Spring is a season that signifies new beginnings and change. I can’t think of any better way to switch your beauty game up than by transitioning to natural hair, and the beautynistas at Carol’s Daughter share these same sentiments, launching a website called the “Transitioning Movement,” campaign. This site is all about showcasing the natural hair journeys of women from all walks of life.

Carol’s Daughter added a little oomph to their newest movement with a video featuring one of their spokesmodels, Solange Knowles. In the 35-second clip we see Solange striking poses and rocking lush curls as the message “A new movement is coming Spring 2012,” appears. Watch the video below:



I’ve been natural for a couple of years, now, and I still hunger for great tips and advice so I can’t wait to have a new community of natural-haired ladies to share my experience with.

To learn more about this movement, make sure you sign up for the newsletter on their website. By doing so, you’ll be one of the first people to get more deets about the site’s launch! There’s also the chance to get your shine on by becoming one of their first featured “Transitioning Beauties of the Week.”

What do you think about the Transitioning Movement video? Will you be sharing your progress on the site?

-Margaret Francois

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Nope! I am a hard core STAN for bglhonline.com. They provide ALL the information necessary!!!!!!!!!

    -best of luck to Carol and her team!

  • anon25

    Wow, THANK YOU for the site!

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I just wish that was Solange’s real hair lol. I am really glad that natural hair is becoming more accepted. Maybe one day will see a black anchorwoman with natural hair.

    *Note to relaxed sisters: You are very beautiful too!

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com girlformerlyknownasgrace

    good website!

  • No

    There was a Black news anchor in ATL that was natural. I forgot her name but she looks great.

    I really liked that commercial.

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Ah. around my way black anchorwomen typically wear their hair in the traditionally accepted hairstyles.

  • http://furahaproject.blogspot.com Furaha

    Agreed. I’m a fan of bglh, CurlyNikki and all the beloved bloggers and youtubers of the natural hair community. They’ve been doing their thing for a while, growing the community organically, and now the Corporates gotta jump onto the “trend”. Crazy thing when Carol’s Daughter can be called a corporate, they started small too, but I prefer the grassroots community to a flashy big bucks website.

  • shadow

    I’ll check it out. I am currently using the Hair Milk line and it works well for me & I am also gonna check out some of the other sites previous posters put on i.e. bglh… didn’t know about them. I’ve been natual for about 6yrs. Right now I’m growing it out as long as I can stand it, lol, & I’m just looking around for the right cut to help me on my journey. If anyone knows of a site with various cuts & styles, let me know. Thanks for the knowledge!

  • Candy 1

    I agree with you on BGLH. I like the forum, too. Furaha, I’m with you on that thought.

  • Keeks

    BGLH is amazing! Not here for CurlyNikki’s plagiarism though.

  • adriane

    Huge fan of Terri LaFlesh and tightcurly.com and Curly Like Me. Also, love all the Youtube natural girls. They are all my sisters. I can watch everyone’s techniques for hours. And, you’re right, that is not Solange’s natural hair. Solange, please, walk the natural hair gauntlet first for a few years, then maybe I will consider using Carol’s Daughter.

  • keke

    I am interested in learning more about the new campaign from Carol’s Daughter. I really like Solange’s style.

    I just don’t understand why they didn’t use her real hair for the ad???…Kind of conflicting. But then again, most hair ads are conflicting so it figures.

  • LemonNLime

    Nah, I got through my transitioning and BC with RusticBeauty on YT. She was amazing and was all about inexpensive, natural, organic products! Carol’s Daughter is all about expensive, crude, and chemical fillers something that doesn’t mesh well with my hair goals.

  • Dalili

    Love Solange but I didn’t like the ad at all. Sisters of Isis products got me through my transition.

  • mahogany

    I think that Carol’s Daughter just wants to start a trend and sell more products because the movement has has been going on for a few years. While they have a few good products I think Carol’s Daughter is still over priced and the natural community on you tube is doing a great job. And how can Solange be an advocate of natural hair when she wears wigs most of the time?

  • mahogany

    OMG I loved RusticBeauty, she was one of the first people I subscribed to on you tube. I wished she would come back including Miss Heather.

  • Mona

    I am very dissapointed in CD. There was a time where her line actually catered to natural hair women with a FULL line of hair care products, but I guess she wanted to go mainstreem in order to become more successful and had to get rid of 90% of the products that she use to carry in order to market towards “Others” and I see that it is not working at all! I seriously doubt that I would support her again unless it’s through Ebay.

  • Bisous

    @ No the newswoman is Monica Kaufman. She is newly retired though.

  • Krysie

    Am I the only one that does not understand this commercial? All I see is Solo spinning around with her a remix of her song in the background? What does this have to do with transitioning?

    Never mind, I guess her spinning around in circles represent a “new life”, but please forgive the slow ones..lol

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    @ Furaha,

    I did not want to get into the politics of Carol’s Daughter, but we all know that once you go corporate, you tend to forget your roots! We in the natural community, know wassup but all in all, there’s no need to throw shade at her company’s endeavor(not saying that’s what you did). I’m very happy for her and her achievements, but yeah…your points are well taken.

    For new naturals, transitioners, thinking about going natural, check out the following links. Trust! You don’t have to spend crazy amount of dollars for that fro.

    Natural Sunshine: http://naturalsunshine.ning.com/
    Usefulness: Amazing community with tons of information for newbies.

    Usefulness: The do’s and don’ts of natural hair. Scientific information as it pertains to our hair. Just overall, AMAZING!

    BlackOnyx77: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlackOnyx77?feature=watch
    Usefulness: When you are stumped for hair styles-use her as inspiration. Hers are simple and to the point.

    Usefulness: Inspiration that there is a Jehovah in the sky who blesses black women with BEAEUUUUUUUUUUUURIFUL THHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHICK HURR! If only, you take care of it. I just want to sleep on her hair!

    There’s more out there, but these are the ones that I really like. There’s a Nigerian girl with LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG azz hair….Can’t remember her name. But lawwwwd hammmercy!

  • LI

    Naptural85,kimmaytube,rustic beauty,sera2544,hair crush,longhairdontcare2011, etc.ENJOY

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  • BruceGlen

    check out mymodestmouth.com for natural hair care tips! Sisi Nike is amzing!!!

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