WTF: Church Bans Children to Keep Pedophile Pastor?

by Britni Danielle

Photo via Miami New Times

A church in Jacksonville, Florida is coming under fire for its controversial decision to ban children from its church services.

According to a local Jacksonville news affilate, Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church has banned children from attending Sunday services because their new pastor, Darrell Gilyard, is a registered sex offender and cannot have contact with children.

In 2009 Gilyard plead guilty to lewd conduct and lewd molestation of two underage girls. While he was the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church Gilyard molested a 15-year-old girl and sent a lewd text message to another. Under the conditions of his plea agreement, Gilyard cannot have “unsupervised contact with children under 18 years old,” and his new church has taken extraordinary steps to help Gilyard stick to the terms of his deal.

Despite the seriousness of his offense, Gilyard’s return to the pulpit was swift. After being released from jail on December 28, he resumed preaching in January, and  told reporters he hopes he can move past this incident and continue with his work.

“Somehow I will prove that life isn’t over when one has committed a crime for which he receives this heinous label,” Gilyard told a reporter, ironically through text message. “You don’t have to languish on the fringes of society.”

While I believe in forgiveness, banning children from church in order to welcome a pedofile into the fold is not only creepy, but it’s downright shameful.

What do you think? What kind of message is Gilyard’s church sending to its youth?

  • PeeWee

    WOOOOWW is all I have to say smh…

    It’s ridiculous how sick of a world we live in…and these are people of GOD! Of the LORD! *sigh*…

  • Alicia

    This is just dirty dog wrong. On too many fronts.

    I am wondering what sort of twisted souls attend this church… and what is supposed to happen once the congregation starts procreating? Will couples start leaving the kids home with a sitter come Sunday morning?

    Give me a break. Forgiveness, yessir. But reappointment to a holy position of power? I thinks not.


  • NinaG

    hmm lemme guess, folks who are defending him think those two girls were being fast?

  • Nadia

    Up is down, down is up. This is perverse, it really is.

  • Rap

    Maybe they have decided that 15 is older than Mary was when Jesus was born. And the man trying to keep a brother down.

  • Val

    After seeing so many people defend RKelly on a previous post I am totally not surprised by this. It seems that many people will protect and defend a pedophile before they will defend children.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Devil’s adovocate: Im not too sure how this is so different from R. Kelly being invited to a funeral (although I am sure someone will).

  • Alicia

    EXTREMELY sad.

  • Anthony

    Val, I couldn’t agree with you more. Our community does not do a very good job protecting our children. Have we so much trauma being Black in America that we will sacrifice our children so that a pedophile can continue to preach in the pulpit? This man sexually assaulted children, and that church removes children, denying them the chance to worship, just to make run for a sexual abuser? I love my Black people, we we are in need of some serious therapy.

  • Lady T

    hmmm…..when the church is filled with single fat desparate women, I can definitely see how this happened.

  • Dalili

    Things that make you go hmmm!

  • OSHH

    Like others have said forgiveness, sure, but another leadership position in the Church, I think not. Aren’t the folk leading flock supposed to be held to higher standards, moral and otherwise???
    SMH…..I agree with Anthony above also

  • malik hemmans

    i told y’all christianity is becoming a minstrel show

  • Urbansista

    Stupid is just stupid – whether it’s in a church or anywhere else. The decision that the congregation made to allow this pedophile in their pulpit – to lead their people – is stupid. R. Kelly performing at Whitney Houston’s funeral doesn’t have any relevance because the family made the decision to have him sing at their daughter/mother/sister’s funeral – they didn’t ask him to become New Hope’s music pastor or to be a leader or role model in the church. Whether we agree or disagree, that’s the family’s choice.

    A pastor, a so-called man of God, who cannot be around children because of his lewd conduct with little girls, leading a church is foolishness at its worst. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Anyone who supports banning children to keep the pedophile pastor is not acting as Christ would. They are just serving man, not God.

  • Natalie B.

    This makes me cringe! I get so tired of abhorent behavior receiving a pass in the name of forgivness; forgiveness is to free the victim from the inprisonment of bitterness, not to absolve the offender of wrong-doing. How long will it be before this “pastor” needs to start making home visits of parishoners and “blessing” families? I doubt when he is “called” to do this his members will make their children leave the house. Anyone that is a member of this church with minor children should be investigated by the authorities.

    This ish makes me sick!

  • The Black Police

    There is no comparison.

    One is a (secular) singer tributing his friend at her funeral. They reportedly had a close relationship and he was picked to sing a song in her honor. Though the funeral was held at church it has no bearing on the participants of the funeral.

