It’s no secret, I watch a lot of TV. Even though I love a good book and am often jugging several titles at a time, there are few things I enjoy more than settling in for a long movie night.

My tastes are as wild and varied as any avid film buff, so I love to troll the net, indie theaters, and Netflix for my fix. While I’m certainly not against watching a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster (I mean, I appreciate things being blown up like the next woman), quirky comedies or an deeply emotional dramas are some of my favorites.

While I’m a huge fan of independent films, my latest obsession these past few months (ok, maybe a year) has been foreign films.

I’ve seen my fair share in the past, City of God, Skin, Dancehall Queen, and Amélie, just to name a few, but for a girl like me who loves to travel but doesn’t always have the funds to “change clothes and go,” the right movie can instantly transport you to exotic locales half a world away.

So, because I’m always on a quest to add more (great) films to my queue, I want to know what you’re watching Clutchettes and Gents.

What are some of your favorite foreign films? 



  1. Dalili

    City of God
    In A Better World
    Motorcycle Diaries

  2. Alexandra

    Se Eu Fosse Voce (Brazilian too)
    An Education
    Rabbit Proof Fence
    Love + Hate
    The Girl with Brains in her Feet
    Salaam Bombay!
    Ginger and Cinnamon

    lots more.

    I’m trying to remember the title of a British-Asian film about an Indian girl that’s an outcast among her peers and befriends some loose White girl. I can’t remember if it was a comedy or not. If anyone knows the title, please share.

  3. Trilha

    Going by the Book is so hilariously quirky ( I found it on Netflix)

  4. “The Crimson Rivers”- for all you action/suspense thriller heads…what you know about this one?

    Or…”Anatomy” and “Run Lola Run”- both films starring the underrated Franka Potente!!

  5. Asi del precipicio – Very good movie in Spanish

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