If we thought President Obama silenced all the birthers by releasing his long form birth certificate last year, think again. Apparently, some folks still have doubts and are taking it one step further: to court.

Tuesday, Gordon Warren Epperly filed a lawsuit in Alaska challenging President Obama’s inclusion on the 2012 presidential ballot. What’s Epperly’s beef? Apparently, he feels Negroes and Mullatos can’t be president because they aren’t really citizens.

His lawsuit states:

Barack Hussein Obama II, Aka Barack Hussein Obama, Aka Barack H. Obama has the race status of being a “Mulatto.” Barack Obama’s father (Barack Hussein Obama I) was a full blood Negro being born Nyang’oma Kogelo, Nyanza Province, Kenya and raised in the Colony of Kenya. Barack Obama’s mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) was a white Caucasian woman being born in Wichita, Kansas on November 29, 1942 and raised in the state of Washington and in the State of Hawaii.

The petition concludes:

As stated above, for an Individual to be a Candidate for the Office of President of the United States, the Candidate must meet the qualifications set forth in the United States Constitution and one of those qualifications is that the Candidate shall be a “natural born Citizen” of the United States. As Barack Hussein Obama II is of the “Mulatto” race, his status of citizenship is founded upon the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Before the [purported] ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, the race of “Negro” or “Mulatto” had no standing to be citizens of the United States under the United States Constitution. 

Contrary to the argument presented in the pleading, the Fourteenth Amendment defined citizenship and granted both civil and political rights to those born in the United States. Moreover, it made it illegal for any state to deny those rights. Also, the Fourteenth Amendment effectively overturned the Dred Scott decision (of 1857), which found that slaves and their descendants could never be U.S. citizens.

While this case has very little chance of being won in court, it is a stark reminder of the challenges and racist attitudes many of us continue to face.

Are you ready for the 2012 election season and all of the craziness that will ensue? 

  • http://At&T Allen Franklin

    From: Pres. John Hanson thru Lincoln, thru Esinhower, to Obama, It’s a total of eight
    The ist president was a black MOORE. If you are worried look up your pure history start at the year 1460 thru 1771 most Free blackmen married white women most white men married Mulotto women read President Tylers plan !!!! What race do you think you are !! Don’t tell me about how meany generations you are pure, wake up Rome fell from within…it was the most powerful nation at that time… We are Best.. God don’t like ugly

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