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Apparently not everybody is feeling XXL magazine’s choices for its fifth annual Freshman Class cover. While the hip hop mag has been highlighting up and coming acts on its cover for years, many are shocked by the first female to make the list—Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

One of the most outspoken critics about the Azalea nod is fellow female rapper Azealia Banks took Twitter to express her displeasure with the mag’s choice to include the Aussie on the list.

“Iggy Azalea on the XXL freshman list is all wrong,” Banks tweeted. “How can you endorse a white woman who called herself a “runaway slave master”?”

While I can’t keep half of these new emcees straight anymore, as a longtime rap fan I did find it interesting that the first female to crack the list is white (things that make you go hmmm).

Banks, who has no problem telling folks how she really feels, further explained her stance.

“Sorry guys. But I’m pro black girl,” she tweeted. “I’m not anti white girl, but I’m also not here for any1 outside of my culture trying to trivialize very serious aspects of it. In any capacity. *kanye shrug*”

This dust up comes just weeks after XXL came under fire for a controversial view featuring Bay Area rapper Too Short who gave young boys some very unfatherly and totally irresponsible advice on how to “turn girls out.”

What do you think folks…is this all much to do about nothing? Or is rap only cool when white girls do it?

  • LemonNLime

    Seriously considering this is a magazine with a contributor that openly advised boys on how to assault young girls…I am not expecting much.

  • Val

    XXL showed the world who they are with that Too Short video, they hate Black women, so why be surprised by this?

  • LaDreaming86

    Eh, I couldn’t care less.

  • Natalie

    Iggy… the girl who thinks she’s hood when her ass is from Australia. I guess her dating ASAP Rocky gives her some street cred though.

    *rolls eyes*

  • Rosey

    Why haven’t any Black female rappers made the list? I doubt they were looking…

  • Alexandra

    I wouldn’t worry who XXL considers relevant after their last controversy. I’m just not seeing how you could say rap is only cool when White women do it? I remember your last article about another White woman making buzz in rap :-/ What’s up with that? Makes me question your complaints.They are very rare in that genre. And there’s hardly enough of them to make anything cool or new.

    I mean, let her get her props while she can. She might not even last. When a White female rapper reaches the success of legendary Black female rappers, or White male rappers?! Then should there be discussions to whether race is a deciding factor in their popularity. They’ve barely left a dent anywhere. I don’t know where she thought she was going with that lyric, Australian or not.

    And why do both girls have Azalea/e/ia as their stage names? Is that their birth-names? And who came out first? I’d like to know.

  • Freebee33

    I was only loosely familiar with two of the people on the list and one of them was not Iggy. So I listened to a few of her songs out of curiosity, and I am not impressed. She really has no talent and seems manufactured. I do like Banks though, 212 and Licorice are nice, she has a nice flow and can actually sing. As for this actual list, it will be interesting to see where these artists are next year, I bet nowhere near the top of the charts.

  • sisterAyiti

    Yawn. Santogold has both these lames beat but she’s too dark for mainstream too care so Next!

  • hmph

    XXL is irrelevant. Anyone who buys should be ashamed of themselves.

  • apple

    we all know why they picked blondie in spite of her “runaway slave…master” lyrics

  • Perverted Alchemist

    The only problem with that is Santigold isn’t a rapper. If you ask me, they should have picked female rappers like Rapsody and Brittany Street. I mean, it is XXL Magazine, is it not?

  • kissa

    Iggy is T.I.’s artist, so this cover is him introducing her to the world..This is also great PR for her because the cover causes controversy = buzz in PR world..People will google her, watch her vids etc..Through this buzz she will not only gain fans but notoriety in the industry..This cover has nothing to do with race but marketing..

  • Ms. Information

    Go on and hand hip hop to white folks anyway…its so mainstream at this point it’s lame…..Kim and Foxy never made the list? Wtf?

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Once they made a white woman in Editor-in-Chief this was bound to happen. They are so color blind they only see white.

  • Tonton Michel

    The rule is only one female rapper may have the lime light at a time, thought you people knew that.

  • Terri

    When I was first introduced to Iggy a few months ago I was a little mad that there was once again a white girl stealing just a little bit of our culture (though we hate to admit it) but I genuinely like her music, her swag, and her flow. I don’t feel like she’s trying to be black. In this case I feel like this is something that she GENUINELY likes doing. Not for a gimmick, not for a show, but because its in her.

  • Bisous

    Well Azealea Banks for sure Iggy Azealea has stated that she only took up rapping like a year ago. As far as I know Azealea Banks is her real name and here is a freestyle with her from 2009 at 15/16 years old?

  • Bisous

    Iggy Azealea has stated she has only been rapping for about a year. Azealea Banks is her real name as far as I know and this is a freestyle from 2009 when she was like 17? kinda ruanchy, but alot of her stuff is…reminiscent of Lil Kim/Foxy Brown.

