I love a man a man who stans for his wife, but I think Robin Thicke is confusing his devotion for wife Paula Patton with her actual acting skills.

But in a recent interview with TheYBF, Thicke was asked who he thought would be a good fit for the role. Although Thicke thinks there is no need to rush a Whitney Houston biopic, he feels his wife would be perfect for the role.

YBF: Who do you think should play Whitney Houston in a movie?

Robin: “My wife [Paula Patton]! She reminds me of Whitney Houston.  And when she was first starting, she was going out on auditions, they were like ‘ you know you remind me of that Halle Berry meets Whitney Houston.’ She got that a lot when she first started. So she’s been getting a lot of Twitter’s and Google’s about her playing Whitney Houston. But I think it’s way too soon. I think anybody that tries to do Whitney within the next year or two is a big mistake.”

“Everybody just wants to appreciate Whitney for the genius that she was, and let everything else come in a few years. Besides my remake of course. That wasn’t for attention, it was just out of appreciation. But everyone that’s gonna make a movie is gonna wanna make money off of it and it’s all gonna get jumbled and no one is gonna wanna tell the bad stuff because it’s too soon.  And then you wont get the real story that what makes a human being a human being is their greatness and weakness.  And Whitney was one of the greatest singers of all time, so it’s gonna be hard to tell that story honestly.”

What do you think…would Paula Patton be a good fit for the role of Whitney Houston? 

  • lostluv224

    She’s a horrible actress….but its cute he believes in his wife…but hell no

  • befree
  • omfg

    i would like to see a dark woman play whitney.

  • kidole

    maybe if she were tanner and didn’t have such a muscular frame…

  • kidole

    maybe if she were tanner, didn’t have such a muscular frame…and could act!

  • Alexandra

    Cute but I don’t think she’s a great actress either. Her complexion excludes her as well, but I think she can pull off ’80′s Whitney/curly hair’.

  • Bosslady

    Lol. I agree!!

  • Cia

    She doesn’t have to look exactly like Whitney…Denzel is about 3 shades darker than Malcom X…she is a decent actor and I see potential.

  • Jai

    Absolutely not!!!!!

  • So Over This Ish

    She doesn’t have to look exactly like her, but I think there should be some resemblance. No one in Hollywood quite has what Whitney had.

    Paula is a very pretty woman but Whitney had a very distinct beauty that would be difficult to emulate. She was a brown-skinned lady with something special about her. I don’t really see Paula being able to pull that off. I can’t really envision anyone being able to play Whitney because she was one of a kind.

    I look at it like this…many white actresses have played Marilyn Monroe, but very few have been able to capture the essence of what made her so special. It’s kind of the same thing with Whitney.

  • So Over This Ish

    I wonder who could do it, though? That would be a major role to fill.

    Gabrielle Union is gorgeous but I’m not sure that she would be the right one to play Whitney. I would love to see a beautiful chocolate sister play Whitney, as long as she can sing and act and she looks somewhat like Whit.

    I know, I know…I expect too much. LMBO!

  • Ms. Information

    Someone who sings should play her…no pantomiming please…

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com/ girlformerlyknownasgrace

    I still think Jennifer Hudson would be the best to play her. Closest singer, believable enough acting chops, and with the right make-up, she could do it. Would it be Whitney? No, but it would not be Paula, and that is better in itself.

    And I had no idea these 2 were married.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    Horrified at the mere thought of that!


    Girrrrrl……J-HUD CANNOT act! She did as a service in the Winnie biopic and I am still mad at that!

  • Dalili

    LOL @ not knowing these two are married, studying leave no time for frivolous reading?

    I don’t know about J-Hud playing Whitney. I know am going to be crucified for this post but I think her acting skills are mediocre; she did well in Dream Girls because it was more a musical than a movie. Her acting improved a bit in The Secret Life Of Bees but she still has a long way to go.

  • Creoleyaya


  • befree

    IMO if an actor doesn’t look like the person they MUST have extraordinary acting ability over come that deficiency. Like Denzel and Malcolm. Angela and Tina. Joaquin and Johnny Cash.

  • arlette

    i think it would be best if the actress playing whitney was the same race as her.

  • mdottwo

    In addition to her stellar voice, Whitney Houston’s stunning beauty and style
    set her apart from the rest of contemporary singers. Jennifer Hudson does
    not have the image nor the voice to do Whitney justice.

    Although I think it is too soon to produce a bio picture,
    perhaps a nation-wide search for the appropriate
    singer/actress should take place, prior to casting the role.

  • Tonton Michel

    Seriously, who else was he going to say?

  • Candy 1

    Aw, cute. She can’t act that well, though. What about Beyonce or Meagan Good?

    Just kidding.

    Not really surprised that he sees his own wife playing Whitney.

  • So Over This Ish

    Very true!

  • Jean

    Jennifer Hudson would make a HORRIBLE Whitney Houston. Her body type and facial features and speaking/singing voice are completely different from Whitney’s. The only similarity is they are both brown skinned. I know it is politically incorrect to say this, but a huge part of Whitney’s mass appeal in the mid/late 80s-90s had to do with her looks and the fact that her beauty fit into white standards. Whitney had a great voice no doubt, but there were other black women during that time that could sing just as well as she could (i.e. Angela Winbush, Vesta Williams). What separated Whitney from a lot of other powerful black female singers was her song choices (Whitney sang a lot of pop songs that appealed to Caucasian listeners) and her cover girl looks. She was a lot like Lena Horne in that regard. There is no way Jennifer Hudson can pull that off. The best person to play Whitney right now as it stands would be Joy Bryant in my opinion. I also think that Halle Berry (at least from a visual stand point) could have pulled off Whitney say 10-15 years ago. Paula Patton does have Whitney’s facial features, but her fair skin tone may distract from the role.

