Internal National Organization for Marriage (NOM) documents, which are part of an investigation regarding campaign finance activities by the state of Maine, have revealed an insidious plot to encourage Black and Latino voters to actively reject same sex marriage as a civil right.  These documents were brought to light by HRC (the Human Rights Campaign).

“The strategic goal of this project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks—two key Democratic constituencies. Find, equip, energize and connect African American spokespeople for marriage, develop a media campaign around their objections to gay marriage as a civil right; provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing these spokesmen and women as bigots…”

Another passage:

“The Latino vote in America is a key swing vote, and will be so even more so in the future, both because of demographic growth and inherent uncertainty: Will the process of assimilation to the dominant Anglo culture lead Hispanics to abandon traditional family values? We must interrupt this process of assimilation by making support for marriage a key badge of Latino identity – a symbol of resistance to inappropriate assimilation.”

Oppressors have long played the game of divide and conquer to maintain their privilege.  For this plan to work, one must first ignore that there are Black and Latino GLBT people, and that by turning against them and refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of marriage equality, heterosexual cisgender people of color, would in effect be denying our own people their civil rights.  Heterosexism and racism are very different marginalizations, but they both work to actively oppress social minorities through the process of “othering” and institutionalized social inequality.  To agree that anyone deserves separate and unequal treatment before the law undermines our own struggles for racial equality, because it supports the idea that difference legitimizes actively oppressing a minority population.

I find it interesting that they seek to portray GLBT spokespeople as racist, because it further shows bias on the part of NOM.  There is no doubt that some members of the GLBT community have employed racist tactics to fight for marriage equality – specifically through repeated acts of appropriation,  but that does not make their cause any less just; it simply signifies someone determined to use the master’s tools to destroy the master’s house.

NOM is only interested in race when it can be used as a weapon to attack another historically marginalized group. The everyday microaggressions that all people of color have to negotiate are of no interest, because to care about that would mean a true acknowledgement of the horror that is White supremacy.  For NOM, racism is but a tool to achieve an end, rather than the soul crushing phenomenon that continues to lead to death, higher rates of incarceration, poverty, poor nutrition and health, as well as purposeful limited educational opportunities.  What is patently obvious from the statements of people like Alan Keyes, is that there will always be a segment of communities of color, who will be quick to jump on this opportunity believing that their bigotry somehow grants them power and a separation from the great unwashed masses.

  • trace21

    They always trying to divide someone, immigrants, people of color, gays/les , religions. I swear they do this because the day the disadvantaged people of the world actually stand together is the day the world will finally be a better place. I do not personally like the gay/les lifestyle deff not for me but you know what? That’s not my problem to deal with, if they want to marry and just live life then so be it I will vote for that any day. I can’t be apart of keeping another group down when I’m only 22 and done seen so much crap happen to black people on the news, people in my own neighborhood. And you know what the gays/les aren’t the ones with the guns hiding behind a badge killing young blacks and making the laws to keep my people in jail and on welfare stuck in the system. That’s another group altogether.

  • Ms. Information

    Gay is NOT the new Black….sorry, two different types of struggles, two different stories and I will not support the notion that they are the same.

  • Whatever


  • maria

    Sorry but what does being gay have to do with black? As a black AND latina woman I won’t support the gay marriage movement not because some white person with a cute sign told me to, but because its against the word of God. Why is it that we have to support everything? And since when were gays lynched and enslaved? Last time I checked the white gay guys at my job were moving up the corporate ladder and my black self is still struggling to get promoted.

  • gryph

    all this proves is that ethnic groups are easily steered and manipulated by american-based, often right-wing, ngo’s. and that they are adept at using ethnic spokes people and media to do it.

    in unrelated news, when’s clutch going to run a pic of a black woman held lovingly by a white guy? or when are all those posters going to show up to testify that `expanding their circle’ marrying a white man was the best thing they’ve ever done? it’s been almost a whole week now and nothing! lol.

  • gryph

    all this shows is that minorities are easily steered and manipulated by american-based, (often) right-wing, ngo’s. and that those organisations are adept at using paid ethnic spokes people and media to do it.

    in unrelated news, when’s clutch going to run a pic of a black woman held lovingly by a white guy?

    or when are all those posters going to show up to testify that `expanding their circle’ marrying a white man was the best thing they’ve ever done? it’s been almost a whole week now and nothing! lol.

    i wonder if we’ll ever find out who THEIR funders are.

