Could You Call Off Your Wedding At The Last Minute?

by Danielle Pointdujour

Recently the internet buzzed with the news that Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell called off his wedding to Yenicia “Jenny” Montes at the last minute.  Though Campbell denies leaving his fiancé at the altar, it still got me to thinking – is it better to call the wedding off at the last minute, or live through a  miserable marriage and possibly a nasty divorce?

Jason Campbell isn’t the first celeb to call off their wedding in the final minutes of the game.  Basketball Wives star Kesha Nichols was left at the altar when her NBA fiancé Richard Jefferson called things off and Kelly Rowland decided to nix her plans to marry NFL baller Roy Williams back in 2005.  As embarrassing as it sounds to have to call off your wedding at the last minute, one thing each of these celebs will tell you is that it was probably the best decision they ever made.

Kelly Rowland spoke to Essence last year about her decision to call off her wedding saying:

“I was too young for marriage.  It was so hard and embarrassing because everyone knew. I’d posed for the front cover of Modern Bride in my wedding dress and it was on sale!  But sometimes you fall down and you learn from it.”

Even though Kelly mentioned that the embarrassment kept her from leaving the house, many would call the choice responsible decision making.  She realized that she was moving too fast and instead of moving forward with a bad decision, she made the decision to call it off and 7 years later is a much better woman for it.  However, think of all the men and women who aren’t strong enough to make that call.  Who let the fear of embarrassment, disappointment and even loneliness keep them from calling off their wedding and are now living in miserable marriages trying to “make the best of it” but secretly wishing they could turn back time.

Calling off a big event like a wedding is definitely a tough decision to make and having to admit to yourself and others that you’ve made a mistake is an even bigger pill to swallow.  But marriage is not something to be taken lightly.  It may seem like blissful fun when you’re planning the wedding, but the actual marriage is hard work.  If you’re having second thoughts about getting married, the adult thing to do is to take a step back and reevaluate the situation and whether that happens 6 months before the wedding or 6 minutes, the only thing that matters is that you don’t make a commitment that you know you’re not ready for.


Could you call off your wedding last minute?


  • BlueOceanBreezy


    I have no desire for marriage.

  • The Antifash

    To call off a wedding means you should not have been engaged to begin with…

  • Elle Michelle

    I think it’s better to call it off and cause some temporary pain than to go through with it and live with long-term regret and resentment.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Better to call of the wedding, than lose even more (both financially and emotionally) in a divorce. On a side note, I believe pre-marital counseling will help couples realize how serious an undertaking marriage it; that it’s more than just a wedding, then living together.

  • binks

    Yes, if your heart is not in it than it’s not in it….shrugs marriage shouldn’t be one of those things you do half a$$ but like mention if you called the wedding off last minute than that means you had some serious doubts way beforehand

  • EbonyLolita

    Prevention is better then cure. My cousin called off her marriage & turned it into a “graduation party” when she got her PHD. We were all like WTF!!!

    But when she ended up marrying a DIFFERENT gentleman 5yrs later we all felt she made the right decision. She’s been happily married for almost 8yrs now w/a 2nd child on the way. Sometimes you just know & the lil bit of embarrassment is worth a life of heartache & strife :)

  • Blue Ocean Breezy

    Calling off a wedding at the last minute is better than having to go through a divorce. Either way, it’s time and money wasted.

  • Tonton Michel

    I would hope that I would have wised up before even proposing to her.

  • MrTruthTeller

    He did the right think walking in about five years she would be asking for a divorce/money and asking for her own TV show. Good job Jason !!

  • Cia

    I would rather suffer the embarrassment a wedding being called off right before the wedding (you leave me at the altar I might cut your butt! Seriously call someone and let me know what’s up) rather than deal with the pain of a bad marriage and then divorce.

  • CAsweetface

    This seems like a no brainer and not really worth a debate. Calling it off is of course the best decision…getting married when its wrong obviously makes no sense.

  • African Mami


  • SouthernComfortNKorea

    I recently called off mine, and I am relieved. I was a hard decision, but it was the best for the both of us, I believe. I am still hiding from some people who are curious to know the who, what, when, where, and how’s. Oh well, they will know when they don’t get an invite anytime soon. ~Decisions~

  • Nananee

    I called my own wedding off close to 2 years ago. It was a hard decision:
    1) I had to admit to myself that I had made a VERY bad decision…
    - Turning 30, good career, friends are getting hitched => it’s THE thing to do to be complete
    - The guy and I did not share the same values but I almost faked it at some point
    - Did not listen to my gut instinct

    2) Big deception for my parents: I am an African woman and getting married is not only about me but my family => big drama with my mum until I was able to tell her the issues I faced and hid from her and my close relatives…..

    3) People would look down at me: she is playing Miss Independent but she is not even able to get and keep a man

    That decision freed me from many fears and helped me to take giant leaps in my personal life!!!!

    I am still not married nor in a relationship but not afraid anymore of others’ opinion and of my own choices…

    I am confident in my future, even though I don’t know what the future holds for me. But I look forward to what God has in store: I am sure it will be wonderful, if I stop chasing “happiness” and fully trust Him!!!

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