• http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com/ girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Oh. MY. Goodness. One of the most hilarious youtube videos I have seen in a while…Do you know how many guys have “seen me in a dream?” Hilarious every bit of it. They need to make a female version for chasing after church brothers/pastor’s kids…

  • Nadia

    On the floor. Dead.

  • Dalili

    L.M.B.O!!! Oh my!

  • AllisonMG

    Hilarious! I’ve heard/seen a lot of this before. Smh, I’m a PK. Very funny video

  • ms_micia


  • Madeline


  • Tonton Michel

    Yeah this was good.

  • complexity


  • twee

    They are just dumb LOL too funny!!!

  • Coco

    So so so funny lol!

  • http://facebook.com/organplayer20009 james davis

    This is really stupid, nothing funny about it all . So this ia all these folks have to do with their time ???? WOW

  • William O’Kelley

    No Mr. Davis this is not what they do with all their time. One young man works for the State Governement helping people…..another young man one works for the Federal Government helping children…the third young man works for a billion dollar global and defense contractor ensuring that every time you get on an airplane, it does not crash. They have a minimum of two independent businesses outside of their ‘day’ jobs’; they were the first company of young adults to produce a full-theatrical production at the newly opened Showare Center in Kent, WA, with over 2,000 seats; they independently produced an earlier full-theatrical production at the Tony Award winning Intiman Theater in downtown Seattle (Seattle Center); they were outstanding athelets growing up, one of which was offered a minimum of 5 scholarships from major mid-west football college programs; they are black fathers who love their familes and tackle though challenging times; they are active in their local Church with music and the Word ministry; they teach Sunday School; they don’t do drugs; they are not out to cheat, steal, kill, or rob. And still in all of this, they like doing silly, funny, sometimes ‘stupid’ videos to share with the world and bring just a bit of laughter to someone who may be having a pretty crappy day. Two of these young men are my Sons and the third one may as well be. They have a host of family and friends who support them and help out with productions ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars to simple $4.00 videos. And me…i’m just a 23-year Soldier serving overseas. So, while one of my Sons help ensure you can safely travel on an airplane and while my collegues and i ensure you have the freedom to do so….Mr. Davis, this is not all we do. I hope your parents are just as pleased with your direction in life. William O’Kelley

  • RenJennM

    LMAO!!! Oh man… I’m weak…

  • Ms Quita

    That was soooooooooooooo funny!!

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