Dating Tips for The Fellas

by Sky Obercam

77103890Don’t let your complete lack of imagination keep you from sweeping the woman of your dreams off her feet. We live in the information age, so there’s no excuse for having a dry and/or stale date. Clutch presents some fun ideas to liven up your romantic excursions, and give your ladylove an encounter she won’t soon forget.

Clutchettes – any other tips you want to share with the fellas?

  • CurlySue

    Well, considering the article the other day where most commenters professed that 100% of men cheat and there’s nothing to change that, what the hell is the point of giving them dating lessons? We’re apparently already prepared to accept them f*cking other women. Who gives a damn if they surprise you with a picnic? Seems more likely they’ll be surprising you with an STD.

  • tiffany

    @ curley sue- that is hilarious. Doggone cheaters

  • LAD86


    Black men seem to care the least about dating. They just want the sex, and I can say this because of the way 99% of them approach me.

  • African Mami

    oh mi gosh Curly Sue, don’t be a party pooper. I do give a little damn about a surprise picnic with rice and goat stew! I really really do.

  • CurlySue

    Lol, come on, Mami. Let me have my little joke.

  • Stanley

    I don’t put women’s interest that high when I’m dating them. I do what I like and expect that woman to follow. If she does not like it, it might be over from there.

  • CurlySue

    Aww, that’s so sweet. 0________0

  • Furious Styles

    LOL>>>Funny. F–ed up, but funny.

  • Furious Styles

    Yeah. The average dude goes for dinner and a movie out the gate without even knowing what she likes or if they even like the same things. Best to meet up for an hour for coffee/drinks and see what the vibe is, likes and dislikes, then plan the date accordingly. Women, you’re all different…it’s both frustrating and fascinating.

  • African Mami

    I guess your dates consist of women with low self esteem, because I do not see how a woman with high self esteem would deal with your nonsense.

  • LAD86

    Doesn’t sound like you are looking for a woman to date. More like an obedient dog or child.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “Women, you’re all different…it’s both frustrating and fascinating.”

    In this day and age? Not so much, LMAO!!!

  • Stanley

    @ African Mami
    You’re a bitter black woman.
    When I was looking I was looking for someone who likes (most of) the things I like. I don’t go on dates to do what pleases a woman and forget what pleases me. I go on dates with the objective of finding someone who likes what I like, not the other way around.

  • Brandon Frame

    All four tips are great. A woman loves the cooking lessons together and dance classes such as Salsa.

    1) I would also suggest that when you know your woman is working late put some food on a plate and leave it in the microwave for her.

    2) Mail her a card even if you see her every day or every other day. The $5 or less will go a long way.

  • African Mami

    @ Stanley,

    I’m actually quite the opposite. But more power to you and your RIDONCULOUS NONSENSE!

  • African Mami

    uh oh! C’mon now! Watchutryna do, score a date on hurr?! Love love what you had to say.

  • Warm Cuddle

    Tariq Nasheed – 5 Dating Precautions For Dating

    Great Show for the fellas. These are the tips that should have been added.

  • Jennifer

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