    The other is supposed to be a pastoral leader to the church flock. Pastors are held to a high standard. That is not to say that they are not privy to sin. They are humans but this is one big sin. Though some people subscribe to the philosophy that all sins are the same, I disagree. Killing someone is different from stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. Taking advantage of a person sexually is different from lying about why you were late for work. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the concept of “gravity of the situation”. Anyway, though we should forgive the pastor, he should not be given his position back at least not right away and certainly not after rigorous counseling. For me time is essential. He needs probation. I wonder if there is a church council or other accountability group involved here. Most importantly, no group of people should be barred from church – definitely not children. Why would you ban children from church? The man should be removed.

  • The Black Police

    Exactly, urbanista.

    There is no comparison.

    One is a (secular) singer tributing his friend at her funeral. They reportedly had a close relationship and he was picked to sing a song in her honor. Though the funeral was held at church it has no bearing on the participants of the funeral.

    The other is supposed to be a pastoral leader to the church flock. Pastors are held to a high standard. That is not to say that they are not privy to sin. They are humans but this is one big sin. Though some people subscribe to the philosophy that all sins are the same, I disagree. Killing someone is different from stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. Taking advantage of a person sexually is different from lying about why you were late for work. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the concept of “gravity of the situation”. Anyway, though we should forgive the pastor, he should not be given his position back at least not right away and certainly not after rigorous counseling. For me time is essential. He needs probation. I wonder if there is a church council or other accountability group involved here. Most importantly, no group of people should be barred from church – definitely not children. Why would you ban children from church? The man should be removed.

  • Ms Nicole

    This is one of the reasons why Pedophiles are able to rip children off of their innocence is because you have some triffling adults who ALLOW it to happen! This will NOT be the last time that he does this! A pedophile is NEVER cured and the victim is forever scared!

  • binks

    This is beyond ridiculous…smh

  • CurlySue

    I’m honestly tired of reading about how important “forgiveness” is in some of these posts about rape, R Kelly, Eddie Long etc. Can we not agree that some isht you do should NEVER be forgiven? And sexually abusing children and women should be at the top of the list. Maybe it’s because I’m an atheist but I feel no burden to forgive people who have done heinous things. No one is ENTITLED to forgiveness.

  • Vinny

    Thats messed up. I thought this was the USA! It’s crazy how you can’t even get away with raping a kid or two anymore.

  • pntszdinFluence

    They CANNOT be serious about life! I hope the details of this story are wrong. This is so beyond!!!!

  • arlette


  • Cantarah

    Well. This is the one of the worst things I’ve read in a hot minute. Anyone, anyone at all, who leaves their kids behind on a Sunday so they can go hear a sermon by a convicted pedophile has deeper issues than can be resolved by any service performed on this earth.

    They should have their tax-exempt status revoked since they’ve apparently stopped being a church and started being a halfway house for child molesters.

  • Tonton Michel

    I can’t…..I got nothing…….there is no angle on this…….it is what it is.

  • Liz

    Sarcasm, Arlette, Sarcasm…

  • Liz

    …and you know this how?

  • DolphinsandPuppies

    People want to claim there is a difference between this man and R Kelly but there really isn’t. The fact that people will continue to SUPPORT people like this is appalling. I can’t help but think of the children…..

  • CineStein

    As much as I hate that this guy is preaching, my inner spelling-bastard needs to point out that the word is “pedophile” not “pedofile.”

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace


    I do not care if you did it once 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago. I do not care if you are secular or the Pope. I do not care if the child participated willfully, resistant, or was ignorant. A child is a child.

    Yes, I can forgive, but I can not forget, and I will not and would not take that chance with my future kids.

  • Fox

    Wow….another pastor elevated and treated like something more than a human being. I’m tired of fake church folks worshipping these freaks.

  • naomi666

    My husband recalled some Jesuit’s words to the effect: Give me a child for seven years and he will be mine forever.

    It would be the height of irony if some of those Florida children dodge the religion-virus as a result of their foolish parents need to celebrate the act of redemption…

  • MARY

    Typical Christian response to warp the bible to their own liking.

  • Dollie

    Naw this is not Christian …. This is some false idol/prophet worship

  • Ivan

    Wow. What really gets me is the lesson this reprehensible human being took away from his evil behavior is “life isn’t over after one commits a crime and receiving a label.” It’s not a label. It’s an accurate description of what this man is, a pedophile. I’m an atheist so I think it’s great news that children aren’t allowed in a church. At least they’ll get a short break from religious poison and indoctrination. I wouldn’t be surprised if the world gains another atheist household out of this situation. Every new news story about ridiculous religious behavior is driving more people our of the suffocating arms of the church.

