According to Atlanta-based blog, Straight from the A, Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, just snagged a role on Tyler Perry’s TBS sitcom For Better or Worse.”

The show, which follows the antics Marcus and Angela from the Why Did I Get Married? films, was recently picked up for another season, and Perry–a close friend of Houston’s–seems to be taking young Bobbi Kris under his wing.

According to reports, Bobbi Kris will have a recurring role playing the daughter of a stylist in Angela’s shop.

In her widely-watched interview with Oprah, Bobbi Kristina said she wanted to follow in her famous mother’s footsteps. She told Oprah that she was pursuing singing and acting, so perhaps this is the first step in her budding career.

We wish her luck!


  1. Velma

    She needs to be in THERAPY, not acting in some movie. Way to go black hollywood—create another exact replica of her mother. You’re not helping her with her problems, you’re just creating new ones.

  2. Tiyeyayu

    Who says she’s not in therapy.. Being around positive supportive clean and sober people may be just what the Dr. Ordered. While it may be better for the voyeurs to have her walking around looking pitiful , therapy along with a job, sounds healthy to me. Both Oprah and Tyler are big on doing the inner work.. Perhaps judgements with assumptions can be avoided!!!

  3. lostluv224

    I think this will be the greatest thing she can do. Say what you want but Tyler is a positive person and its obvious that he cared for Whitney and her family a great deal. I think this is to ensure that Bobbi is able to do what she has always openly spoke up (getting into the entertainment business) while still ensuring that she is surrounded by positive people that will keep a watchful eye on her.

    Say what you will but you’ve never seen Oprah or Tyler involved in no MESS.

  4. Is it just me or does it seem that women love to be so negative about EVERY single article on this site SHEESH, why so bitter about EVERY DAMN THING?!

    I think this will be great for her, steer her in a more focused direction.

  5. Robbie

    That can be exactly what she needs right now to deal with her loss. It is better to have her doing something that she loves and wants to pursue then sit at home being depressed. I am very happy for her. Mr. Perry and Ms Winfrey can definitely have a positive influence on her and hopefully she stays away from the wrong crowd and negativity that Hollywood brings.

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