In TBS’ eyes, Tyler Perry can do no wrong. The network recently ordered 35 more episodes of the “hit” sitcom almost ensuring that this show is on its way to be Perry’s third to hit syndication.

“Tyler Perry’s shows have proven to be a popular draw for TBS on Friday nights,” said TNT and TBS’ head of original programming Michael Wright. “We’re very happy to keep that trend going by ordering more episodes ofTyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse.”

According to Deadline, For Better Or Worse is basic cable’s top sitcom, averaging 2.9 million viewers in its first season. Although its ratings were lower than Perry’s other shows House of Payne and Meet the Browns, For Better or Worse is still a hit for network and embraced by black audiences.

For Better or Worse is based on Perry’s hit films, ‘Why Did I Get Married.’ The show follows three couples as they deal with relationship issues and stars Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White.

Do you watch the show? 

  • befree

    Lord no…this has ruined Black History Month.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    There are other channels, if you don’t like it don’t watch.

  • sli

    No, I don’t watch it but will probably check it out. It may be good–you never know.

  • Choc

    NO! And I cringe just thinking about the people who are watching, and laughing and thinking they have us figured out now smh…

  • apple

    nope i dont want but i guess obviously somebody does :-/

  • Velma

    While channel surfing I have watched moments of it, and its all the same crap. To think that people around the world see these shows and believe that this is how all black people are makes me sick. And yes, unfortunately most people feel this way.

  • Joan


  • sunshyne84

    Forgot all about this show…

  • Joan

    I didn’t realize that it had already aired. One thing I will give Tyler…he manages to round up a whole lot of actors who are easy on the eyes and starts filming. They might have a sh@tty script, but in between all of my cringing, I do enjoy the view.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I didn’t know it was on; it is not my kind of thing.

  • Amanda

    To all skeptics its actually pretty good!

  • KJones

    It’s actually a good show once you get past the fact that it’s missing the laugh track.

  • MIkela123

    Yeah, its actually a good show once you get past the fact that it’s bad.

  • me

    i do…. even though the acting is subpar. i don’t know why i do. please find me help! lol

  • Pe.Riche.


  • Sindy

    For anyone who hasn’t seen the show…Tasha Smith is mad…and she’s yelling…and then yells some more.

    Michael J white is same as always, never gives into the yelling but he does put his foot down like the movie.

    There are some other people but with all the yelling, I don’t know their names or purpose on the show.

    Since TP will never reveal why Janine Payne got on crack, we will never know the reason for these other people except they make Tasha Smith mad. *shrugs*

  • ruggie


  • Tami

    I love the show…It is kind of different without the laugh track, but it’s good. I don’t know why Tyler Perry has so many haters.

  • civil radd


  • malik hemmans

    that pretty much sums up the show

  • malik hemmans

    he has a strong ass fan base simply because his fans are christians

  • MIkela123

    When you ask Black people why they love this show, they usually respond, “Oh it’s real, that’s how it is, it’s real life.” Well damn, for SOME people, I guess, but its so dysfunctional. They are practically emotionally abusive to each other, and no one, man nor woman, should tolerate someone screaming at them like that. And if someone makes you that mad that you’re constantly screaming, like Tasha, well heck maybe its time leave.

    Emotional and physical abuse happens in all races and communities, and its good for media to show and acknowledge it sometimes. Watching it in some movies and tv shows, when done well, can actually be cathartic. But shows like this, IMO have the opposite effect on Black people. This dysfunction plays out in our media outlets over and over again, and we practically WALLOW in it, like pigs rolling around in mud.

    At this point, I think we’ve NORMALIZED this behavior and dysfunction in our community. What a sad endless cycle.

  • LalaJJay

    I’m glad to see Black actors working. That’s the only positive I can pull from this situation. Carry on :)

  • Erica

    This is only a theory of mine, but I believe that TP knows dark and career ruining secret about the owner(s) of TBS so they air as many episodes of his crappy TV shows as he wants just to appease him. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

  • Ashly

    This show is absurd. Marcus and Tasha’s relationship is emotionally abusive. I tried to give the show a chance, but their relationship makes me cringe. I will never watch this show again.

  • Netta

    I agree with @Ashly…this show is absurd! I don’t even have cable and don’t miss it. I saw it when I went to my mom’s and she actually DVRs this mess! The one episode I endured was Tasha doing a “Waiting to Exhale” reenactment, (little red wagon and all y’all), in response to the “presumption” of Marcus’ infidelity. Hot smokin’ despicable mess and the acting is painfully bad! It’s just drama for the sake of drama. I don’t even think the actors themselves take it seriously b/c I swear Tasha looks as if she mite bust out laughing at her own self sometimes. It’s total and complete garbage and you can call me a hater of TP if you want aaaaaaannnnnd…YOU WOULD BE RITE! lol

  • Yolanda Marie

    I must admit I was watching this show even though its tacky and ghetto as hell, somehow I got hooked on the black soap opera-like plot and I shamefully want to see what else is going to happen..smh. I secretly hate this show but since I started it, I wanna finish. They need to make some changes though like the big girl that works at the salon…she is NOT funny!!! And Angela is already loud enough, why have another loud character? And the light skin young guy that works at the studio? He’s not funny either!!! And neither is Angela’s and Marcus’s son. And can I get a laugh track please? I think with these changes I probably wouldn’t dislike it so much but again, shamefully I’m probably still going to continue watching.

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