  • marc adams

    the good news here is that children wont be in church, at least this church. hopefully that might save a few from a life of self hatred

  • Larry A. Jones

    Wow. I’m almost speechless. How can a group of adults be so immoral as to protect the preacher instead of the children??? Here is a “man” who has violated a couple of children…he gets out of jail and instead of barring HIM from the church, they bar the children! How backwards and immoral is that?!!!

  • au napptural

    That’s what’s up! B/c trust me if anyone ever laid a finger on me or my (future) child there would be no forgiveness. Ever. But there will be retribution a plenty.

  • Scott

    And people actually follow and “respect” this man…….errr, I mean Pedophile!?! What’s next? This summer he’s going to have a BBQ and talk everyone into drinking some magical Kool Aid so they can see God faster!?

    This guy should be BANNED from the church!!!!!!! FOOLS!!!!

  • KAB

    This is the Christ Tabernacle Missionary Position Baptist Church, right? ;)

  • Isis


  • sean

    Exactly! There is no way a real church will sacrifice its future like that

  • David Truman

    In his book ‘People of the Lie: the hope for healing human evil’ (1983), M. Scott Peck says this in a footnote to page 76:

    “Since the primary motive of the evil [person] is disguise, one of the places evil people are most likely to be found is within the church. What better way to conceal one’s evil from oneself, as well as from others, than to be a deacon or some other highly visible form of Christian within our culture?

    “In India I suppose that the evil would demonstrate a similar tendency to be ‘good’ Hindus or ‘good’ Muslims. I do not mean to imply that the evil are anything other than a small minority among the religious or that the religious motives of most people are in any way spurious. I mean only that evil people tend to gravitate towards piety for the disguise and concealment it can offer them.”

  • mamareese

    What the…wait aren’t we encouraged to bring our kids to church to be spiritually fed as well? So if he were a true man of God wouldn’t he step down to allow all to come and worship? I can say he doesn’t deserve to serve and worship….this is a sick dude, but people make mistakes. Maybe he should find an all adult setting to do his works.

  • mamareese

    Also, a 15 year old….They should share more about the case. Did this 15yr old cry molestation or did the laws establish this? the second he realized she was 15 he shoulda ran though…….

  • HowApropos

    So glad i became a Buddhist…

    Nothing I hate more than black folks protecting the very monster that’s preying on the young.

  • Lotusflower

    WTF??? Really, these people are really going to keep their children at home so they can go listen to a pedophile preach…SMDH! I didn’t think this story could get worse, but then they have a quote from him and he has the audacity to talk about having to live with the “label”, really? I’m pretty sure that what he did was the OPPOSITE of laying healing hands on someone.

  • Lotusflower

    Did she “cry” molestation…wtf? Umm, I don’ know what state you live in, but 15 is not considered legally old enough to give consent, where I live. I’m sorry, but an adult man shouldn’t be having ANY type of sexual relationship with a child….ESPECIALLY a minister.

  • Blasé

    Mamareese, are you a supporter(one of the flock) of this pedophile?

  • Urbansista

    So you think Buddhists are exempt from being criminals? There are bad people everywhere and there are ignorant people who will follow them. Don’t get this twisted – a group of people at a church OK’d this. This is not OK by the word of God in the Bible. Any Christian who truly knows what Christ stands for is not supporting this mess.

  • O’Phylia

    I’m going back to bed.

  • arlette

    sorry Lizz my comment was aimed at NinaG,

  • mamareese

    Ok ya’ll slow up. When I say did she cry molestation I mean the following. Did she herself go to the police. Be easy I know the laws….in this case there could be more than whats being provided. There are some men that are charged with sexual offenses that are truly not pedofiles….I’m not in agreement with any minor partcipating in a sexual act HOWEVER we know that they can and do sometimes lie about their age or get grown and presue these relationships anyway. I’m asking was it a true case of unwanted advances, did he force himself on a minor. My following comment should have cleared that all up. May not be right but you know it does happen.

  • arlette

    oh gosh why oh why are there people like you in the world. you escuse the pedo and making assumptions about the victim. good on you, well done hope you dont have daughters.

  • AlesiaMichelle

    yeah my mind is blown…

  • arlette

    but why are you making assumptions. why is there doubt in your mind. im fed up of people like you, fed up of rapists and pedos being let free because of people who have your way of thinking. do you question every rape victim, what makes you think that the victim could be lying, if he is a registered sex offender then he did something wrong ok. he doesnt even deny it jeez. people like you need to stop coz you are doin no one any favors. she is a victim end of convo, no ifs or buts ok.