  • lol

    By the look of these comments, looks like they have been successful. Where in the bible does it say that homosexuality is “against God” lol, y’all slay me with your selective religious laws. These same manipulative interpretations of the bible were used to justify slavery and deniy women the vote.

  • Lana

    Well said.

  • Womanistmusings

    You do realize that GLBT people are both Black and Latino right? Hiding behind your religion to deny their rights is oppressing your own people. For the record, since you are relying on the bible, Jesus didn’t have a single negative word to say about homosexuality. Do you presume to know more than he does on this issue?

    White gay men still exist with White privilege, but that does not mean that heterosexism is not an issue for them. It is more than possible to be privileged in one area and marginalized in another. For instance you state that you are a WOC, but if you are able bodied, straight, and cisgender, you have plenty of unacknowledged privilege.

  • Natalie B.

    I agree with lol.

  • Drew-Shane

    Nobody is asking people to support anything but basic human rights. Being gay should not damned people on earth. If you’re a believer in God, let him handle that- not you. Don’t carry my sins because I’m definitely not trying to carry yours. So many times we try to impose our religious views into law and then want to justify. If you’re truly an affirmative believer in the word of God then you will let him show his mercy, grace and whatever other coined word of refuge he will show to those who identify against his will. Somehow hate is against the word of God but we can just glare over that and just focus on bashing the gays because it’s the ONLY sin, I assume?

  • The Taker

    I hate reading the comments when it comes to lgbtqia articles on this site. They are sickening. While I don’t agree that the struggles of blacks and gays are the same, I do believe both groups have been oppressed and suppressed LONG enough. Nobody gives two f*cks about your dumb-ass religion or what your book of folk lore and fairy-tales has to say. NOBODY cares about that, what people care about is having the freaking basic human and civil rights we deserve. While I’m not in anyway gay, I really do wish for people who are to be granted the same rights I have. I don’t see what’s the big damn deal. Nobody is being harmed or killed. The world would simply go on as it always has basically. Gosh, I’m SO SICK AND TIRED of these zealous, religious nut baskets who thinks the world should be ran according to a book we don’t know whether or not if its truly non-fiction or fiction. Like who the hell are they or what gives them the bloody right to impose on other peoples’ lives simply because they don’t agree with their sexual preference. Ughhhh.

  • Nat

    Umm… The Bible speaks about homosexuality multiple times: “Homosexual acts are an abomination to God” and “God kills everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah” (verses)

  • Val

    These people remind me of Feminists and how they only acknowledge Black women when they need our help with something but once that’s over they go back to ignoring us.

  • Tonton Michel

    You have to be standing together to be divided.

  • Alyssa

    that is the truth

  • apple

    now i will say i hate being the measuring stick for struggle because a race and your orientation isn’t the same, so stop comparing us!
    but i dont care what the gays wanna do! if they wanna get married i dont care, cause i’m not getting married to them.and if you think that they are defiling your vows, well heterosexuals already done that with their massive divorces(a no no) and marrying for money, status,sex and everything but the right thing. and sure gays are mentioned in the old and new testament but it isn’t a major sin as all sins are that little lie you told yesterday is the equivalent to some gay sin someone else as committed….the only unforgivable sin is not accepting Jesus into your heart…and in John with that, it says that nothing can keep you out of heaven.

  • Shirl

    Drew-Shane: I couldn’t have said it better!!! Didn’t the bible also say something about slaves obeying their masters? This was used to justify slavery back in the day. I personally don’t believe a loving God would condemn a person because of who that person loves. Why in the heck does who a person chooses to marry affect me? I’m all for same sex marriage.

  • Monica Roberts

    ethnic groups like conservative white people are more likely to be ‘easily manipulated’ by these groups because of their over reliance on Fox Noise and conservafool talk radio shows for their information

  • Beautifulblackmind

    While I don’t deny gays have had their struggle, but every single black person should be offended by the comment that “gay is the new black.”
    As some of you have said, the movements, the struggles are COMPLETELY different. The saying is an insult to Black people particularly because for you to say this type of statement, you are insinuiated that Black issues are now solved and now gay ones take precedence. The reality is gays as a whole did not go through 400 years of slavery, then jim crow. Gays are not suffereing from economic oppression to the degree Blacks are. Whatever you believe about if marriage is for everyone or not is subject to you. It is an OPINION… (please don’t take your opinion to be true just because its your regardless of what side your on). But don’t make the o so liberal insinuation that if Blacks arn’t feminist, or pro gay marriage that they deplete their own struggle.

