After being on the scene for years Trey Songz is finally getting his due. The Virginia rapper-turned-singer has a knack for making club bangers and baby-making anthems, but in a new spread in GQ magazine the crooner hints that he’s ready to make a change.

Sporting a host of sport coats from various designers, Songz talks with GQ about wanting to make a lasting impression on the business.

Although he’s known for his sex-laced songs, Songz says he’s ready to do something different.

“I could make a hundred ‘Bottoms Up’s,” he says, “but they won’t change nobody’s life. Marvin Gaye sang love songs to a certain point, and then it was like, ‘Fuck this, I’m not clean-cut no more. I’m putting this skully on, letting this beard grow out, and I’m doing whatever the fuck I wanna do.’ “

So does this mean he’ll be switching up his sound for his latest album, Chapter V?

Songs tells the men’s mag, “I might. Give me a couple of years, though.”

Check out more from Trey Songz’ fashion spread at GQ’s website

  • Perverted Alchemist

    I don’t expect Marvin Gaye out of someone who made such songs like “LOL Smiley Face” or “Neighbors Know My Name”. Dude is as delusional as R. Kelly when it comes to their music!

  • OSHH

    sat that, how dare he even make mention of Marvin!

  • The Black Police

    “Being More Like Marvin Gaye”


  • Perverted Alchemist

    I mean, dude is more Marvin Sease than Marvin Gaye- I could totally see him cover “Candy Licker” as opposed to…oh say…”Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)” ? LMAO!!!

    Here’s the odd thing though- several years ago, I remember when Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Etregun had said that Trey Songz was the best singer Atlantic has found since Ray Charles. I checked a couple of songs by him and immediately gave the side eye to Ahmet after that, LOL!!!

  • Nadia

    Here’s the difference between you and Marvin Gaye, Trey:

    His love songs were great. His “message” songs were great. The love songs he sang after his “message” songs were great. He was a great singer.

    See where I’m going with this, Trey? Yeah, I bet you do, I bet you do see where this is going.

    I mean, Trey, if Tammi Terrell was reincarnated tomorrow, she wouldn’t even let you stand next to her, much less sing with her.

  • OSHH

    Not only all that, but Marvin was a brilliant musician as well as a vocalist.
    His Tenor was just gorge, his artistry a class act, even on the raunchier material much class, charm, grace, sophistication, and transparency/truth…whether it was social commentary, spirituality or sexuality..these people today don’t even come close imo not even Maxwell, this person and people like drake, haven’t a clue.

  • African Mami

    As someone who has been following his career since his scrawny years and debut of his first album-I just have to say that this brother may not be as talented as the Marvin Gay’s and Ray Charles of this world-but he does have potential. Now, unfortunately this potential has been spent sexing in each and every album after his second. The theme has to change for him to start making an impression to some of ya’ll.He can always change and become a rapper. After all, he was supposed to be a rapper who can carry a tune!

    He is FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE……i’d be his girl, if only he would stop kissing each and every woman he meets.

  • KK

    As someone who actually liked his first couple of singles(Just gotta make it era), I have been terribly disappointed by his career so far, granted i never expected to fall deeply into his music (just never had that depth in my opinion) but at least he had bit of honesty/different angle to him then.
    However since he covered purple rain at the BET awards (when Prince was honored) I just can’t get with his music. Whoever deceived him that he could, should have been fired (it’s not just about the voice, he just does not have the dept to sing such songs)
    For me the only ”mainstream” RnB artist to excite me this last year is Miguel(maybe it’s the falsetto), he just seems to have room for growth whereas the rest seem too saturated.

  • Freebee33

    I like Trey as an artist, especially when he first came out, I do think he is talented but lately his music is all sex and no substance and that makes for really tired music. Not impressed lately.

  • Bunny

    …and kissing the boys too…lol. Sorry, this dude is suspect as hell to me

  • lulu

    those tight lavender pants got to go


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