  • grimyteddy

    1) He’s already a registered offender, so how did he become a pastor?

    2) He violated again messing with a minor so why is he not in jail?

    3) The children must be devastated to be thrown out of a church as if its their fault this bastard molested them. Like they are a temptation, how despicable!

  • Michael

    This is hideous. How can cult of personality or hero worship go so far that a congregation would take these steps? This is how sexual predators ply their victims. However, it is equally troublesome that some of the posters seem intent on drawing fine line distinctions between this pastor and RKelly-a distinction without a difference. Some of the posters who express their outrage are no different than the congregants of this church. It goes to the issue of hero worship. Sexual predation of minors is wrong, whether the minor was a willing participant or not. We adults are charged by the law to not engage sexually with minors-period. And yet, where is the outrage when Roman Polanski, RKelly, Rob Lowe at the 1988 Democratic Convention, or any other celebrity has sex with minors? Why such a great clamor to exonerate them, to excuse their misconduct as somehow acceptable? Sometimes, we are quick to express outrage when the perpetrator isn’t someone we admire or worship, but when it comes to a celebrity we admire, somehow it’s OK or is quickly explained away. Why are people still buying RKelly’s music? Seeing Rob Lowe’s movies and TV shows? Seeing Roman Polanski’s movies? Shouldn’t they be called out the same way this preacher is?

  • Michael

    Another disturbing thing related to these issues. We express outrage at this preacher’s molestation of two teen girls. And yet, why aren’t we expressing outrage against fashions, etc. that sexualize those very same girls? Parents allow their daughters to wear dresses that barely cover them, that are specifically designed to present their daughters as sexual objects. Our daughters see in movies, magazines, etc. all kinds of depictions of young girls or women–often minors–who are wearing outrageously inappropriate clothes and who are positioned in sexually provocative poses, yet we don’t say or do anything. It has reached a point that, now, even prepubescent girls are dressed in clothes that mimic the sexually provocative clothes of celebrities and teen girls. Why do we tolerate the sexualization of our very young girls? Some parents even take pride in the sexually charged attention garnered by their minor daughters, as if it is some kind of badge of honor, a kind of validation of their importance. I am the father of four minor daughters. According to statistics, I can expect one of my daughters to be sexually molested, assaulted, etc. by the time they reach age 18. It is horrifying. I do everything in my power to prevent that, including forbidding them from wearing clothes that are designed to turn them into sexual objects. Let’s not wait until some predator like this preacher molests our daughters. Let’s curb such appetites long before that. Let’s try to change our culture, our values, our standards, so that our daughters remain innocent and safe.

  • CD86

    Women and girls get raped or molested no matter what they are wearing.

  • Michael

    CD86, you’re right that many girls and women get raped and molested no matter what they wear. We need not have a fatalistic attitude about it, though. If we reduce the sexual objectification of girls, maybe at least some of the would-be perpetrators would see them as young girls who are off limits. Moreover, maybe we could gain more support in our communities for punishing predators who prey on young girls. Right now, authorities and others in the community–I believe–are less inclined to prosecute or even investigate many such crimes, because they see these girls as welcoming it due to their attire and sexualized attitudes. Even some of the posters here seem to have the attitude that some of these girls “have it coming to them.” When we pimp out our daughters, not only do we create an environment where more of them will be assaulted, but we also create an environment in which those criminals are less likely to be brought to justice, because authorities treat them as if they are adults who welcome it and have consented to it. It’s disgusting, but often true.

  • S. Yeske

    I hope you are also investing in your daughters receiving quality self defense lessons, which is one of the best ways girls can prevent rape (assuming they are not drugged).

    I too deplore the marketing of teenager/adult clothes to girls barely out of toddlerhood. I also deplore the attitude of some people that a female is “asking for it” no matter what she was wearing.

  • Elegance

    “Somehow I will prove that life isn’t over when one has committed a crime for which he receives this heinous label,” Gilyard told a reporter, ironically through text message. “You don’t have to languish on the fringes of society.”

    I think I’m going to throw up now. Why in the world would you want this guy as your pastor? He’s concerned about how he’s been labeled? What about the girls he abused? Disgusting!!!!

  • Elegance

    I’m agnostic and I feel the same way. From what I see online, forgiveness not only includes not holding anger or resentment for someone but it also involves excusing or pardoning someone. I think some things should never be pardoned such as child molestation, rape, and murder. You are a child molester, rapist, and murderer for life in my book!

  • hrh

    Who said religion doesn’t rot your brain?

