Zay Zay is a five year old kid who told his dad that he wants to be a comedian. To fulfill his son’s dreams, Zay Zay’s dad wrote him some material, put him on Youtube, and even set him up with a Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page. Watch Zay Zay’s first attempt at a routine, “Growing Up Black.”

The material in this bit is definitely inspired by the early 90’s BET Comicview School of Black Humor, but Zay Zay is a five year brown boy… I could not resist his cuteness even if I wanted to.

What do you think of Zay Zay?



  1. LAAAAAAAAAAAAWDDDDDD HAMMMMMMMMMMERCY! Is this child’s real name ZAY ZAY?! Or is it a pseudo?!

    Material is not anywhere laughable but kudos to the boy wanting to be something in life!

  2. Misty_Moonsilver

    He’s cute! But his name…. geez.

  3. Alexandra

    These comments made me laugh XD! It could be a nickname.
    But he is adorable.

  4. That was cute, especially the part about “fix yo face”…parents do say that. And I find myself saying it to my godson as well…LMAO

  5. kidole

    awww cute kid!

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