that she was going to comeback stronger than ever. R.I.P Whitney Houston. Her friends and family will be in my prayers.

  • Val

    I’m not going to remember the “Bobby” years. I’m not going to remember the “reality TV show” years. I’m not going to remember the “drug” years. I’m going to remember the “Whitney” years.

    RIP Queen of Pop.

  • Jess

    Except for Beyonce, Black music is dead, as is the Black race, imho. Whitney, for all her problems, had extreme talent, unlike the batch of no-talent, white-worshipping wannabes (particularly male) nowadays.

    RIP Whitney and Don Cornelius.

  • Joyful1

    She was truly a talented woman. Ms Houston had style and effortless grace. She is one of the few artists that both my mom & myself know the lyrics to her songs. I will definitely miss her. God bless her & her family.

  • sli

    I still can’t believe it; she was the best. I was so hoping that she was able to make a proper comeback. Thanks for the beautiful picture.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Whitney’s voice was THE voice that ALL other contemporary legends “were judged against.” I love that quote because it is true. She was more than a well-crafted image, a gimmick, a cute trend. She was the voice. Unlike other singers of our generation, she actually has a catologue of music that people will still listen to for generations. Rest well Whitey.

  • golden_girl

    Don did a wonderful respectful tribute for Ms. Houston. So happy one of our own was at the helm of the anchhors desk to stir the conversation and history of this fallen star into a postive direction.

  • edub

    I’m playing Exhale as I type this. She will be sorely missed.

  • CaliDreaming86

    Why are people shocked that she was 48? If one doesn’t take care of themselves, no matter the age, death may come.

  • Fiona

    I can’t believe she’s actually died.She was the first music i ever listen to when i was just a small child.I remembered watching her in “I wanna dance with somebody” video and loving her!!My mama loved her to.The Bodyguard Soundtrack is full of childhood memories.I loved her when i was a kid and i still loved her now.The thing that i loved about her voice its that it felt so liberating,big and so powerfull.Forever in my heart Whitney!!

  • LN

    So so so sad. Such a heart-breaking news right before music’s biggest night. I pray her daughter can live a healthy life and make it through this tragedy in one piece. I can truly say i’m sadden by this news and it really makes me appreciate my life and my family even more. Sometimes we get so busy and we lose sight of how precious life is and events like this serves as a reminder of how a loved one can be taken from you in an instant. RIP Ms. Houston.

  • binks

    I had to do a double take when I first heard the news….RIP Whitney you are one hellof a hard act to follow

  • a star

    my mum loved whitney. i remember when living in africa my mum knew all of her songs and she did not evn speak english.

  • Samantha Sunrayne

    This is awful, devastating news. Whitney was such a fine talent, such a gorgeous woman with an electrifying voice. ‘The Bodyguard’ is a long-time favourite of mine and, weirdly enough, I was watching it only last week. Nobody else could have done the role of Rachel Marron; Whitney OWNED it. I’m deeply saddened to hear The Great Songstress has passed away. Thank goodness, at least, for her legacy of sensational music.

    Gone but definitely never to be forgotten, rest in peace, Whitney. S xo

  • RickRoss

    Who cares?

  • rhirhi-hater

    why even reply to this thread if you don’t care? you’re totally useless.

  • Cognorati001

    I could not sleep, last night. I am devastated. When I was a child, Whitney Houston was one of the few black women that was internationally loved and respected — I wanted to be as elegant and successful as her. I am stunned.

  • lulu

    wow i miss whitney so sad
    btw black music is not dead
    have you heard of ledisi, erykah badu, jill scott, teedra moss, adriana evans, maysa,, georgia ann muldrow, res, goapale, vivivan green, they are not mainstream, but they have voices and make good music
    any back to whitney- i will miss her singing and i really feel her mama cissy, her daughter christina and bobby brown her family

  • Buttons

    I personally feel like Im just getting over Michael and then now Whitney is gone, it’s too much to deal with. Something is wrong where we’re loosing the greats too soon. I can’t imagine what her daughter and mom are going through. I know it’s a horrible nightmare for them. When something so devasting like this happens, there are no words. All you can do is pray.

  • Bosslady

    Huh?! People ARE NOT shocked that she was 48, they are shocked that she passed away so untimely. Sometimes all you have to say is R.I.P…
    A great talent.

  • trevor

    I am not surprise by her death. How many times is how many times. She had all the support in the world (the ulitmate highest paying support in the worlds) and she choice not break that habit. It is sad and unfortunate but I people have to realizer that she is human and not untouchable…
    As she said out her own words “she is her biggest devil”…I wish someone or those around here would have taken her away from her comfortable environment and surround her with love and not evil surrounding…SMN. May she rest in peace. She will always be remember and loved.

  • CaliDreaming86

    Yes, people are, as evidenced by many people saying, “Oh my god, she was only 48!” pretty much everywhere on the web.

    “Sometimes all you have to say is R.I.P…” – No, that’s all YOU have to say.

    Whitney was a drug addict, so to me, her passing wasn’t untimely, just like with Amy Winehouse.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “Except for Beyonce, Black music is dead, as is the Black race, imho.”

    Uh…what?! Do you really think Beyonce is carrying the torch for Black music? Not by any stretch of the imagination. I could name a lot of Black artists within the last ten years and Beyonce would be at the very bottom of the list. If anything, she represents pop music.

