Kanye West debuted his fashion line this fall to mixed reviews, but pieces from the fashionisto’s line are finally making their way to market. His first pair of shoes, created through a partnership with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti, is for sale through French retailer Colette. They retail for 4,420 €, or $5,800.

For those of you who clicked on this post just to comment that you’d never pay $5,800 for some shoes, I ain’t mad at you because neither would I! But don’t forget that anything popular enough will soon lead to knock-off versions that just may hit that magic Macy’s price range that could make rocking pearl-laden stilettos or whatever one would call these not such a bad idea. Or, you could go the low-budget route and cop Kanye’s black strappy design, which retails for a cool $705.

What do you think? Would you rock these?

  • pink

    TheBest: So the only reason you aren’t buying them is because you don’t have anywhere to wear them?!? Yeah Right!! Pleeeeeez….how about not buying them because of the price??

  • ThisIshRightHere

    The pearl shoes are BAD (could be the sorority girl in me, but whatever). I’d rock them with some itty bitty black shorts, a black lace cami or black satin tank top and as many pearls as I could fit around my neck. The price tag is moot as I do not have a spare 5.8k, but I consider them the epitome of shoe-icide.

  • http://Www.lovelabelscouture.com Eb Love

    I think they are Fabbbb & I def plan to buy a pair!

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