  • DM
  • jamesfrmphilly

    they are here. they are queer. get used to it.

  • Ms. Information

    @ DM, there is NO convincing me sorry.,.I don’t care if the ghost of MLK came down and agreed with it..

  • DM

    Not particularly trying to ‘convince’ you. It’s more so a response to your “two different types of struggles, two different stories” comment. Just wanted to point out that two *actual* architects of the civil rights movement disagree with that statement. To be so unequivocal is just interesting considering you are contradicting the people who crafted and lived the civil rights movement. Though I would never say they are the exact same, to disregard their similarity really does a disservice to both.

  • Ms. Information

    Sexual orientation and race are two separate identifiers. I am black before I open my mouth. Before I can say what my sexual orientation is – my skin color is shown. It is very interesting that Mrs. King agrees with this being that she is a Christian. Even so, everyone is entitled to their own opinion…mine just happens to be that the gay struggle is minuscule to the black struggle.

  • FHC

    Just as the Vote and Affirmative Action duped subjugated citizens into thinking that they could achieve equal rights and opportunities through legislation; the delusional fallacy of ‘gay marriage’ is not a civil right. (“Gay”, for the purpose of this text, means male homosexuality.)
    Firstly, sexual preference is a choice; similar to liking chocolate, or disliking broccoli. And it’s scientifically incorrect as well as morally offensive to equate it with either race or gender. Since the only love which may be conceived as innate is maternal.
    Second; children, the very reason for marriage, are denied even the basic of human rights: to know and enjoy without severance the love of their birth mother, to have and to hold their genetic heritage, and to be nurtured and supported by a society that values domestic husbandry. Because, when properly supported, a mother’s love is the greatest love of all, and no amount of cross-dressing or political declaration will ever change this, only to degrade it. As it is imperative that patriarchal tyrannies deny and belittle a child’s right to its mother in order to pervert this original love, and transfer it to political and religious institutions which capitalize on the systematic oppression of women.
    Thirdly, without rehashing the egotistical divorce, deadbeat dads, and parental irresponsibility of today’s current family relations: Who exactly benefits from ‘gay marriage’? Be assured it’s not the children of low-income families. On the contrary, those struggling to maintain basic medical and dental plans, designed specifically to provide coverage for parents holding low paying jobs, these families will suffer when rates become unaffordable. Because even though maternity and pediatric care (excluding preemie medicine) are not responsible for the high cost of health care, the treatment for chronic illness perpetuated by sodomy, reckless dirty sex, and drug practices are exorbitantly expensive. Therefore, if high maintenance boyfriends become wives, once again it’s the tax payer who really gets it in the rear, as the health care costs of State employees will soar, and private sector premiums sent sky-rocketing.

    So beware young families and mothers, straight or lesbian, with whom you make your bed. If your family can afford to give $100,000 to a political campaign, then any increase in health insurance is outweighed by the protection it provides a spouse’s assets, basically at the expense of others. Yet if you’re a hardworking low maintenance couple, who doesn’t care to support indifferent men who raise your medical costs while adopting children even though they have no regard whatsoever for motherhood; before you sleep with these blatant male chauvinists pigs, “who are so attractive, intelligent, stylish, and gay…so incredibly perfect that they wouldn’t have sex with a woman if they were the last humans on earth,” you might care to think, at least, of the children.

    Because ‘matrimony’, derived from the word ‘matron’-a woman with child- is an oath of husbandry to children and their families; if there’s no woman then there is no marriage. Moreover, sodomy must never be taught or exposed to children as anything other than a perversion. Where, although appliances can be safely inserted into the anus in order to stimulate the prostate gland, one must question why a man would desire such stimulation; as it is unnatural. And as more studies correlate sodomy with degrading prostate and rectal health, it is therefore also unhealthy. How, and at what age is this explained to children, and by whom? Also, what precautions and parameters should, or can be put in place to prevent inappropriate exposure? If natural parents can have their children taking away for various abuses, what abuses will gay parents be guilty of; how will they be prosecuted, how many kids will suffer, and at what cost?

    To conclude, the Federal Government and sound churches, temples, and mosques; black, white, yellow, and brown are right on this one, ‘gay marriage’ is against the law, and for good reason. But lesbianism and polygamy are not; as any amount of people, a whole community, the entire world can venerate mother and child. So by maternal families recognizing the ulterior motives of gays, and denying them access to children, they could yet secure the blessings of Liberty to themselves and their prosperity.

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