Blogger and style diva Afrobella shared a video on her Facebook feed that actually made my blood boil over some pretty trivial but super rude jackassery.

As many of you know, the highly anticipated Jason Wu for Target line launched this weekend in-store (and sold out almost immediately online). The designer’s work has been super popular ever since Michelle Obama wore one of his gowns to the Inauguration Ball and another on the cover of Vogue, so having it pop up in the Target price range is a dream come true, right?

Well, not for shoppers at a Miami Target, where a single couple with obvious plans to sell their bounty online bought everything they could get their hands on — and that means every single piece in every size except the few that legitimate shoppers were able to scoop up. Keep in mind that people were waiting in line before the store even opened to get themselves a piece of [Jason] Wu wear and most walked away with nothing, so it’s a wonder that a riot didn’t break out after this display of vulturism:

I’ve never waited in line for anything like that because budget fashion is just not that serious for me, but can you imagine doing so and watching all of that stuff just spilling out of that couple’s cart like that? Come on, people…that’s just cold!

Unlike Target, retailers like H&M have purchasing limits to prevent these things, and I’m sure that this capitalism-savvy hustle couple knew what they were doing by snapping up the entire collection. In response, Target has promised to re-evaluate its rules on purchase limits and assured the public that, although the collection will not be re-stocked, more Wu items will “trickle in” through the website and stores. For now, there are already 12,000 Jason Wu items listed on e-Bay, which is probably the best bet for anyone who really wants to rock something from the collection.

Can you knock this couple’s hustle? What would you do?

  • Shirl

    Seriously… I could care less. Love Mrs. Obama but I’llbe damned if I stand in line for stupidity. Jason Wu…whatever

  • The Taker (GIANTS=CHAMPS!!!)

    In my Big Boi voice “Sooo disrespectful”. I’m so mad for the customers. I’m mad at Target for even allowing sh*t like this to happen. Damn. I would have rounded up a group of customers and got to snatching.FOH…

  • Miss A

    Amen to that! Standing in line for low budget designer clothes??? Please….

  • Sue

    I agree! This couple is only going to take advantage of the people who willingly part with 2 or 3 times the price on sites like ebay. I don’t see any need for outrage here. Apart from the designer’s name, there is nothing remarkable about those clothes. I bet if you look hard enough, you can recreate some of the looks in those ads at a reasonable price point and better quality.

  • Reason

    It’s “*couldn’t* care less”. As in “I care so little, I could not care less.” Please stop saying “could care less”. It makes the speaker sound uneducated, and EVERYONE says it now.

  • Jaslene

    @Reason so that means you are the only one that is educated. Also it doesn’t make you sound uneducated no one really learned that term in school.

  • gigi

    I so agree with you 100%, I couldn’t care less about Wu or any of those designers

  • Beautiful Mic

    Damn. I guess I’m SOL. I’m sure they’re sold out in my area, as well.

  • mahogany

    Wow just wow. I do shop at Target and did get one skirt from the Wu line but who buys the entire line? And then they have the nerve to re-sell it on e-bay. Yeah that was cold.

  • iQgraphics

    oh just give it about 10 days, they will return the items when they realize they are not making much profit.
    Between the list fees, the final value fees, the shipping and the paypal transaction fees, the ends may not justify the means.
    Just like the H&M versace fiasco.
    All that missoni and versace sh!t is now on clearance in the stores.

  • iQgraphics

    oh and plus, 95% of that sh!t is ugly

  • Mimi

    @Sue-TOTALLY AGREE!!! Wu’s line was super basic and could easily be recreated. Besides, I’m getting tired of this designer at box stores thing anyway. Is anyone really rockin’ any of that crazy ass zig-zag shit that Missoni had in Target and folks were going crazy over it?

  • iQgraphics

    how bout this

    The fcuks I could give about this are minimal, at best.


  • iQgraphics

    I was excited about having the zig zag trash can in my bathroom, but alas, the target by me didn’t stock the housewares.

    and I don’t see anybody in that stuff… none of it.

  • sunshyne84

    Maybe she could care less *shrug*

  • sunshyne84

    Let me go check this stuff out, cuz that Missoni stuff was tragic.

  • Kanyade

    That’s odd. I mean, they’re trying to turn a profit with the whole EBay stuff. Target does need to evaluate limit purchases. They do so on over the counter medicine. LOL. *shrugs*

  • LemonNLime

    The stuff was and usually is ugly. I don’t think most people buy it for the look, they buy it for the name.

  • Lovely

    Reason, the period (.) is placed INSIDE the quotation. EVERYONE inaccurately places the period in quotations, and it makes the writer seem…uneducated.

  • HoneyDew

    That is triffling!!!!!


    Good point!

  • gmarie

    triflin indeed, normally stores put limits on how much customers can buy at one time. But jason wu isn’t as popular or in demand as designers like missoni and versace. They won’t get as much as they hope to get. I personally love the blue dress in the basket, perfect for work. Last I checked it was still available online in all sizes for anyone else who was interested

  • rand

    They buy out the entire designer inventory then sell it on Ebay for 3x’s the retail price. Don’t swallow the hype or that type of gouging, folks!

  • pink

    I don’t get what all the hoopla is about. The stuff is ugly as hell….except for a couple of the purses. More Importantly than that…people are such “consumer suckers!!” Will buy mostly anything that has drama attached to it.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    I’m looking at the stuff on Target’s website. Quite honestly, I am not impressed @ all.

  • Whatever

    Last laugh is on them because those clothes are super lame. Why would anyone spend that much on those clothes? It’s the same material and quality as Target’s line. The whole concept is ridiculous.

  • Rosey

    I’m a Michelle Obama groupie. I was tempted to go and get it. It’s pretty stuff but not for me.

  • Li Sister

    Its a bunch of foreigners stealing sh*t (I mean design ideas) image how much money they shelled out Its organized group behind them with money to burn. they’ll take the items back to their country and steal jason wu’s design ideas …. then they will sell it back to you on ebay. lucking for them they weren’t in a ghetto store cause people would have got to fighting or pepper spray :)

  • golden_girl

    I don’t wish a car-jacking on anyone…but this couple deserves a good ole East Oakland drive-by.

  • Tiffany

    Fashion in general is just not that serious to me…Americans

  • dvine


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