We’ve been following the case of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Florida teen who was shot down by an overzealous neighborhood watch captain, since last week. With each piece of new evidence it’s hard to understand why the man who shot Martin, George Zimmerman, is still allowed to walk the streets freely and has yet to be charged with a crime. The recently released 911 calls from that evening are the most disturbing and damning piece of information yet — you can clearly hear police tell Zimmerman not to pursue Martin, him choosing to do so anyway, Martin’s screams for help, and the gunshots that ended his life. The audio, found here, is a heartbreaking call to action.

In addition to that call, witnesses have come forward to dispute the official version of events. One witness says that she was “corrected” by a police officer when she said that she heard Trayvon Martin screaming — he insisted that it was actually Zimmerman. Austin McLendon, a 13 year old black teen, told reporters that not only has he had a hard time moving past witnessing the incident, but he feels in his gut that racial stereotypes are at the root of the incident.

Mainstream news outlets such as CBS and NBC have finally picked up the story and are joining the public in wondering whether the Sanford police department covered up this crime and why Zimmerman has not yet been charged. The Martin family has been successful in attracting a response from the FBI, who told ABC News: “We are aware of the incident, we have been in contact with local authorities and are monitoring the matter.”

We will continue to keep you updated on this tragic case.


  • Mae

    In one of the calls you can clearly hear Trayvon screaming like crazy for help. Then a shot is heard and the young man is silenced. it is chilling to hear. How can that man claim self defense? He approached Trayvon, he instigated a confrontation, and he shot this boy when he was crying for help. Zimmerman’s life was not in ANY danger. My prayers go out to his family. This is a travesty of justice. The Sanford police department needs a serious overhaul.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    black people need to take action……

  • apple

    I agree..asking nicely isn’t working. Should we redo April 29 again?

  • 80s born, 90s raised


    Bill Lee
    Chief of Police “What a Joke”
    Sanford Police Department
    815 West 13thth Street
    Sanford, Fl 32771

  • Priceless34

    Wow, no words to describe. The third audio clip is awful to listen too.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    What I don’t understand is, what is there to monitor?! Like the evidence is out there, for all and sundry to hear?!

    It is already problematic being black in America, it is even worse being male. It breaks my heart that maybe a future Obama was taken away from us! I am not a mother, but I feel a sting…….

    What can we do, other than just talk about it, can we #Occupy?! I mean we are technically part of the 99%?! No

  • lostluv224

    I won’t even listen to the calls…..i want to cry even thinking about it. To know that someone’s child was crying for his life…i really just can’t.

    And it happens every day, children being murdered, BUT at least there is some regard for their lives…the police and state of florida seemingly just dont give a damn.

    Zimmerman moved because of death threats….but his day is coming. Someone will catch him.

  • Laugh

    This man was clearly an idiot racist who couldn’t wait for the chance to kill. He wasn’t even given a drug or alcohol test and even other authorities say he sounded intoxicated. He followed this kid even after he was told not to. This is ridiculous how is he not in jail?

  • apple

    i remember i told my uncle he wasn’t arrested, he spat out his drink all over the table

  • Isis

    totally agree. you can’t ask for justice and fairness from people that hate you…you have to take it by any means necessary

  • http://changecomesslow.com/2012/03/19/re-racked-killing-a-black-man-as-easy-as-its-always-been/ Nikesha

    Apparently, Zimmerman had been blowing up police dispatch over recent burglaries in the neighborhood. Young Trayvon fit the description and died because he was walking alone at night while black. His accused killer is free, protected by the privilege of being a White man who did society a favor by ridding the world of another menacing Black man.

    If only Trayvon were menacing. If only he had the opportunity to be a man.

  • justice4trayvon

    Possibly the stupidest comment on the internet…and I’m black.

  • TypicalBlackWoman…

    My dear, I can’t either. I just can’t.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami


  • white guy

    For the record….Zimmerman is not white. He is Hispanic. All the RACIST black folk out there can stop bashing “whitey” for this one. We all get it….The slave thing ended a long time ago. I never owned slaves. My parents never owned slaves. My grand parents never owned slaves and my Great Grand Parents were not even born here. My roots are from Eastern Europe and because im White I am personally responsible for anything bad that ever happened or will happen to anyone whom is black. I have a plan for you….Stop acting out and drawing attention to yourselves anytime you have a chance. Stop everything that you do wrong and blame on everyone else and Start doing something with your lives like our president did and get over the Im black and my ancestors were slaves and om opressed and the world owes me everything because of stuff that happened forever ago the Great Great Great relatives. When a black kills another black which is how the majority of blacks get murdered the media does not beat it to death for days on end and the almighty Al Sharpton and Jessie “the world owes me and my people everything” Jackson dont drone on about it for months on end. The Fat waste of a life hispanic man killed a kid and its wrong that he is walking around and it pisses me off too because i have kids and i cant even imagine but dont blame ME! Go after Zimmerman and string his ass up like he deserves. I have said my piece now leave my white ass out of it and bring that douche zimmerman to justice.

