Nicki Minaj

It seems like the Catholic church aren’t the only ones upset with Nicki Minaj.

Recently a video from a man discussing some of the disparaging comments toward “nappy-headed” black women in Nicki Minaj’s songs has surfaced, and many are wondering if he has a point.

The video is mashup of black popular music from the past and images of women rocking afros and other natural ‘dos, along side some of Nicki’s seemingly anti-black women disses to her foes.

As she did in the song “Stupid Hoe,” Nicki refers to “nappy-headed hoes” in her hit, “Did It On ‘Em” and even likens her competition to monkeys on another track. According to the man behind the video, Nicki is no better Don Imus and other racist folks who celebrate European features while calling black hair and features unattractive.

While the man has a point, I think it’s unfair to single out Nicki for her remarks. While we should most certainly take a critical look at her lyrics, rappers have consistently been hurling slurs at black women for years. Why give them a pass and just focus solely on Nicki?

What do you think, Clutchettes and Gents? Should black folks boycott Nicki Minaj? 

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  • CaliDreaming86

    It’s not that we [should], the likely of it happening is pretty slim. Most of her fans are mindless people. The people who would be boycotting are people who don’t listen to her music in the first place.

  • CaliDreaming86


  • Patrice

    I’m not sure about boycotting her, but she really does need to chill out. It seems like she goes to the extreme with referring to black women/men as monkeys that need to go back to the jungle where they belong etc.

    With her fame she should try uplifting her people instead of bashing them all the time. But of course she doesn’t care. I think if we taught our own households how to view and portray ourselves then things like this will become minor.

    Nicki Minaj doesn’t know any better unfortunately so everyone has to make sure that they do and their kids do.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I just feel her fans should demand better quality music from her that is all. If you rap, deliver good lines. If you sing, Sing well (or get a good producer). Don’t package crap with a pretty bow and expect people to fawn over your “creativity.”

  • Patrice

    And I agree with CaliDreaming86

  • linda

    Ill bet you anything Nikki Minaj doesnt write her own music.Ill bet you anything its you know who……….anyway why boycott her and her garbage/hate music when for decades now Black men have been spewing their garbage/hate music and alot of people including Black women were/are dancing and singing along.

    WHY the outrage now?.

  • linda

    Ill bet you anything Nicki Minaj doesnt write her own music.Ill bet you anything its you know who……….anyway why boycott her and her garbage/hate music when for decades now Black men have been spewing their garbage/hate music and alot of people including Black women were/are dancing and singing along.

    WHY the outrage now?.

  • Chnyere

    all I no is if someone gets mad when another white person using the term ‘ nappy headed’ or ‘ monkey,’ I am going to get really upset, ok?

  • S.


    No. Boycotting would infer that I bought into her in the first place and that never happened
    Other Blacks can make their own decision on who the want to represent and who they want to represent them.

    Nicki Minaj is more a reflection of the state of the White masses anyways

  • kisa

    I agree 100% w/ Cali Dreaming. No offense but Nicki annoys me. She seems confused. Well, actually, she is clear on one thing, making money. So, “WHATEVER” it takes, she will gladly comply. Dentures, butt implants, skin lightening, blonde wigs, blue eyes, the works. However, if I was guaranteed that a boycott would successfully rid us of her and her weak sauce contributions to music, I would eagerly sign.
    I am all for diversity and individuality. But I don’t get this girl as an artist and I don’t like her personality as a individual.

  • Ms. Information

    Ignorance is at an all time high…I mean she wears a pink wig…who takes her seriously? She’s a walking pink joke.

  • lulu

    why do we insult ourselves?? that s all i gotta say

  • Nadia

    She is the female version of the modern-day minstrel show. She is the affirmation of the very worst stereotypes people have about blacks – she’s a loud, crazy negro woman who doesn’t wear enough clothes. I’d like for her to just sit down. And shut up.

  • Val

    Who gives male rappers a pass? I don’t. I just wrote a post earlier this week saying I am through with Nicki after she released “Stupid Hoe”.

  • AlesiaMichelle


  • AlesiaMichelle

    I totally agree. I don’t think she is making music for me. I haven’t enjoyed one song. I haven’t liked one video, and her style confuses me. I think it is great that she is trying to “break the mold” of what a rapper should be, but Ugh…

    She is just not for me and that Grammy performance was stupid and desperate.