  • derpton

    Well, I mean honestly, people, try to think of somewhere else he’s going to get a job. Consequences from what may be termed lewd behavior, or even statutory “rape,” are draconian and permanently disabling; probably causing a lot more harm to people who made mistakes and for it did their time, and then consequently also doing harm to those they will or wont have an opportunity to interact with, rather than address any real problem in society. In all honesty though, I’m comfortable with children not being forcibly dragged into churches before their frontal lobes have developed significant abilities anyway.

  • Brenda

    Honestly, I think this whole article is disgusting! I know how hard it can be for a sex offender to get a job afterwards, but I also know its possible! I’ve seen it happen. But for someone to be a pastor in a church, and to refuse to do service to children?! That is just nuts! And the saddest part is, that the parishioners are allowing it!! What is the world coming too?!

  • no_use

    but gays can’t be married………………………………………

  • Lunamina

    I agree with derpton. Where else is this guy going to go? The article doesn’t say whether he returned to his former church or another one. If I was in the community of the church where this happened, right in front of the whole church would be the perfect prison for him. As for me, I stay away from religion and did not bring my children up in one. They seem to me to be better for it. But really the problem is society itself. A community needs to handle and solve these problems, heal from them and move forward. And any community needs to see all of its residents as part of it, good and bad. After all, as far as I am concerned, I am living this life because I still have lots to learn about salvation and forgiveness.

  • no_use

    maybe he *and others who act the same* should think before they commit the crime. do we not have free will? there’s forgiveness, and then there’s ignorance toward justification. maybe if the threat of never finding work again loomed in the shadows, people wouldn’t perpetrate so freely.

  • derpton

    So should we be forever marginalized for the moments we didn’t think, but learned? There’s something not quite right about the sound of that to me. While I without hesitation am able to turn down the sexual advances of those under the age of consent and in others cases don’t lack self-control, I think it’s about time we took a serious look at what the law is really doing to people who make a mistake of this nature, and clarify our language about these things. One of the clearer problems I have with this article is that 15 is not prepubescent. Why are these nuances so often lost?

    I don’t think we really have free will either, or at least not in the capacity we often assume we do. We respond to stimuli and information in a way that has ONLY our actual experiences to consider; whether that be our education, environment, upbringing, etc. And this in many cases underlines why we need to have an understanding or empathy for those who do make bad decisions. Not saying this particularly applies to this case, but just felt like clarifying since free-will was mentioned. And I just watched some Martha Nussbaum. Damn, she’s clevar.

  • tzim

    I disagree, Arlette. While a pedo or any rapist for that matter is pretty high up there on the horrible scale, they are in no way as bad or worse (in my opinion) than say, serial murderers for example. These girls may be traumatized and scarred, but at least they’re still alive. With therapy and their loved ones, they are likely to lead happy, fulfilling lives even with the trauma so long as they receive the support they need. People are strong and resilient creatures, we do have the ability to heal emotional wounds, compensate and cope to pull through and move on.

    As far as this article and situation goes. Unbelievable. While I disagree with branding people for life for any crime (after all, we wouldn’t brand a murderer for life, but we’ll brand a kid a sex offender for life for sexting? Really?! In what universe does that make any sense?), if it is a choice between protecting the guilty or protecting the innocent – always protect the innocent. He should be forced out of the church, not the children and the families who do not have the luxury of Sunday sitters.

  • Furaha


  • Bunny

    @ derpton: So you’re justifying pedophilia/child molestation? Because that’s what it sounds like…

  • http://msn Anita France

    What is going on with the world that abused children would get abused again with this stupidity. This can not be a church that follows any part of the Bible . This has to be a hoax . This is not a church it has to be a place for child molesters . How could anyone look at him as a preacher. I have been sexually abused . children are to be encouraged to look to adults to feed them spiritual food and keep them safe .What message is that ? This is horrible !!Are parents joining this group of people that would hurt children?How could they leave their children at home? I cannot believe the world has come to this!!!!!!!Father God help us help these children.

