Maaaaan, if the videos of D’Angelo’s European tour didn’t have me hype before, this latest video of his show at the Zénith in Paris has me jonesing for an American performance.

After D played the opening bars of his 2000 hit, “How Does It Feel,” the Parisian crowd went wild. D’Angelo seemed overwhelmed by their love and support and had to take a break from the song to absorb it all. Luckily he managed to pull himself together and sing a soulful, acoustic rendition of the classic.

Watch D’Angelo perform “How Does It Feel” in Paris….will you buy tickets if he goes on an American tour?


  1. Front row center.

    I have to say I am one of his biggest fans. I was listening to the Live at the Jazz Cafe show right before I clicked to read this article….lol.

  2. shug avery

    i guess i can throw out all my trey songz cds, he was my true soul singer hiatus fix but now that mr. archer is back i’m elated.

  3. Love. Now can Lauryn please suck it up and do the same? “Nothing Even Matters,” please?

    • Oooh, that would be the most awesomest thing ever!

  4. Whatever

    Hells Yeah I will be at that tour! I have been waiting for like 10 years. First the Maxwell comeback and now this… I am on cloud nine right now. Even though he only has 2 albums, D’Angelo is always in heavy rotation for me.

  5. waterchoc

    There…all day….

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