Andre Leon Talley is one of the most recognizable fashionistos in the industry, and definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to matters of style. Bravo has just announced that the former America’s Next Top Model judge and Vogue contributing editor will helm the new series Fashion Stories of NYC. A press release from the channel describes the upcoming show:

We follow four up-and-coming fashion design teams as they produce the defining collection of their careers, all under the watchful eye of fashion icon Andre Leon Talley. The mission to “create, show and sell” is clear for emerging designers striving to build a business in New York City, which remains the heart of the fashion industry.

Judging by his appearances on America’s Next Top Model, Andre Leon Talley will likely provide that great mix between nasty and accurate that fashion reality shows need. One can easily picture him visiting the workstations of each design time, scrunching his face up at fashion efforts gone bad, and walking away from design disasters while flinging his huge cape in protest. Still, the show’s description sounds like it will be a hybrid of programs that have already been done before — a little bit Project Runway, a drop of Fashion Star, and maybe a sliver of ANTM.

What do you think? Will you watch?

  • African Mami

    no. I don’t need to see a great in a reality show. the end.

  • golden_girl

    YES!!!!!!!! This fashionista will be a faithful watcher.

  • yes!!!

    ABOUT TIME!! I love ALT..he is super funny and smart and supports unknown designers :)

  • mamareese

    Vaseline will be the shows sponsor!!!! Them ankles…how you rich and ashy?

  • Tifani

    I won’t be be watching this show, you’ve seen one fashion reality show, you’ve seen them all it seems!!!!!! When will somebody come up with up with something different? I mean Origanality hasn’t been abolished or has it?

  • ru shaw

    OF COURSE!!!!

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