  • Ayam Empress

    Yet another example of society accommodate people who act shamefully and immorally. I’m fed up of reading crap like this, someone did something terrible, people found out, bad person got a slap ob the wrist and then everybody made sure that they made mister (or misses) bad person feel more than welcome without any real consequence for their initial actions. There are arguments that could be made about that 15year old girl, nobody can really say what her actual position was in the situation so I will leave that side of things be. as for him, not only changing to a new congregation, but being allowed to continue being pastor, that’s the really disgusting thing. Furthermore, the fact that people are attending church and leaving their children at home knowing they are going to be uplifted by a sex offender is the shameful let down of humanity. A great puzzler I had as a child coming up watching big people “play” adulthood with no real direction or moral compass. I don’t think its bad that the kids get t
    o miss out on church though, growing up in the church myself lead me to start my adult life extremely confused so let the kids minds’ breathe on that front. Its probably best they don’t see their parents actively chosing this ignorance… The long and short of it, this is wrong. He should at least have been disallowed to continue being pastor for a measureable time period and just a member of the congregation who gets extra prayer. I think the worst part is that he has been allowed to continue in a position of leadership and trust when his actions are not that way. Mistake or not, you should know that as a leader the people do not trust you again after an initial betrayal, not in the same way. So anything happens in the future (ie someoine perhaps lies about his behaviour) people will not know what to think. Ok that’s my schpiel for now.

  • Kris

    @Ayam Empress, I agree. To me, it’s no different than the people who exalt R Kelly. A pedophile is a pedophile and, just as in the case of a recovering addict or alcoholic, he isn’t ever truly “cured,” he/she just lives one day “free.” The temptation is always there. And for those who say “we all sin.” Absolutely. But, when the sin involves children, even God makes a distinction and says, “it’s better that you hang a millstone around your neck than harm a child.”

  • shaden

    I’m of the opinion that children should be banned from church services until they reach an age where they can think critically about what’s being sold to them from behind the pulpit instead of indoctrinated into believing that garbage from birth.

    This is a pretty bad way to go about it though.

  • überRegenbogen

    Even if you give him the benefit of every doubt, and assume that the girls were the initiators, he knew that he ought not bite, and the risk—including forfeiting his liturgical career. They’re banning the wrong people, here. He should finding something else to do, before that happens.

  • Kaypee

    WHY?!? Is Religion so Scary Now of days?? I’m just Saying.

  • Melanie

    As a Christian I find this repulsive and shameful. The “pastor” should be immediately fired. He needs to deal with his issues. Crimes/sins have consequences. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness. Isaiah 5:20
    Shame on you as a congregation.

  • lindsi

    At least that’s fewer children being indoctrinated !

  • Al

    The only winners here are the children. Not the ones that were molested, of course– but the ones who will no longer be forced to attend church.

  • Russ

    But gays are icky. Grown men feeling up teenage girls is cool though. Gotta raise them up right in the church after all.

  • Russ
  • Russ

    End Sarcasm…

  • Ina Romeo

    Not only is this disgusting and shameful on the part of the congregation; but your spelling of pedophile needs to be corrected in the body of the story!
    Surely however, God is not in this house of worship.

  • Disgusted

    Banning children from church is a great idea. Being taught that God/Jesus forgives even those who pose as pastors and commit lewd acts with a minor is simply wrong.

  • Lewil

    Maybe kid’s aren’t as good when it comes to the offering plate. Adults make way more money!

  • Rakel

    Thank GOD I am not a Christian…I’m praying for those girls and all the children with parents who attend that church. How does one sign up to listen to moral advice from a damn pedohile? SMH…I’m real sick of our community(Black community) making excuses for people who abuse(Chris Brown, R.Kelly, Eddie Long, etc the lists goes on). I was at a spoken word event and the host had a poem about this. One of his lines was like as long as we continue to get something catchy w/a beat, something we can step too, or something entertaining, we will forever rally around and love that person regardless of what he/she does.

  • Nyabz

    First of all, what is this guy doing on the pulpit barely 6 seconds after leaving jail? He should sit in the pews and get discipled for a defined period of time before coming a senior pastor. Good Lord! what is the church coming to?

  • james davis

    I agree with you 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • william mcneill

    If he is truly repentant,he should not punish the flock,he sinned,to the elders that allowed this,SHAME ON YOU!

  • salaam shaheed

    my question is, can he be forgiven? can he change?

  • Bridget

    This just goes to show that some people think that their pastor can do no wrong. I guess if Eddie Long can do it, he can, too.

  • Rev. Clifford Cain

    While there is total and unconditional forgiveness through Jesus Christ, there are also consequences for our actions. The Bible is very specific regarding the qualifications for the office of pastor. Does the label of pedophile qualify under the reputation requirement? My opinion — this man is unqualified to be a pastor, but forgiven.

  • Adrianne Hampton

    The Bible says nothing about the requirements of being a Pastor, or a Reverend, Bishop etc…It does however say that no man is above another. These men have made a mockery of God’s word and have used it to scare children into doing despicable things!! It also says that by “Their fruits”(Their actions) we will know the false teachers and who the real teachers are..people, do your research before just listening to what a “Man” tells you from his lofty throne, or pulpit and you will most probably find that most, if not all of what they say isn’t even in the Bible!! Save your money too because tithing was only for the israelites under the mosaic law, we are not under mosaic law anymore..