  • LemonNLime

    That is exactly what I thought! I can’t boycott something I would never waste my hard earned money on in the first place. I give her a good 2-5 years and we won’t have to see her trashy self anymore.

    But where are all the people yelling about boycotting that other hateful disrespectful mess people want to call rap or hip hop? I’m sure males in hip hop have said a lot worse the Nicki.

  • E.M.S.

    I don’t agree with singling her out specifically. He targets her because she’s so popular right now (which is what always happens to those in the spotlight). If he wants to call people out, he should call the entire rap industry out, and call the entire black community out.

    More importantly though, we need to be teaching our girls to ignore critics (be they black, white, or anything else) when it comes to their appearance.

  • jamesfrmphilly


  • Elle Michelle

    “Why give them a pass and just focus solely on Nicki?”

    I don’t think anyone is giving [male] rappers a pass. However, Nicki is being targeted because she is a mainstream artist. Her influence has little white girls across the U.S. and Europe drinking the Kool-Aid (look at Sophia Grace and Rosie from the UK). Nicki’s predecessors and present-day peers don’t have the same following. Also, one would expect her to have a little more respect for women considering that she is a woman herself.

  • Satin

    black people who love being black and care about their black children should speak out against and withhold support from black celebrities who are an embarrassment to the black community and that includes Nicki Minaj and any other rapper who say buffoonish things.

    the nappy comments are horrible but thats not what did it for me when it came to Nicki because I hear my own fellow black women call their own hair nappy and I dont mean in a positive light like natural black women with screenames like beautifulnaps86 or something like that. I am talking about “oooh guurl my hair getting nappy. time to perm this kitchen” type of remarks. im so use to it from everyday black women that I chalk it up as ignorance and move on.

    but that part of the lyrics she did with Britney and Kesha talking about chimpanzees and in the video Stupid Ho with the whole monkey remarks is not okay and I am kind of appalled that in response to Nicki the gist of what im reading in this comment section is something like “So what? Rappers do it too”.

    No I dont think rappers should get a pass. Rappers who act just as buffonish as Nicki should also be spoken against and should not be supported by blacks. But black people will continue to buy her and other rappers music. Black people will continue jamming to her music. And black people will continue to ignore or water down the appalling things that these rappers say about black people.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    I wouldn’t boycott her because of her lyrics, I would boycott her because she isn’t real hip hop.

  • DBG

    NM is not in my universe or in any way, shape or form an influence in my household to even care about boycotting her. She’s the latest rap gimmick and don’t really care what she does.

  • Mamareese

    The only person that needs to b boycotted is her hairstylist for all those lame a#$ wigs.

  • Karen2

    It doesn’t seem to matter whose mouth it comes out of, rap defiles us. All of us, and black women in particular. It is a scourge that has infected half the adults and almost all of the children of our race.

  • http://yahoo belll 361

    Leave Nikki Minaj ALONE. Let the young LADY do her THANG. Either buy her music or not. Let her dress the way she wants, and sing the way she does. SHE’S GETTING P A P E R…….!!!!!!!!!!

  • mamareese

    True she is getting paid. Nowadays it’s by hook or by crook. I do thinks she’s a stunning young lady and has her on style. However, them wigs are not flattering and she does not need them. I will say this…there is a level of accountability when you are half naked screaming stupid hoe and wearing strap ons on stage……then you are on Ellen or where ever stressing kids to stay in school and whatnot. We all know actions speak volumes with central age groups. She has sparked a whole movement of booty injections and pink lipstick. Uh hm btw like spanx that aint for everybody….stay in your lane.

  • Ebony82

    I’m boycotting Nicki Minaj. She’s beautiful however her entire body is fake: nose job, weave day in and day out (I’d be surprised if she still had hair under there), fake inflatable behind, offensive lyrics…I could go on and on. She has no respect for herself and does what every other rapper does: slut and sell her body through her lyrics and leave nothing to the imagination. Good-bye Nicki!

  • Ebony82

    And she bleached her skin. Fake, fake, fake!

  • Pseudonym

    I completely agree!!! Why single Nicki Minaj out?

  • Usagi

    Really?! People need a life. The Pcness in black community is annoying.