  • Bunny

    Why am I not surprised. This reminds me of when Kreayshawn (or whatever) blew up and everyone thought she had “swag” for using the n-word. *yawn*

  • overseas_honeybee

    I must be gettin’ old cuz’ after watching a few seconds of the video above (did not even attempt to sit through the whole thing) … I’m not that impressed. Black or white … Hip hop ain’t what it used to be. Ole girl could have found a better way to voice her displeasure though and kept it classy.

    +1 Rapsody

  • mamareese

    Um so what…this chick’s video caused my brain to go numb. What the heck was she saying? Everybody wants to by Niki M or Lil Wayne….that’s been done so try something else. Who cares about who XXL thinks is hot….they don’t even rep true hip hop or the underground anymore. Just a bunch of young kids with excessive tattoos and a vertical handicap. BTW wearing super skinny legged jeans belted at your damn knees and painting your nails and you’re a dude is STILL not cute or masculine. And booty shots on a size zero body aint cute it’s odd and a waste. So is the cotton candy pink weaves. Hip Hop is truly dead and the freshman class line up sucks.

  • Elle

    XXL is pure basura. Last year’s freshmen class was about a million times better. The fact that they put Roscoe Dash on there says enough to me, they don’t really appreciate authentic hip hop or know what the hell is going on because dude has been around for like 3 years now. I think what Azealia did was very classless, she could have kept that to herself and instead chose to throw shade and look like a hater. Iggy is decent, she’s not a lyrical beast or a future legend but I think what people like about her is well… her looks, her style and the beats she uses. Azealia Banks is talented as well but the way she carries herself is super wack. I don’t think Iggy is a racist but she may be a little ignorant hence the name of her mixtape Ignorant Art. I just wish femcees would be more supportive, it’s hard to get in so it becomes an “every woman for herself” type of thing. Azealia has also had some smart ish to say about Nicki Minaj and a couple of other rappers. If you wanna talk stuff, fine but the least you could do is PAY YOUR DUES and show people that you are talented. People lose interest in artists that are bitter, look at Lil Kim’s career right now and what Nicki’s is on the verge off. STOP THE CAT FIGHTS!

  • nkester

    defintley agreed !

  • nkester


  • nkester

    i must really say( and it makes me want to cry) that i totally disagree with a white woman being the first to be on the cover of XXL repN the female rap world , how could they? this is crazy after all the hard work that ppl like queen latifah lil kim and foxy have been through ? hip hop is coming to another world of destruction if this is the case and this is sadd , i do not approve of a white person carrying the persona ,” swagga” , and or themselves as a” hood” or street knowledged person (in the sense of actually growing up in the hood , or living that poverty life) just because she dates asap rocky does not make it okay at all i’m highly upset

  • May

    Black women need to do something new! get out of the hipphop/rap genre and venture into…I don’t know…COUNTRY!? Yes, country music! Why not!?

    I’m sick of black girls and women listening to music that degrades them. Yes they ARE talking about YOU.
    Stop and think.
    Why support a music genre that on a whole does NOT support you? but makes money off of degrading you.
    Rock, pop, country, whatever. At least they don’t degrade black women in their music.

  • lukewarm

    That C-rap/hiphop music? should have died out decades ago and Black chicks supporting it…………..IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “Rock, pop, country, whatever. At least they don’t degrade black women in their music.”

    You wanna know why?

    One: Black women are not the target audience for rock, pop and country- and you’re a damn fool to lay the blame at just hip hop.

    Two: I wonder why women are so passive when it comes to the blatant degdradation to them in R&B? Being they find most of the R&B singers attractive, they will never say a word about it. We all know R. Kelly, Jodeci and Prince weren’t exactly female friendly in their songs, but because they were cute women automatically gave them a pass.

    Three: I want to see if women really are about the music. We all know that women don’t listen to jazz because a lot of them have expressed they can’t listen to music without any words. They said that, not me.

    Four: Do you really think all of hip hop degrades women? You do realize there is a difference between mainstream and underground, right? For every song you hear on the raido that degrades women, I can show you several that respect women in underground hip hop. But no, you women don’t wanna hear about that- it’s boring to you. These same women will go buy an album from Plies and Big Sean before they would buy one from Murs or Saigon. So stop with the absurdities, please!

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  • PedroPaydro

    The fact skin color even comes up for who is better in music is absolutely ridiculous … And by the way guys the first rap song to reach number 1 on the billboard charts(AKA gain recognition across America) was sung/rapped by a white woman , hell even the band was all white. That song was Rapture by Blondie (my personal favorite rap song). You don’t hear people who love rock , indie, pop or any other genre of music complain about skin color so all the hip hop/rap lovers bitching about it(such as the talented but arrogant Azealia Banks) need to “kill it with a skillet”- Missy Ellliott.

  • Ronnie Bruno

    Azealia Banks has one or two good songs so she has way to much to say already…Maybe if she was at Nicki Minaj’s level she may have room to bitch. I think she is just jealous and pissed it wasn’t her on the cover of xxl.

  • Ronnie Bruno

    Iggy will blow up over the next year, Banks’ attitude will cause her career to stumble. JMHO.

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