Estelle and Chris BrownWe can add Estelle to the list of folks who are over “the incident” and think Chris Brown deserves a break. In a recent chat with Vibe, the UK singer dropped a few words about her “International” collaborator.

Although she’s seen and heard the news like the rest of us, Estelle says she’s not one to judge Brown because she’s been talked about as well.

“I try not to judge because I’ve been judged a heck of a lot, and it don’t feel nice. I feel like Chris is an incredible singer, musician, dancer, entertainer, and brain box as far as business and that’s why I respect him and that’s where we meet at because I have nothing else to go on.”

While many point to celebs as role models and attempt to hold them to a higher standards, Estelle says ultimately that job falls to parents.

“Parents, raise your kids. Young men and women, raise your kids. Don’t let us raise your children. That’s my take on it.” She continued speaking about Breezy, “I respect him, I love him, he does amazing music, and has evolved. He’s worked his ass off, so why are people still crucifying him?”

Judging by his album sales, Grammy awards, and popularity since “the incident” I don’t think Brown’s career has suffered as much as some think.

  • Katy

    If you get drunk one time, should you be labeled as an alcoholic?
    Chris beat Rihanna once and he has the title of a “women beater.” (plural)

    I’m all for forgiveness but plural? He did it once… Unless I’m missing something here.

  • kissa

    Chris has time and time again made it hard for us to forgive him..Once he does something that we love him for he then takes ten steps back with stupid outburst on tweeter, the stolen phone incident etc…With every scandal it opens old wounds of what he has done..

  • omfg

    estelle has a new album coming out and should keep her mouth shut on this matter.

  • arlette

    umm you dont know that, she has never said that that was the only time he hit her and neither did he. have you been in an abusive relationship?
    so if a man rapes one woman he shouldnt be labled as a rapist. if a pedo abuses one kid he should not be called a child preditor.if a person kills once he should not be labled a killer. i dont think your way of thinking is right.

  • Katy

    SMH at myself… you’re completely right…

  • SWGH

    I’m sure he’s grateful for her public endorsement and that glowing praise. – _ -

  • chinaza

    I think she’s equating career success and celebrity status with character and that sounds naive.
    I can’t judge or hate Chris- I don’t know him.But any intelligent person would question his public behavior and statements, given the history of abuse. And rightfully ask whether he has fully dealt with his behavioral issues.
    It is not helpful to demonize this young man- emphasis on young- but it won’t help him to pretend that a magic wand of deceit or indifference will make it all go away.

  • Unknown

    This is the reason why Chris Brown is so spoiled. Everyone kisses his a$$ and we are surprised he continues to throw tantrums when he does not get things his way. The fact is he gotta deal with people bringing up that incident for the rest of his life. So instead of telling people to get over it, he should learn how to live with it. I’m not saying it is good to bring that up, but the way he reacts each time, lead me to believe that he still got a lot of growing up to do. If something bad happens to him, those people will regret spoiling him so much. It,s always it,s the world against C.B. but maybe it’s really Chris Brown against Chris Brown. Give him though love not excuse…

  • QCastle

    The question is, is he being crucified more so than anyone else would be? Perhaps.

  • E.M.S.

    I’ve been past the Rihanna incident (and still believe they both did things wrong), but I’m no longer a fan of Chris because of his attitude. He acts like a brat & throw temper tantrums like one when something doesn’t go his way. It’s time for him to grow up & be a professional.

    Until he does that, I have very little respect for him, but I admit some of his music is still pretty good.

  • Cantarah

    Chris Brown has been “crucified”, eh?

    That word.

    I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  • Kat

    Really Estelle??? Yet another bad role model for young black women right along with Rihanna and Nick Minaj. Young black girls need to learn that this behaviour is never ok and should not be forgiven!!! It’s not ok. Period. Stop supporting people who endorse the abuse and hatred of black women!

  • Unknown

    I wonder if these women would be singing the same song if Chris Brown looked anything like Flavor Flav… I’m all for forgiveness, but it’s even better when you see growth and maturity! babying him as if he is Willow Smith is a No No…

  • Bee

    Well, she’s not a very bright young woman, is she? She clearly doesn’t know the definition of the word “crucify,” nor does she realize that success is in no way synonymous with good character. *Shrugs* I never liked her music anyway, so it’s not like her amazing stupidity will prevent me from buying an album (her new one that’s coming out soon apparently) that I never intended to buy anyway.

    As for Chris Brown, he’s a grade-A douchebag – judging by the Rihanna incident and his public tantrums and antics ever since. The little bastard was never crucified but rather folks have spent more time kissing his behind and excusing his behavior, while spitting on Rihanna. That’s the reality.

    When it comes to domestic abuse, the only one who has my sympathy is the abused/battered. To beat someone to a pulp the way he did Rihanna (those images were awful) – that’s inexcusable. Period. For millions of people to make excuses for him (as if he just made a mistake) – that’s just pathetic and speaks volumes about how we view women (particularly black women) in our culture.

  • O’Phylia

    Because he sucks at his job in the first place.
    There. Now, there’s no reason to love CB.

  • apple

    Last time I checked Jesus didn’t do anything wrong.

  • SWGH

    O’Phylia says:
    March 16, 2012 at 4:30 am
    Because he sucks at his job in the first place.
    There. Now, there’s no reason to love CB.

    ^^^LMAO @ “There. Now there’s no reason to love CB.”

    Re: his singing – you only speak the truth.

  • gryph

    just goes to show you. make money and you’ll always have friends in the industry.

  • Mimi

    Totally agree Unknow. The fact is, there are things that you do in life that are gonna stick with you FOREVER so you better know how to handle it professionally when it inevitably comes back to haunt you. When you mention Chris, you usually thing about the beating, when you mention Bill Clinton you usually think Monica Lewinsky, etc. that’s just the way it is and Chris had better find a more mature way to start dealing with people who constantly bring it up. I’m amazed that his “handlers” let him do some of the crazy crap he’s done (i.e. twitter rants, idiotic interviews). But I guess all of this is moot to me since I’ve never bought any of his music anyway.

  • mamareese

    Look if the victim can forgive the matter then really we have no say. We didn’t suffer one blow or punch that he landed. Rihanna did…and if she can find it in her heart to work with him and move on from it….maybe it’s time we did too. Buy his music or not the choice is yours. I’m sure most of you still listen to TI, Lil Wayne and BeBe Winans music and all them other folks that’s been heemed up for a crime just like him…..Still buying up Whitney and MJ’s albums…talking about Mike Tyson and Mike Vike…..ALL of them had a fall from grace and look…they still got fans and lots of love. Move on…it may not be right…but neithier is holding a grug.

  • Presh7Hill

    “Parents, raise your kids. Young men and women, raise your kids. Don’t let us raise your children. That’s my take on it.”

    That’s all Estelle should have said. It answers everything about Chris Brown, Rihanna, Michael Vick/Jackson/Jordan/Tyson, and any other black famous person that has public issues.

  • Laina

    I agree with Estelle. But it is funny how Estelle comes to his defense but I doubt that Mr. Brown would even date someone or her hue. That blond hair on Chris, not a good thing.

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