Nicki Minaj

It seems like the Catholic church aren’t the only ones upset with Nicki Minaj.

Recently a video from a man discussing some of the disparaging comments toward “nappy-headed” black women in Nicki Minaj’s songs has surfaced, and many are wondering if he has a point.

The video is mashup of black popular music from the past and images of women rocking afros and other natural ‘dos, along side some of Nicki’s seemingly anti-black women disses to her foes.

As she did in the song “Stupid Hoe,” Nicki refers to “nappy-headed hoes” in her hit, “Did It On ‘Em” and even likens her competition to monkeys on another track. According to the man behind the video, Nicki is no better Don Imus and other racist folks who celebrate European features while calling black hair and features unattractive.

While the man has a point, I think it’s unfair to single out Nicki for her remarks. While we should most certainly take a critical look at her lyrics, rappers have consistently been hurling slurs at black women for years. Why give them a pass and just focus solely on Nicki?

What do you think, Clutchettes and Gents? Should black folks boycott Nicki Minaj? 

*Via AllHipHop

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  • E.M.S.

    I don’t agree with singling her out specifically. He targets her because she’s so popular right now (which is what always happens to those in the spotlight). If he wants to call people out, he should call the entire rap industry out, and call the entire black community out.

    More importantly though, we need to be teaching our girls to ignore critics (be they black, white, or anything else) when it comes to their appearance.

  • jamesfrmphilly


  • Elle Michelle

    “Why give them a pass and just focus solely on Nicki?”

    I don’t think anyone is giving [male] rappers a pass. However, Nicki is being targeted because she is a mainstream artist. Her influence has little white girls across the U.S. and Europe drinking the Kool-Aid (look at Sophia Grace and Rosie from the UK). Nicki’s predecessors and present-day peers don’t have the same following. Also, one would expect her to have a little more respect for women considering that she is a woman herself.

  • black people who love being black and care about their black children should speak out against and withhold support from black celebrities who are an embarrassment to the black community and that includes Nicki Minaj and any other rapper who say buffoonish things.

    the nappy comments are horrible but thats not what did it for me when it came to Nicki because I hear my own fellow black women call their own hair nappy and I dont mean in a positive light like natural black women with screenames like beautifulnaps86 or something like that. I am talking about “oooh guurl my hair getting nappy. time to perm this kitchen” type of remarks. im so use to it from everyday black women that I chalk it up as ignorance and move on.

    but that part of the lyrics she did with Britney and Kesha talking about chimpanzees and in the video Stupid Ho with the whole monkey remarks is not okay and I am kind of appalled that in response to Nicki the gist of what im reading in this comment section is something like “So what? Rappers do it too”.

    No I dont think rappers should get a pass. Rappers who act just as buffonish as Nicki should also be spoken against and should not be supported by blacks. But black people will continue to buy her and other rappers music. Black people will continue jamming to her music. And black people will continue to ignore or water down the appalling things that these rappers say about black people.

  • I wouldn’t boycott her because of her lyrics, I would boycott her because she isn’t real hip hop.