  • 80s born, 90s raised

    Spoken like a true “white guy.” Eastern Europe is NOT racist you say??? You lost me! Perhaps due to your “Eastern European” ancestry you missed the turbulent history of racial relations in this country and the “…stuff that happened forever ago…” has been occurring before Emmett Till on August 28, 1955 and will happen after Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012! Do some research before you give us the typical “white guy” rant and in the meantime STFU!

    *For the record, Zimmerman’s alleged Hispanic background does not mean that he’s not a racist!

  • Dalili

    Oh boy!

    @white guy: when will you and all the other ‘non racist’ who think this is about slavery, reparation and undeserved favors finally get that this is about justice for a young boy who was murdered by a lunatic vigilante? How narcissistic of you to assume the outrage and incredulity aimed at the way the Sanford police (who happen to be white) have handled it issue so far is about YOU?! How bloody presumptuous!

    The fact that black on black crimes occur has NOTHING to do with this case. Trayvon was murdered by a man; Hispanic or White who stalked him, chased him down and shot him in cold blood!! The police department involved took the killer at his word yet the evidence doesn’t back him up, they erred on the side of a murderer. If that’s not cause for outrage, I don’t know what is!!!

    If you treat people without malice or bias then all the racist rants shouldn’t bother you. Just because slavery was abolished and the civil rights era ended doesn’t mean some white people aren’t bigots; to think otherwise is to be in complete denial. This is the concept of white privilege at its best; a white man telling black people how they should deal with prejudice/racism. Dude, not until you’ve walked a day in a black man’s shoes; especially in the South. Not until then!

  • Avery_Alesia

    Zimmerman is actually half white and half hispanic….

  • minna

    and, just for the record, there are latinos who are bigots and racists. many of them are in florida. white refers to a state of mind, not the actual skin color, and describes those who see anyone who is different from themselves as being a threat. zimmerman fits the profile perfectly. even without the race issue this was the case of an armed vigilante serving justice on his own and on that merit alone he should be arrested. instead the sanford police have decided that they are the final arbiters of justice and have ignored due process as it exists in our constitution. florida is a pit of hell for those who are trying to be decent people and i don’t envy anyone living in that filthy, lawless, republican state.

  • Alexandra

    The 911 calls incriminate him. The Sanford police chief needs to just step down. His department failed to make an arrest though they have a young mans body as evidence, witnesses, admittance from Zimmerman and the murder weapon, which also belongs to him. I really dont know what else their looking for?

    But there is something else I noticed and everyone, especially Black Americans should take this into account.

    The fact that his family and others are using the ‘half-Hispanic’ claim to, I guess lessen the crime, or Zimmerman’s fixation on Trayvon’s blackness, is the exact same reason I think people should be aware in who they want to racially-label. What if he has a drop of Black blood in him & they said that instead?

  • aubree

    this is so sad i couldn’t imagine this happening to anybody…

  • baiskeli

    More info has come to light.

    Trayvon Martin was on the phone to a friend when Zimmerman began following him, he told the person on the other line he was being followed by someone suspicious.

    Trayvon Martin’s Last Phone Call Triggers Demand for Arrest ‘Right Now’

    Also, on the 911 tape, in addition to contradicting Zimmerman’s statement about getting out of his car to see what street he was on and then getting jumped by Martin, in the conversation with the police dispatcher you hear him mutter “f*cking coons!” as he jumps out of the car to confront/follow Martin. It’s muttered, but it’s pretty clear. Also, a legal expert opined yesterday that Zimmerman sounds intoxicated (the cops did not do a tox screening on him, but they performed one on the dead Martin)

    (at about 2:19 on the 911 recording below)

  • tbeattband

    The life of a dog is worth more than a black man’s. Mike Vick was swiftly arrested, convicted and later sentenced to 2 years in prison for dog abuse/murder.