  • au napptural

    NM is a minstrel, just like Lil Wayne and half the other rappers in the world. They are all an embarrassment to the race.

  • Usagi

    All sub-cultures, colors, races and ethnicities have stupid people. Stop using other to validate you. Even if those type of black people didn’t exist, raicsts would still say the same thing. What are you doing to do anyway ? Regradless, if you stopped buying their stuff, they would still be rich. Or are you going monitor anything black people say,do and think? Not every black person on TV is meant to be a role model. Get some sense of self.

  • apple

    i never listened to nicki because she is garbage but i had no idea she was saying such dumb things .. i can’t wait til her contract with the devil or who ever d*ck she blew to get here is over with so she can evaporate into the untalented void she came from.

  • luste

    You know something, life is about change, mutation, creativity, evolution.. extra (Darwin’s Theory).. I dont understand people, why must they bash this woman so much. She might be your cookie cutter performer she is ‘UNIQUE”. There was a time when we as black a people did not have a voice. Even better our music was restricted and even given to others to sing.. She has a voice and how she uses it is up to her. Instead of bashing her why not look into the good works that she is doing. At least she is not selling any of lies and shadiness. Applaud her for that, if anyone does not understand or listen to someone or something else. You know in our reality numbers count. So far her performance from the Grammy’s have reached over 1mil in viewing. none of the other artists that performed has this.

  • Tonton Michel

    No one gave Too Short and XXL a pass. If it is that serious boycott them all or give them a pass. But the “they do it too/what about them” argument is not a good look.

  • modern lady

    LOL- I’ve been boycotting her since she first hit the scene. She has no redeeming value as a rapper and she’s a ridiculous celeb. She’s a puppet for whites in the industry to use as they please. Only buffoons and children listen to her music, anyway.

  • modern lady

    @ au napptural


  • CaramelBeauty

    It’s going to be easy boycotting her since I don’t like her anyway!!! Her lyrics are stupid, her whole look sucks big time and she has nothing important to say!!!! She wastes her time “rapping” about nothing in particular, what a waste of airtime and energy!!! At least back in the day, people had lyrics that made you think, and contributed something to society, this chick has got NOTHING!!!!!!!!

  • CaramelBeauty

    I so agree!!! When will it stop!!!!!!!!

  • So Over This Ish

    With all due respect, what is “unique” about Nicki Minaj? And it is a problem if she is referring to Black women in derogatory ways…that isn’t creativity, that is disrespect. She is a woman of color so she is essentially disrespecting herself as well, even if she does profit from it.

  • blackandect

    Why do you think she bleached her skin. I am black and have skin her color or lighter. I hpe people don’t think I bleached my skin! She is not 100 percent African neither am I. I still don’t like no matter if she was light bright or very dark she is an embarrasement to black women everywhere.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Well since this is the case, lets botcott Beyonce too for all the times she allows herself to look like a white woman, or let them label her as so. haha I bet y’all wouldn’t do it.

  • D-Chubb

    I’ve never liked Minaj. I don’t listen to her music. Unfortunately, a lot of young girls look up to her as a role model and her regressive ideas will have a huge impact on them. Especially, the darker girls. I can see self-hate already. And they’ll pass it on to their children. It’s a mess. Plus, she’s a multi-racial girl dissing African features. NOT a good look.

  • D-Chubb

    I agree they should be all shut down, but Too Short is differerent. He’s encouraging the sexual assault of young girls. I’ve never under stood this attitude that black men have that rape and violence against black women is no big deal. Well, it is. Black girls and women’s bodies are just as important as any white woman’s body.

  • The Tip

    She makes extremely bad music. Aside from her self-hating lyrics, black people should boycott her simply because she is a part of a bigger machine/industry whose agenda is to eliminate black music as we all use to know it. There is a deliberate attempt to rid the world of soul music and they are using the like of Nikki Manaj, Drake, Soulja Boy, Beyonce, and others to dilute the sound of black music. This is the bigger issue when it comes to Nikki Manaj. So yes, don’t support it, but educate yourself on the bigger agenda that is VERY REAL people.

