Depending on your mood today, this clip will either make you laugh or work your nerves.

I suppose in lieu of inviting actual black people on the show to talk about Black History Month, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask white people “who is your favorite black person?” I’d bet almost anything that Shock G from Digital Underground can be spotted in the early part of this video, but if that really is him I figure anything he had to say was edited out since at least a portion of Kimmel’s viewing audience thinks that “Chris Foxx” is a person and therefore would never recognize Humpty Hump without his prosthetic nose. Watch:

Did I hear a “Morgan FREEDMAN” in there? You don’t have a favorite black person because you don’t watch much television? What does that even mean? Oh well…

Hat tip to Shadow & Act.

  • Tiffany

    That is definitely him!!! I need to get off this website and do some work!! lol

  • fuchsia

    SMH at “We still have some work to do.” Jimmy is damn fool. lol Asking folks who’s their fave black person, got us sounding like a food dish. O_O He always got white people making a fool of themselves. At the end of the day IDGAF what comes out of some random white person’s mouth.

  • kidole

    i thought this was going to be funny but from the “…we’re pretty gangsta!” to …i know one at work, his name is ray ray!” the responses were more ignorant than funny.

  • Malcolm X

    I totally agree with you. The audacity of such a condescending question only serves to highlight the ignorance of some white people. And besides, do we really need to have white people “PLACATE” us with a so-called “Black History Month?” I mean, do we really need white people to validate us or give us permission for existing? What fools we are. They give us Dr. King`s holiday and yet this country still upholds the unjust ideologies for which he stood against and goes against the very nature of humanity. That, in itself, is quintessential “DUPLICITY.”


  • Jane

    “i dont watch that much tv” huh?

  • Cia

    yeah the “i’m gansta..” comment made me wonder what else was asked, I know it was super edited. More interesting that funny…”I don’t watch much tv…”

  • Getmelolly

    What kinda foolishness is this!!! Dumb question! Sometimes I’m grateful I’m British…

  • Robbie

    That was funny! Silly questions, silly answers.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Stealing the whole “Jaywalking” bit from Jay Leno, huh, Jimmy Kimmel? LMAO!!!

  • Bee

    Stupid. Things like this make it hard for me to not feel hostile toward American white people. Stupid question, equally stupid answers.

  • pink

    Jimmy’s piece was meant to be a joke people. I enjoyed it because I love humor. And at least we are feeling more comfortable in talking about race. What I (really) want to know is who was the Brotha with no teeth with the trailer park looking white woman? I bet a lot of sistahs were thinking the same thing I was thinking…..You can have him….because no one else wants him. LOL LOL LOL

  • esmagnifique

    …..but aren’t jokes usually funny?
    I would think so. Maybe that’s just me.

  • the Super Sistah

    Oh Lord, please tell me that they edited this for the fun factor. It would be a damn shame otherwise.

    the Super Sistah

  • TK

    I did not think JK was funny with his remark about the Westminster Dog show on
    Wed.,Feb., 13 ( saying happy black history month) to the very cute black dog

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