Forbes black billionaires list

Forbes magazine recently released its list of billionaires, and among 1,226 who made the list, six of them are black. 

Despite lackluster ratings and a rocky start, Oprah Winfrey still makes the cut. The media mogul and philanthropist is worth a whopping $2.7 billion, and is still the wealthiest black woman in the world.

Ethiopian-born oil barron Mohammed Al-Amoudi tops the list of black billionaires with a net worth of approximately $12.5 billion. Although he migrated to Saudi Arabia as a child, he remains committed to Ethiopia.  Al-Amoudi recently invested $3.4 billion in the country, and he owns a 5-star hotel in Addis.

Nigerian Aliko Dangote topped the black billionaires list last year, but because of the down stock market, he slipped to second place. Dangote is Africa’s richest man, worth about $11.2 billion. Dangote’s investment firm, the Dangote Group, is the country’s largest conglomerate, with investment in Nigeria, Zambia, Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa.

Also from Nigeria, oil and telecom investor Mike Adenuga is one of Africa’s wealthiest men.Worth $4.3 billion, Adenuga is at the helm of  Conoil Producing Company, Nigeria’s largest home-grown oil exploration company.

South Africa touts its first black billionaire in Patrice Motsepe. The lawyer turned businessman is worth $2.7 billion and is the Executive chairman and part owner of African Rainbow Mineral. Motsepe also owns part of Mamelodi Sundowns, a South African football (soccer) club.

Sudanese-born telecom giant Mo Ibrahim is not only wealthy (he’s worth $1.1 billion), but he’s also concerned about Africa’s future. Although he lives in the UK, Ibrahim donates $5 million a year to democratically-elected African leaders who are serious about democracy and fair leadership. Additionally, Ibrahim founded Satya Capital, a private equites firm that invests solely in African companies.


  1. Tonton Michel

    Bet you they subscribe to trickle down economics.

  2. These were the families who sold their own brothers and sisters into Slavery or in other words, sold their man power into slavery for trade offs.

    • What has this article (or any of those people) got to do with slavery? Get over yourself and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps

  3. Socially Maladjusted


    who congratulates people for being rich

    brainwashed fools also who aspire to live off the labour of others and off mineral wealth they didn’t create.

    How can someone claim to be an oil billionaire? Did they make the oil? no oil is found in the earth, so what gives any fool the right to control oil rich land?

    Furthermore, no individual can produce a billion dollars worth of work, even in a 100 lifetimes, which means the work of 100s of 1000s is being underpaid so that one parasite can swish around calling himself a billionaire.

    Anyone who can’t has see that has a caged mind.

    Bout black billionaires

    I suppose we have to celebrate these scumbags as black heros now right?

    nah – no chance

    this is why there must a global revolution of the only true slient majority – the world’s impoverished black and brown peoples, to overthrow this predatory system and rid ourselves of the scum who operate it and their brainwashed servants, once and for all.

    It’s the only way we’re going to have any peace justice and security in this life.

    hock and spit

  4. @ Chick, South Africa and Egypt are doing quite well. I’m South African And i can tell you that you’d be surprised like most people who were here for the soccer world cup were. SA is the continent’s biggest economy and has one of the greatest stock exchanges. Our economy is bigger than some European economies in terms of GDP. Google FACTS ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA.

  5. Black people in Africa, the diaspora and North America should strive to uplift a race that has been self deafiting and feeling pitty for itself instead of dissing one another

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