  • Grs

    Yes! Ban children from religion! I approve whole heartily. When a youth reaches the age of emancipation, they should be completely entitled to explore religion but not a single day before that.

  • Krista

    “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

  • Krista

    In regards to Adrianne Hampton’s comment:
    I Timothy 3:1-7
    “This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.
    A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
    Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;
    One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;
    (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)
    Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.
    Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.”

  • Krista

    Also, Titus 1:6-9:
    “If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.
    For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre;
    But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate;
    Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.”

  • real

    There black folk and in their community a 15year old girl is a woman and banging the local pastor is kinda a prestigious thing…. If it was my daughter , I would have gladly dragged the man into a field and shot him in the head. After that I would take some time to pray, ask for forgiveness and hope god is merciful on his soul. Yes, I know, vengeance is not mine, but by killing him I have not taken revenge but merely set up a meeting with this man and god….. At that point , god can do as he likes w the pedophile basterd

  • Alan Canonn

    As long as it keeps children away from a church, I’m all for it. Not surprising that a church would have a pedophile pastor, either.

  • lando

    I guess its ok. Children are not the ones who put money in the colection plate anyway. But I am sure this pastor feels he is doing gods will by commiting fornication, rape, lying, commiting works of the flesh and above all chasing after young girls because he is not man enough to find a woman his own age. It just goes to show you that when all else fails the christinans will take you because when you are a child molester the best to make it to the top is the christian church.

  • Peter

    Whatever it is that will keep children out of a church is essentially a good thing. I certainly support the decision of the church to separate the pedophile and the children. The fact that this also keeps the children out of Sunday service can only be an added bonus.

  • El Elegente

    The author has no idea what “pedophile” means, but that certainly doesn’t stop her from using it. Gotta love intellectual dishonesty. “Who cares if it’s the wrong word?! This will generate ad revenue if we sensationalize it!”

    Anyway, banning children is still better than sending this guy to a whole new city while hiding his past, like churches with *actual* pedophiles.

  • El Elegente

    Man, you’re just a rambling, ignorant bundle of joy, aren’t you?

    See that thing I used the last sentence? It’s called an apostrophe. It’s used to combine two words. For example, instead of making an utter buffoon of yourself by typing “there” when you mean “they are”, along comes Mr. Apostrophe to the rescue!

    What I’m trying to say, you racist jackaninny, is that the word you’re looking for to open your rant, is “they’re”.

  • Cat Morris

    I believe that Ms. Hampton may have been referring to the fact that the scriptures do not allow for titles – therefore, there are no requirements for those who take on such labels. She did state that “one is not above another.” So, although the points below are completely accurate, in that the Bible DOES show requirements for a man serving as an “older man” – a shepherd – in the congregation, they miss the point of her comment. She is also completely accurate. No titles are to be used –

    (Matthew 23:8-10) . . .”But you, do not you be called Rabbi, for one is your teacher, whereas all you are brothers. 9 Moreover, do not call anyone your father on earth, for one is your Father, the heavenly One. 10 Neither be called ‘leaders,’ for your Leader is one, the Christ.” ….

    So, perhaps, this young man’s first error was a lack of humility in living up to this requirement, thus not being able to live up to more difficult ones….

  • Cat Morris

    Time to disagree… “Christianity” has always been, is and will be exactly as the Christ of “Christ-ianity” intended it to be…. The CHURCHes that CLAIM to be Christian, but clearly are NOT, have become the minstrel show. Claiming to be Christian, whether individual or church, is just that – a mere claim. The proof of such is clearly NOT with this church, nor any other that allows such a cockeyed treatment of innocent ones. As was brought out in another comment, Jesus (the Christ aforementioned) said to ‘let the little children come.’ This church is NOT following in his footsteps, clearly. Therefore, it is not acting as a center of Christianity, nor are those who go along with such.

    It is sad, indeed, that people today know SO very LITTLE about Christianity that they condemn the way, not the false representations. Sad…

  • Peter

    First, a mass is hardly an ‘unsupervised’ environment.

    That said, I applaud virtually any measure that removes children from religious influences, if only for a few hours. although I suspect ‘Sunday school’ will be fuller now.

    Another point, are there so few priests / pastors that the *only* available choice was a registered sex offender? If this is indeed the case then that means religions in general are declining. This is an excellent sign in my opinion.