  • Joseph

    “We need to start saying it again – black is beautiful”.
    I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I know this is not a new concept. All shades of skin and shapes of features can produce beauty. We need to stop affirming the qualities of one group. This is thinking inside the box. We are all human beings at the end of the day, and we need to stop seeing ourselves in groups.

    “Beauty is only skin deep”
    We should also try to remember that beauty isn’t the be-all and end-all. So can we please stop fighting for first place on the beauty podium and instead fight for things that really matter? Stop this celebrity worship and seeing everyone in groups!

  • Tonton Michel

    I do not agree that black men have a general attitude that rape and violence is no big deal, that just not true. I will say boys are taught at an early age to sexually objectify women through the media that shapes their attitudes towards women. Too Short at this stage in his career is no longer one of the main sellers of this mess and does not capture the minds of these kids. There is a new generation of entertainers with a longer reach into the minds of kids that have unchecked avenues to move their “product”. XXL could be held accountable for what is pretty obvious a bad move on their part, but that was one website in a sea of media.

  • Travis

    Nikki who? Nikki Manaj is hardly worth the discussion. As a 41 yr. old black man, she has no social relevance to me. If I had children of the age that listens to Ms. Menaj I’d prohibit the listening of any of her music in my house nor would that child be allowed to spend any money I provided him or her on the likes of Micki Ninaj. Problem averted. Black entertainment has sold out to the mainstream so long ago so that the prospect of imposing any measurable or significant financial sanction against Munaj in the form of a boycott is naive and totally unrealistic. Because of our love of $$$ black entertainers have sold us out so that we no longer control our images in the public domain and this truly is a sad state of affairs.

    Keeping it real… “blackness” is a state of mind even more so than it is a color. Niggi Garbaj is not “black” which is evidence in her lack of desire to be anything resembling anything black.

    Just one black man’s opinion.

  • mimi

    I’m only boycotting Nicki Minaj for one reason… my little cousin (who is seven years old) is quoting her lyrics. I don’t think she’s a positive role model for younger women. I could care less about her weave, inflated butt, or wacky lyrics.

  • Joan

    I’m surprised that she’s not getting more of a hard time for using the word hoe. I agree…she is an embarrassment, not just to black folks, but to the entire music industry. To me, she’s a reminder of just how low they’ve stooped. To me, she represents the downfall of the industry.

  • Dalili

    @ Joan: I think it’s because society as a whole is largely desensitized to that derogatory term (among others). I agree that she is a sad reminder of how low the music industry has stooped but what’s more shocking is that people actually BUY her albums. I’ll think she’ll be around as long as there is a market and audience for her music (I use that term loosely). But then again this is a woman who in her Vibe magazine interview said she had nothing more prove to anyone so perhaps her downward spiral to oblivion has begun; her performance at the Grammys is a good indicator that maybe just maybe it has. LOL!

  • Young Heaux

    “Why give them a pass and just focus solely on Nicki?”

    I don’t really think any one in the media is ever really given a “pass.” People with celebrity status like Nicki are always going to be scrutinized. Has it ever amounted to any real change with respect to the ‘disparaging black women’ thing? Not really. But each small step is important. And I think the mentality of “well we let so and so do it all the time, so just let it continue happening” is unproductive. I’m glad he called her out. And I think if it does force her to respond or change in any way for the better, that will definitely send a message to these other rappers.

  • francais

    boycotting takes time and energy that could be put towards more constructive endeavors. she’s not infringing upon anybody’s rights. i highly doubt nicki minaj will still be relevant five to ten years from now anyway. it’s just a bit sad that she’s the role model for young girls coming up right now.

  • bk chick

    It’s just so funny to me how people could be up in arms with Nikki saying “nappy headed ho” and then to see the high frequency of black women who spend most of their lives hiding their nappy hair. As long as ppl will continue to rock perms, relaxers, weaves, press or wigs as their primary hairstyles and never let their nappy hair receive the light of day, then you can’t really point fingers at Nikki. What does it look like protesting and boycotting Nikki for this phrase while rocking an Indian woman’s hair? sounds backwards..and like many other ppl are saying this boycott suggestion is preaching to the choir–ppl who already don’t support her’s her fans that need to see the light of day

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Of all the rubbish male rappers have been saying/doing, it is Minaj people are gearing up to boycott. SMH.