    This man was arrested and then released that same night, with the belief that his his hands were clean of any wrong doing. Something is not right.


    Don’t compare this innocent child’s situation to Michael Vick. That’s ridiculous, Michael Vick got off easy and should have never been allowed back in the NFL…

    As for Zimmerman, He will get what he deserves.

  • tbeattband


    I didn’t intend to compare Mike Vick to this situation, as i’m not using Vick as a racial argument. I absolutely agree that Vick’s actions were absolutely deplorable, there are no excuses for that kind of thing, but the reaction by the police was swift and without any second thoughts. I truly believe that if Zimmerman had intentionally killed a dog, he’d be sitting in jail right now.
    Other examples I could have used besides Vick’s:



    and many more if you google it.

    I apologize if my point was lost, as I would never want to compare this boy’s tragedy to Vick’s, it’s just not even on the same realm. My point is that this society continues to see black men and women as expendable. The boy was listed in the morgue as “John Doe.” Can you believe that? Despite the fact that he had his cell phone, where police could have had the chance to look through it & call the last person he spoke to or notify family. Instead they listed him as “John Doe” as if he had no family, as if he was a nobody that no one cared about! Anyway I digress, but this whole situation angers me so much. I’m tired of the BS.

  • Megnjohnsmom

    Wow some of those were very hard to listen to. What I would like to know is why did this Zimmerman person call and act like he was chasing if he had arleady shot him? Sounds like a cover up more then self defense to me. Very sad and thisman needs to be punished for his actions. An inncoent young mas armed man who with nothing more then skittles and and and ice tea was gunned downed for walking home with his hoodie up becin eause, it was raining by a man who was in charge if the Neighborhood Watch Group. Something is wrong with this picture. Very very sad…. I hope that this family gets some justice and some peace…God bless them and may their child rest in peace in Gods loving arms.

  • StaceyStacey

    I haven’t looked into all the information about this story but it sounds pretty bad. No one deserves to be confronted just for walking along. Another person doesn’t have the right to interfere with where you choose to be, what you choose to do or when you choose to do it as long as you haven’t broken the law. And if there is a question as to whether you have broken the law, it’s best left to authorities to investigate, absent any threat. How can you be challenged for something you haven’t even done yet by someone who doesn’t have the right to inquire? To me, it’s not just race, or who has the right to carry weapons…but it’s more plainly that we all have the right to live our lives with privacy, dignity and freedom. I don’t care what someone’s race is. I just want to live my life in peace. And it sounds like Zimmerman deprived Mr. Martin of that- in which case he deserves the severe and full weight of all consequences for his poor choice….not the privilege of walking around freely among those who haven’t sinned against an innocent man and against the common peace.

  • Disgusted

    You write: “White is a state of mind” and includes those who think they’re better than others?!?! What a ridiculously ignorant, ill-informed, disheartening comment. Clearly, racism lives on in its many incarnations… Prejudice in any form is damaging to our society and to our growth. It leads to horrifying tragedies like this case.

    Zimmerman appears to be a disturbed, unstable individual who had deluded himself into thinking he was some kind of neighborhood savior, when in fact it seems that he crossed the line regularly. Perhaps the true travesty here lies in the response of the Sanford authorities, already plagued by incidents of injustice. Institutionalized prejudice is truly the most insidious and destructive kind.

    As a high school teacher, I mourn the loss of any young life. It is truly a shame that it takes an incident like this to mobilize the larger culture against corruption.

  • Disgusted

    I don’t think the answer lies in stratifying our culture: “black people need to do this,” “white people need to do that”… Racial separation only weakens us and divides us.

    Whenever we face institutional corruption, we, as a whole people, need to come together from a position of strength and unity.

  • minna

    i don’t know why you are so disgusted. although white people have been associated historically with racism they have no monopoly on this twisted world view and being hispanic does not exempt someone from having the same perception of others. this is the state of mind i was referring to. and i never said anything about anyone being better than anybody. i did describe the threat these insecure individuals feel in the presence of people who are different from themselves which puts them in a constantly paranoid head space. i would think as a teacher you would understand this, or at least quote me correctly. you did neither. if this is how you communicate with your students i would hate to be in your class.

  • minna

    i understand what you mean. for killing a dog a man is arrested and jailed. killing a human being brings no action at all. and i didn’t know about trayvon being listed as a john doe. those bastard police in sanford just heap insult onto injury. they are pigs in every sense.

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