Maaaaan, if the videos of D’Angelo’s European tour didn’t have me hype before, this latest video of his show at the Zénith in Paris has me jonesing for an American performance.

After D played the opening bars of his 2000 hit, “How Does It Feel,” the Parisian crowd went wild. D’Angelo seemed overwhelmed by their love and support and had to take a break from the song to absorb it all. Luckily he managed to pull himself together and sing a soulful, acoustic rendition of the classic.

Watch D’Angelo perform “How Does It Feel” in Paris….will you buy tickets if he goes on an American tour?

  • VYOS

    Front row center.

    I have to say I am one of his biggest fans. I was listening to the Live at the Jazz Cafe show right before I clicked to read this article….lol.

  • shug avery

    i guess i can throw out all my trey songz cds, he was my true soul singer hiatus fix but now that mr. archer is back i’m elated.

    • girlformerlyknownasgrace

      LOL! Yeah, these modern day crooners are no substitute!

    • ruggie

      yep! real thing returns

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  • Issa Rae

    Love. Now can Lauryn please suck it up and do the same? “Nothing Even Matters,” please?

    • sli

      Oooh, that would be the most awesomest thing ever!

  • Whatever

    Hells Yeah I will be at that tour! I have been waiting for like 10 years. First the Maxwell comeback and now this… I am on cloud nine right now. Even though he only has 2 albums, D’Angelo is always in heavy rotation for me.