  • Derek

    Totally agree Rev. Cain. He can be forgiven but he should not mount the rostrum as a pastor. Being a pastor is so much more than delivering a word, we have to be an example of what we preach. Doesn’t mean we have to be perfect but certain things are too severe to look past. Get of the rostrum, get yourself together and then maybe in the future.

    I think it is despicable that the Church would put the pastor well being over the flock’s. The Good Shepard gives his life for the flock. The Bible teaches us about turning people away and blocking people from coming in. The Children are the most important according to Jesus. They are the future. If you leave them out where is the future headed.

    I would not attend any church that would consider such a thing. It really is disgraceful.

  • Krista

    @Derek: Well said, brother, well said. Totally agree.

  • currline

    The message it’s sending to children is awesome–it’s keeping THAT many more kids OUT OF CHURCH and in secular society, which doesn’t overtly repress impulses of creativity, rationality and discernment.

  • Brian

    Clearly every pastor in the Baptist church is a pedophile now that one was found out. Just ask the Catholic Church. A few priests mess up and suddenly there are no good priests, just sexual predators.

  • niko

    God in heaven, man on earth. I’m unaware of any biblical law about pedophilia and how members of the faith should treat offenders. He and his followers will receive whatever justice they deserve in heaven, whether we on earth take offense from their actions or not.

  • jakkiblu

    Disgusting. Period.
    This is his second offense. Left another state, Texas I believe. Accused of similar crimes. When he got hired in Jacksonville, they warned them. They fired him when the accusations were made and proof presented. Now, a church in financial trouble hires him. It’s the MONEY, not saving souls that matters. The church has no future w/o the children. Nor does it have one with this leader. Unless, pedophiles support him. The church is full Sundays. Disgusting

  • Pingback: Hoćemo li dočekati kraj pedofilije unutar različitih religioznih organizacija?! « Matrix World

  • John

    Haha. After reading 1 paragraph, I deduced this article must have been written by a woman. Of course, I was right.

  • John

    Yea! Why should children have any rights or free will? After all, it’s ok to kill them if we don’t want them.

  • Kristin

    I guess the children are taught they can burn in hell then.

  • Nicky

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Keeping kids out of church is a good thing to stop the brainwashing That itself should be a law so children have freedom to make there decission about a magical man that lives in the sky. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! Yet another preist has been done for being a pedo are we so used to these scondrels doing this it has become part of the normal part of life – This just contradicts everything people are doing to try and get harsher penalties for these SICK SICK F*************ssssssssss


    It’s awesome to see that more children will be free ofthe digusting religious brainwashing of the church. it’s hig time the Christian religion in this country be heavily scrutinized and blasted as a source of garbage.


    No, they’re being taught that your silly litle “hell” is IMAGINARY, along with your “god”.

  • Cody

    I don’t know. Depending on how many churches are around there, which these days, are pretty numerous, I believe this is awesome. As a Christian we’re suppose to not judge and help those in need. The fact that he’s faced his problems, makes them public, and still works to glorify the name of God… That’s awesome and most likely very difficult to do emotionally. I give him props. I’m the type that doesn’t mind those who kill, rape, or pillage to become closer to God and a better person. Most likely they still have children’s church, but at times when he’s not present. Most likely we don’t have all the information anyway. I’m sure they didn’t just turn away families and children. Most likely, they made a certain time for the adults and certain time for the children. As closed off as many people in the South are, I doubt it’s as bad as they’re making it out to be, because those closed off people wouldn’t go for it. I’m sure they all had to establish some sort of an agreement that sort of made it hard a little on everyone, but I assure you that church will become stronger than ever, even if it’s because they face persecution and decide to stick together. I like it. Show’s a lot of strength.

  • Lola Greenport

    I like how you seen the positive side to it. Redemption and forgiveness.. but I do agree that children shouldn’t be banned from church all together. As you or someone else stated, it is probably a whole lot more to this story.

  • andrewjbradley

    Tell that to the children he molested, will they be rewarded in heaven for his actions? no, and they must live their life because of it, could you be any more deluded.

  • http://facebook susan dobbins

    this is just the craziest thing i have every read or heard .kick out children from learning about God to keep a sex offender come on what a sick world

  • lin

    Spoken like a true pedo. PLeeeese never have children. Pleeeeeeese.

  • lin

    wow, doesn’t take much to make YOU feel threatened.

  • lin

    Unfortunately, this does sound like our community. We love us some nasty people. Especially if they prey on our children. Or dog out our women. Anything to catch the scraps the old south throws us. “Jesus Saves”. Yep, saves us from doing anything about violence in our community, racism, pedos, police who murder, rappers who rape.

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