There has been a lot of talk about single mothers lately. From proposed laws aiming to criminalize single parenthood, to the startling statistics hurled at black women that 70% of our children are born to unwed parents, the conversations around single motherhood has become a hot topic and a tool to shame many women. But one popular vlogger thinks the conversation needs to change.

After she was informed that many people on a women’s forum were taking shots at her single motherhood status, entrepreneur, natural hair vlogger and media personality Taren Guy decided to respond.

In a video titled “Are Single Mothers Damaged Goods?!” Guy takes aim at those who feel like single mothers are less desirable, less worthy, and less able to find love. In the clip Guy shares her story of being a newly single mom and drops a few inspirational words for those who may be in her shoes.

Check it out & share your thoughts.

  • Niccy

    It’s actually disgusting to hear the amount of hate going around. Just because she has kids, it doesn’t mean that she’s a slag. From her videos it’s obvious she loves her kids and they seem happy. For all you know, she could have only been with her baby daddies her entire life. She’s not perfect, I’ve never heard her say that she is, but some of you people here are going around like your mess doesn’t stink, as if you’ve never made mistakes. Life happens. You also forget that the US is shit when informing teens about birth control options (abstinence is the leading method taught, still).

    There are plenty of people born to people who are married who are messed up. The fact that your parents have a piece of paper does not mean that you are better than any of us ‘bastards’. It doesn’t make us any less worthy of love or our mothers ‘damaged goods’. My mother was young when she had my sister and I and before you go in on her, know that my siblings and I have always been ahead of the class because of her. We have principles because of her. My mother’s a decent woman and when she was young, she chose the wrong man to commit to. Being a single mother does not mean you are a slut. There are plenty of loose women without children. There are people like my mother who were in a committed relationship with their first love who get pregnant. And you know what? My siblings and I are not any worse off because we were not born in wedlock. I’m actually far more well rounded than people I know who were born in wedlock. The point that I’m making– the quality of parenting lies in the parent, not in their marital status.

    And I’m more inclined to think that people who go around spreading hate and negativity are more apt to be labelled ‘damaged goods’ because you people are damaging. Those of you who are looking down on Taren are doing so to make yourselves feel better and I personally do not think that a) you have any right to judge and b) your priorities are skewed. Having your opinion is one thing and your preferences another but to ostracise a group of people without taking anything else into consideration like the quality of the person and how they treat their kids (which is the most important thing) shows a ridiculously simplistic view of the world. If some one is doing their best by their kids then they deserve your respect. Two people find parenting hard. If one person is doing it by themselves and their kids are well cared for and happy then they too deserve your respect; more so actually because of how hard parenting is.

    I understand why some people would not want to go for someone who has children already but rather than because they’re ‘damaged goods’ (who on earth came up with that horrible phrase anyway?) but because it’s a LOT of responsibility taking on someone else’s kid and I don’t think that anyone should take it lightly because there are children involved and they are the most important component of the equation.

    Do not get me wrong. I personally want to be married first but only because I have the opinion that if I’m going to be bound to you forever by having your child, you can make a vow to me to love me for the rest of my life. Having a child is a far bigger commitment.

  • August Theo (@CaliforniaLA)

    Rikki, what a sexist bitter tirade.

    You’re going to “be a lesbian” based on one man’s post? You call all men stupid because of one man’s post?

    More than likely you already hated men and were already bitter towards men before his post, and are using his post as an excuse to go off the deep end. One post would not completely change your sex life and outlook on life. More than likely you’ve had unsuccessful relationships, are currently single, and need to blame men without taking responsibility yourself. Maybe you should also take a look at what’s wrong with you.

    You act like women can’t be “assholes.” You’re just playing the victim card while being an asshole yourself.

  • Ghana

    Ummmm what does she have? She lives off of child support and Autism money off of her kids don’t judge if you have no idea of what the true story is. I live right in the same building and I’ve seen for myself. Even before she started that autism org So please stop showing this heffa she is doing good she is doing it for self. As she did before and she has the nerve to come out her and be mad about brothers not wanting her. I don’t have 3kids and if I did that would be up to that person to accept me ill never try to force it down ppls throat. She’s damaged goods to me 3kids and she is definitely a slut. Trust me!

  • rachybaby

    I love the “you’re angry” rebuttals….they are always telling…

  • xcvx

    Raising another man’s child is cuckoldry. I know – my ex’s new partner is now paying for my child’s private schooling. She will always see me as her real daddy.