  • binks

    No,paula is not a good actresses she virtually plays the same role so I can’t see her tackling something as heavy as Whitney Huston, Hollywood needs to find more talented black actors/actresses period. No offense to the ones we have but I would love to see some fresh up and comers

  • Please Excuse Me

    Noooooooooooo, Paula absolutely not. I think Joy Bryant would be good for the role.

  • S.LW

    Omg I compelely forgot all about Joy Bryant! Looks wise shed be perfect but are her acting skills up to par? I mean I’ve only seen her in Antoine Fisher and that 50 Cent movie really…

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com/ girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Then they should pick a complete nobody, and emphasize the storyline. IDC. But, I think that in the decision making process, voice counts (slightly) more than looks, JUST because it is Whitney.

    And J Hud can always lose weight for the role (didnt she lose weight for weight watchers?), and that is what make-up crew is for. Like I said no one looks exactly like WH.

    I could see how J Hud would have trouble playing up the softer sides of Whitney.

    BUT! I will crucify them if it was a light-skinned Whitney Hudson. That just wouldn’t be right.

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com/ girlformerlyknownasgrace

    @Dalil, i try to keep up with these things, I try! LOL

  • Alicia

    Yesssssss!! I was just telling my bf this the other night. Joy Bryant is constantly overlooked in the industry, but she’s an amazing actress from what I’ve seen on Parenthood. She would make a great Whitney.

    Good call. :)

  • Beautiful Mic

    *eye roll* – the only similarity between her and Whitney Houston is the apparent substance addiction and the smile she constantly wears to cover up the fact that she’s often as high as a kite. Oh, and the lesbian rumors….that’s it for similarities between Paula Patton and Whitney Houston.

    Also, Whitney Houston was a better actress than her.

  • Beautiful Mic

    I was sitting here trying to think which black actress would play a good WH, and you’re so right. Joy Bryant would be excellent!

  • Reason

    An unknown, who resembles Whitney…

  • Jean

    I don’t think Jennifer Hudson can be made up enough to look like Whitney even with make up. In spite of losing weight, her facial features are too broad and she would look ridiculous in those 80s outfits and the blonde hair. The producers would be better off just darkening up Paula Patton because she has almost the exact same facial features as Whitney (if we are just going off strictly by looks). I also think that singing is not quite as essential to the role as acting skills because a good actress can always lip sing. Furthermore, even though both Jennifer and Whitney are/were great singers and have big voices, they have completely different voice types. They really just need to cast Joy Bryant before she gets too old and call it a day.

  • So Over This Ish

    I guess this shows that I’m out of the loop because I didn’t know that Joy Bryant still had an acting career! Damn…where have I been?

    I haven’t seen an episode of “Parenthood” in so long. But yes, Joy is a possible choice to play Whitney…I never considered her until y’all mentioned it. She is beautiful but can she sing? Does she have what it takes to play one of the world’s most talented divas?

    Like I said before, the actress who plays this role needs to bring her A game because Whitney Houston can’t be played by just anyone.

    BTW, is Joy still a model? Does anyone know what she is up to these days?

  • Penny

    Kelly Roland looks the part. I wonder if she can act…

  • LBC

    That’s what I’m saying! She’s his wife, of course that would be his answer. lol Let him make it…

  • http://pervertedalchemist.blogspot.com Perverted Alchemist

    Instead of playing Whitney Houston, Paula Patton should stick to dancing around half naked in her husband’s videos- and she can’t even do that right!!!

    Maybe it’s time for her to call it a day in the acting field and go back to producing shows for the Discovery Channel…

  • http://www.olskoolblackflix.com/ Sindy

    It’s nice that Robin Thicke is plugging his wife’s non-acting skills but…no. Maybe it’s because her alleged love for the white girl has gotten out of control and he sees a role like this as a form of therapy, IDK.

    As for those saying someone is too dark or light, we have to remember that Diana Ross does not look or sound like the late Billie Holiday. And you could attribute it to being the flavor of the month for a looooong time back in the day or that Berry Gordy just had it like that but she did get a Oscar nom.

    So J-Hud doesn’t have it on that level, Bey is overexposed, Gabby Union is too stiff, if Vivica had left her face alone…maybe for older WH and cute as poor Kelly Rowland is she will never have it either.

    I would go with Meagan Good for younger WH and Joy Bryant for older WH.

  • Mr Jay

    It feels ghoulish talking about a bio in the first place. Paula seems like a sweet person and I actually liked her in Precious and JTB but for this…no.

  • Stormy

    She looks like Whitney to me. Who knows, she may do a good job. People improve in time and with experience. People stop being so judgmental and hard ! Robin would not put her out there if he did not think she was prepared to do it and get hurt behind it. Who ever they get I hope they pick the right one. I still have not gotten over the Audrey Hepburn catastrophe !! The girl may have had her body a little, but her looks definitely not ! She could not act ! They should have got someone that captured Audrey’s eyes, there was something about her eyes and then her beauty.

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