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It seems like the Catholic church aren’t the only ones upset with Nicki Minaj.

Recently a video from a man discussing some of the disparaging comments toward “nappy-headed” black women in Nicki Minaj’s songs has surfaced, and many are wondering if he has a point.

The video is mashup of black popular music from the past and images of women rocking afros and other natural ‘dos, along side some of Nicki’s seemingly anti-black women disses to her foes.

As she did in the song “Stupid Hoe,” Nicki refers to “nappy-headed hoes” in her hit, “Did It On ‘Em” and even likens her competition to monkeys on another track. According to the man behind the video, Nicki is no better Don Imus and other racist folks who celebrate European features while calling black hair and features unattractive.

While the man has a point, I think it’s unfair to single out Nicki for her remarks. While we should most certainly take a critical look at her lyrics, rappers have consistently been hurling slurs at black women for years. Why give them a pass and just focus solely on Nicki?

What do you think, Clutchettes and Gents? Should black folks boycott Nicki Minaj? 

*Via AllHipHop

  • Ms. Information

    Ignorance is at an all time high…I mean she wears a pink wig…who takes her seriously? She’s a walking pink joke.

  • lulu

    why do we insult ourselves?? that s all i gotta say

  • Nadia

    She is the female version of the modern-day minstrel show. She is the affirmation of the very worst stereotypes people have about blacks – she’s a loud, crazy negro woman who doesn’t wear enough clothes. I’d like for her to just sit down. And shut up.

  • Val

    Who gives male rappers a pass? I don’t. I just wrote a post earlier this week saying I am through with Nicki after she released “Stupid Hoe”.

  • AlesiaMichelle


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