There’s a pure, but kind of sick, joy in watching a mega-fan meet their favorite star. One one hand, you have to wonder if folks really have all of their marbles if they’re ready to wet their pants over the presence of another mere mortal (who they’ve never met but know every single thing about). On the other, the look on someone’s face as their dreams are coming true is so priceless and heart-warming. Watch as three of Janet Jackson’s biggest fans get surprised on “Anderson,” Anderson Cooper’s talk show.

That was the best day of that guy’s entire life.

You can watch more from the Janet Jackson/Anderson Cooper interview on the show’s website; Janet talks about her secret marriage, days on “Good Times,” and where she’s heading in the future. And, for the record, I can see a little mega-fan sentiment on Anderson’s face while he’s interviewing her.

  • SimplyComplex

    Awww that just made his life!!! He was so sincere! As a huge JanFan myself, I loved it!!

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