Watch: Facebook Parenting for The Troubled Teen

by Thembi Ford

I can’t imagine what it must be like to raise a teenager in today’s tech-saavy world, but this father is just as tech-savvy as his ungrateful daughter and decided he’s not having it. From the video description:

My daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on her Facebook wall just how upset she was and how unfair her life here is; how we work her too hard with chores, never pay her for chores, and just in general make her life difficult. She chose to share this with the entire world on Facebook and block her parent’s from seeing it. Well, umm… she failed. As of the end of this video, she won’t have to worry anymore about posting inappropriate things on Facebook…

This video has some NSFW language.

Welp, I guess that’s that. It’s always so crazy to me when kids curse within earshot of their parents. I’m in my thirties and still don’t know what my parents would do if I talked to them like that. Still, to break out a pistol on the situation Pops must have really been at his breaking point!

What do you think?

  • chanela

    this is hilarious!!!!! are people gonna cry because this is “going to scar them for life” or because “this is exploiting kids”? aha

  • Reason


  • Erica B.

    This was the best parenting video I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to dad for H.A.M. on his smartass daughter… well, not really too smart since dad is an IT professional. SMH…

  • Kennedy

    Every kid should be treated with such justice, lol.

  • apple

    very cool,
    but i woulda got on craigslist sold that laptop and bought new cowboy hats with it, lol or whatever it is he buys!

  • The Black Police

    Wow! I think he could donated the laptop instead of destrying it like that but I get he was THAT upset. Hopefully the kid learns. I’m still wondering how he was able to see the note though.

  • Cloud William

    I think he will never need to buy a beer again. Damn good job, Dad!

  • Mejustme

    How was the dad able to see that note? You think tweens are the only ones with computer hacking skills?

  • AOA

    Dammmmnnnnn, his daughter will appreciate it when she’s older… I hope, lol.

    More parents need to take a stand like this. Stop trying to be your child’s friend and show some tough love!

  • Ty

    God, I love it.

    And really, her father works in IT and she playing with fire like that? That was DUMB.


    I’ll buy that guy a beer myself!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Straight ethered that girl on YouTube- although it would have been much easier to whip her ass instead of firing rounds into her laptop…

  • MissRae

    wow lol

  • Carrie

    If this girl learns anything from this, it will be that it’s acceptable for the men in her life to throw a temper tantrum, publicly humiliate her, and break things when they don’t like what she has to say. I’d hate to see what her adult relationships are like in a few years.

  • Ali


  • Yevi


  • African Mami

    @ Carrie,

    Come again please?! What in the world are you on about? She DISRESPECTED the people who birthed her, and you are on here talking about temper tantrums?! PUUUUHLEEEZE! The father was way too kind! Because, I would have been a charging bull in this situation. First time, warning, second time, warning plus reprimand, third time-WE AIN’T TALKING, STRAIGHT UP BUSINESS!

    Parents are not supposed to befriend their kids. NEVER DAT! That’s why they have their peers for that. Tough love. They will thank you later a la Drake for dat! I’m like still heated at your IGNORANT very ignorant comment.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    African Mami just said what I was going to say, LMAO!!!

  • Bisous

    @Carrie I completely agree. Children shouldn’t disrespect their parents and I think it is unacceptable for an adult to respond in this way. You can outwit a child esspecially your own child, but recording yourself destroying a computer seems a little undignified… She’s a teenager it’s not like she won’t understand beign chastized.

  • African Mami

    @ Bisous,

    Since when did children dictate how we as parents should discipline them?! Since when. He did NOT harm Hannah by his doing, if anything-he did her good! I applaud this father, for not taking the cowards way out of empathizing/sympathizing or whatever thaizing is out thurr. Urrrgh!!!! She will know better than to do something like this.

  • secretaddy

    Carrie BEAUTIFULLY said !

    I can’t tell who is the adult and who is the parent. Your child throws a tantrum on Facebook because they are an ADOLESCENT, who may not understand the sacrifices that you make for them so a rational response is to act a damn fool on the internet and humiliate your child like this ??

    I fear for the future generations, with the above comments ! This is BEYOND unacceptable. IT is disgusting for a parent, especially a male one, to act in this violent manner (YES violent even towards an object) as a response to a facebook note.

    Is this pathetic excuse for a dad for real?? Thank goodness for my father !! Thank Goodness for my mother !!! I thank heavens that my parents

    There is a difference between “not be-friending your kids” and acting like an emotionally stunted abusive idiot on the internet in response to your daughter’s facebook note.

  • secretaddy

    . The comments here are unreal . You are not supposed to “ether” your kids you are supposed to guide them, love them and ensure that they are good people.

    I am very concerned for the parenting skills of our generation. You don’t treat your children like enemies . How will you ever know if they need your support, if you look into “ethering” them and asserting dominance as opposed to guiding and loving them.

    Your children are human beings, remember that. They are young human beings but humans nonetheless. Beating, smacking and all the other things that Black people love (it’s really disgusting the cultural differences that favor spanking over other proven effective methods that don’t require physically inducing pain upon another human being) really frighten me. You are raising a child NOT a mule. Remember that

  • Tonton Michel

    “These are exploding hollow point rounds…yeah and you have to pay me back for these too cause these are about a dollar a piece.”

    Dead o_o

  • Christopher Franko

    you are all idiots. nothing says “dont over react with anger” like over reacting with anger.. “DONT FUCKIN KISS”.. or maybe he should have beat her for hitting someone..

    Do as i say and not as i do? She didnt learn to go overboard from no where obviously. perhaps he is the problem. perhaps he will be the reason why she is out sucking dick for herion in a few years. “Daddy am i doing it right?” dude is probably fuckin the made anyways. and as for his IT info, he is an IT TECHNICIAN.. meaning he has taken a class or two and can install ram. good for him.

  • Brady

    This is the funniest parody I’ve seen from this video!

    It’s kind of the same, then it gets crazy!

  • jesseeckel

    Hilarious Parody “Facebook Parenting: For The DATING Teen” So funny!

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