  • Mr Jay

    Nicki is a performance artist I like her more than I like her talents and wish her well.

  • Yannii

    I do agree with the point made in the article, however in Nicki’s case, despite her degrading lyrics, she still sucks. Thus, boycotting her for offensive lyrics is an easy way to not listen to her at all. (at least in my case)

    Basically, I dont like anything she stands for.

  • Meshef

    Her and Lady Gaga can both eat a big fat one-freaky sluts!

  • gryph

    you are are just haters!! crabs in bucket!

  • 2cents

    Preach! And I know this dates me, but will this or future generations ever produce a Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan or any real artist. It’s all about the dollars.

  • TriceePeacee

    If we hating on Minaj for refusing to listen to her call us monkeys and nappy headed hoes then I ask where the hell is your self worth if you feel boycotting her ill behavior towards blacks is hating? And I’m pretty sure if she was white, people wouldn’t be popping all that crap about her being an artist. I have never heard of such bull sh!t come out of a black female artist’s mouth. I mean, monkeys, jungles, bananas, nappy headed hoes? Damn. She sounds like an old white southerner. Yeah, she should be boycotted and yeah this man has a good, valid argument. Minaj is one lost female where “getting money” has allowed her to say some bull sh!t. Artistic!? If she was a man, you sistah’s wouldn’t be defending her sh!t either. Goodness!

  • darydrea

    lol, this is hilarious to me. All you people who feel boycotting one person or an industry is gonna change anything are dreaming. I’m 28 and i listen/like/buy her records because they are funny and entertaining. When i need realness i go to the History channel or read a cultural responsive book or something of that nature. I don’t look at entertainers as roll modes. You know what i tell my nieces and female cousins that like and quote her music. What i tell them, is yes she is making money saying/dressing and acting the way she acts, but the real paper is being her manager!!!! the real money is behind the scenes. Parenting starts at home! PERIOD!!! My nieces and i have REAL discussions about her and other artists. we talk and communicate. they know right from wrong and understand that what she did to herself was all a gimmick. She transforms herself daily because thats something she choose to do. She is sparking a movement for all and im proud that my nieces what to be BARBS. What female didnt? she had it all, house, car, boat, clothes. Barbie was always fly. All im saying is that most people who r mad at her, refuse to have honest conversations with the kids in their life. I bet they would surprise you.


  • Aedgarw


    Every time I read a comment by my people that condones hate against my people, I have to remember to not give up. It can be very disheartening at times. I have a bad case of ig’nunce fatigue. What gives me strength are people like you who are socially aware of the forces that conspire to marginalize and denigrate our people. I comment and reply and retort, but the fools keep coming, like a never ending stampede of stupidity.

    Keep the faith!

  • http://[email protected] skelly

    @blackandect – this isn’t about whether there are varying skn colors in the black community. the person is referring to the fact that she started out one color, & appears to have been bleached since then. this has nothing to do w/you or your skin color. the girl is completely altered/created. nothing resembles its organic state.

    & i agree.

  • sam

    glad someone is speaking up about this. what people don’t understand is that the more you stay quiet, the more things get worse

    that’s why we have such crap hip hop today in the first place. none of the real black rappers (KRS one, rakim, nas, etc) ever really stood up to say something about the likes of lil wayne, gucci mane, and slim thug before it got too late.

    if folks stay quiet when a chick like nicki minaj spouts off and proudly calls blacks “nappy headed hos” in 2 years you’ll have kreayshawn doing it. then you’ll have rappers talking about lynching blacks and putting them back into slavery.

    remaining silent is the worst thing that has happened to the black community in 40 years

  • Young Heaux

    Damn, you’re so right.

  • jubilee

    Why oh Why do we black women even listen to C/RAP ‘songs’ that denigrate us…country & western don’t denigrate their women calling them stringy headed ho’s etc….WHY? just reminds me of ol’ zip coon reincarnated…(sigh)

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  • tested

    We have an idea, why don’t everyone create a YouTube page and Twitter page boycotting using estee Lauder , mac makeup , pepsi, pop and so on. If athletes are punished for their actions, so should she. She said what she felt f*** broke bit**** joking or not, are we stupid. Page should read “Don’t buy Mac makeup or drink Pepsi nicki Minaj boycott forgot who built her “. Spread the word!

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