    “Whitney, for all her problems, had extreme talent, unlike the batch of no-talent, white-worshipping wannabes (particularly male) nowadays. ”

    Whitney had extreme talent, but had very milque toast material. She was seen as the poster child of saccharine pop-fueled R&B back in the mid 80′s, thanks to the efforts of Clive Davis and Arista Records.

    As far as White worshipping wannabes, I can give you a long list of R&B artists in the 80′s- both male and female- that made it a point to go after a White audience. I was around at that time, so I should know. Outside of Michael, Prince and Whitney, there was also Jody Watley, DeBarge, Patti LaBelle during her MCA years, Lionel Richie, Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick during their Arista years, Deniece Williams, Billy Ocean during his Jive/Arista years, and so on.

  • Melinda

    This is so sad.I just hope that others in the industry take heed.
    Drugs are no joke.
    R.I.P Princess Whitney

  • Buttons

    That is really thoughtless and insensitive to say and beside the point. Clearly she struggled to gain control of her life. It was obvious that she had some internal struggles that she just couldn’t overcome. Her personal challenges are not the sum total of her life, therefore they do not define the woman and the great talent that she was.

  • Rashell

    Dear Ms. Houston,

    You were the superstar of my elementary school days. Your music was the soundtrack of my childhood. I can remember as a teenager being so excited about The Bodyguard and Cinderella. Your music crosses generations and will live on in my heart, my home, my car….I can not even imagine how your family feels because I feel like I’ve lost a family memeber. R.I.P Ms. Houston

  • blackwomen4whitemen

    My fondest memory was seeing Whitney in Seventeen magazine when I was growing up. She was the only Black model many times and she was an inspiration to me. RIP Whitney. Wish you could experience this outpouring of love from your fans while you were alive…maybe it would have made a difference.

  • iQgraphics

    the “b” word doesn’t even belong in this thread.

  • Bosslady

    EVERYONE knows she is 48!! You clearly do not understand how to put things into context. They are saying 48, is too young to die, not that they thought she was younger or older. An English comprehension course may help.

    To the best of our knowledge she was drug free, as was Amy Winehouse at the time of her death. If you actually followed Amy Winehouse’s death you would know that no illegal substances were found in her system after the toxicology. As you have stated many times you have no feelings and are indifferent, but many people were fans of hers. I’m not particularly a huge Whitney fan, however it is a sad nevertheless and I have the gift of empathy to realize people are upset.

    You are right you don’t have to say RIP but if you have nothing nice to say about someone’s death, just say nothing.

  • sli

    Thank you, Bosslady, I agree.

  • Yep… I’m the Misses :-D

    Yep, Agreed!

    Whitney will be missed and hopefully these ladies will continue making whole ALBUMS that you can listen to without skipping a track.

    Whitney paved the way, although she was packaged as a r&b pop sensation, nobody had it like she did.

  • CaliDreaming86

    Eh, that is what I meant. People are shocked that she died at 48. Death can come at any age.

    My point was that her death and Amy Winehouse’s was not all that surprising to some of us as their drug use was the first thing that one thought of.

    Any yes, good for you that you can empathize. Thanks.

  • QofThecastle


    Dont be obtuse. Death can come at any age but the median age of death in this country is in the 70s and 80s for most people so yes, when someone dies at 48 it is very early.This isnt Zimbabwe.

  • Dalili

    @CaliDreaming86: Whitney may have been addicted to drugs but she was also a mother, an incredibly talented singer, a daughter, a sister and a friend; she was not the total sum of her mistakes. Some of us have made poor choices (if you haven’t you’ve been doubly blessed) at one time or another in our lives, thank goodness we were allowed the decency to stumble back to grace away from the public eye. She wasn’t.

    I think most people are just incredibly sad she’s passed on regardless of her age or lifestyle. Allow them that.

  • apple

    how about we know what she died from first before you make that judgement. i foolishly assumed amy winehouse died from drugs and guess what? it was the complete opposite! take your unsympathetic a** somewhere.. and i’m not doing this in support of whitney im doing this in support of being nice.

  • Olivia

    Poor Whitney Houston needed a real-life bodyguard. Not just to keep physical harm away from her, but all the people that wanted to do emotional harm and damage her soul and love of life. She was so sunny and full of energy when she was younger and no one will ever be able to convince me that she didn’t have a lot of help being dragged down into her personal hell. Other hands were pushing her down.

  • Karen

    I think you’re right, but instead, she got Bobby Brown.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Sad news indeed. Prayers go out to her family, friends and her many fans. I too grew up listening to her music and to me she will always be a star. I found myself humming I will always love you this morning on the way from the train station.Even here in Europe the radio stations and newspapers are paying tribute.

    I was shocked by the news but not entirely surprised. Whitney battled many demons as we all do and those who loved her went to hell and back to try and save her. For that she should not be judged.

    So much has been said about her struggles and failings but let us remember her at her best and for all the wonderful music she gave us. I pray she has finally found the peace that eluded her in life.

  • Bosslady

    CaliDreaming86, you don’t make any sense. I refuse to further entertain your foolery. Too many characters to respond.

  • thegaytekeeper


  • Please Excuse Me

    RIP Whitney

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