Oh dear.

Over the weekend Mike Epps’ 18-year-old daughter Bria released an audio of her father going HAM. His comments, which pushed way past parental discipline, led the teen to file a police report with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police claiming she was afraid of her famous dad.

So, how did they even get there?

Depending on which party you talk to, the argument either began after Epps appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and only shouted out two of his children (he has four), leaving Bria feeling slighted, or it began much earlier after the teen asked her dad for a lump sum of money to pay for her college tuition.

TMZ reports:

Bria tells TMZ, the argument started when Mike appeared on an episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” earlier this month and gave a shout out to two of his kids — but that didn’t sit well with his other offspring … who were pissed at the snub.

Bria — whom Mike fathered before he married his current wife — tells us, she called Mike to express her feelings, and when things got heated … she threatened to “air some family drama” to the media.

According to the police report, Mike flipped at the threat — claiming he’d “f**k her up” and “cause her and her mom and grandmother problems.” So, Bria filed the report.

But sources close to Mike tell us, the tension started before the WW show – because Bria asked for Mike to give her lump sums of cash to pay for her college tuition. We’re told Mike refused, insisting on paying the school directly … and that’s when Bria snapped and made the threat.

No matter who is to blame, I can’t imagine my father ever talking to me in such a way. Although Bria may have been wrong to say she would expose her father’s secrets, cursing her out like she is a stranger and calling her all sort of names just seemed like overkill on her father’s part.

But it seems like Mike has seen the error of his ways. TMZ caught up with the comedian and he said that he still loves his daughter.

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What do you think? If you were a parent, would it be ever ok to talk to your child like that?

  • Libby

    I noticed Bria part of the conversation is mysteriously missing?

  • Tonton Michel

    Like father like daughter, both acting like clowns, at least the kid has the excuse of being a spoiled brat, what’s the dad’s excuse.

  • Alexia P.

    Exactly, missing Bria’s part of the conversation. This is a different day and age, so raising children requires something different. Calling her out her name is a bit much, but if it was tuition, why was paying the school direct a problem. He didn’t say no, he said “not directly to you.” Keep in mind this happens everyday, with other than famous people, what we need is to be able to slap a child silly to get them some act right when they first start smelling themselves. One good time…

  • Blue

    I agree with him sending the money directly to the school. But I don’t agree with him talking to her (or any female) like that. Especially a young woman. Who cares about not hearing her side of the conversation. Respect goes both ways. He was talking to her like she was a grown man around his age. What father would like it if his daughter’s boyfriend talked to her like that? The father would be ready to find the boyfriend & f**K him up. Mike Epps lost some cool points in my book.

  • Humanista

    I’ve never fixed it up in my mind to threaten a parent, so that was out of order, and the release of this recording definitely DRIPS spite. However, to be the PARENT and allow yourself to get so upset that you go in on your daughter talking about “effin her up” and calling her a b*tch is unacceptable. The responsible thing would have been to ACT like the father, apologize for not mentioning her and the other sibling on TV, end the discussion and just go on and give the money to the school directly anyway OR tell her she better work on getting a loan. I’ve been flipped out on by a parent, and seen it happen to other people but I have NEVER known anyone to use that type of language on their own child. She was not just some hoodrat from off the street.

    But…sheesh, whatever those secrets are, they must be EXTRA dirty to elicit a response like that!

  • c0c0puffz

    Daddy never called us out our name. He was quiet but you knew when he was pissed. My mom on the under hand was completely opposite. She would curse us, call us names, and beat us silly if we acted up. The only reason this girl or grown woman is acting out is because no one set boundaries earlier. If I asked for money and daddy said no that was the end of the conversation.

  • Mr. Man

    Daddie if you don’t give me my school money Imma tell everybody about you and Charlie Murphy back in the day…..

    Nah j/k, no father should ever talk to his offspring like that no matter how upset he is.

  • Mr. Man

    oh for crying out loud I really need to slow it down…

    edit: *daddy / dad / pops whatever..

  • mskeeinmd

    I agree with your comment. He could have paid the school tuition directly, but cussing her out like she’s no one is unacceptable parenting. He went way over board.

  • LaDreaming86

    I wonder if this had been a boy doing this to his father would people be quick to villify him and call him all kinds of names in the comments of the article like I have seen on pretty much every urban blog site.


    This has to be about more than money for him to become so belligerent and call her the Devil and a b*tch.

  • SickOfRidiculous

    That was one of the first things I noticed also, Libby. There’s no telling what the child said for him to blow up that way. Judging from the conversation, she seems to be extremely disrespectful. He just may be at the end of his rope.

  • Gina

    Parents should not curse at their children no matter what gender or age. It is the ultimate sign of disrespect.

  • LaDreaming86

    Obviously, Gina. No where did I express that it was okay for a parent to curse at their children depending on their age or gender.

    When a girl/woman expresses her emotions, she is deemed as being irrational, gets called all kinds of derogatory names and is said to “must have done something to provoke” the other party to be nasty toward her.

    Thing is, if it had been a mother talking to her son that way, people would feel bad for the son and calling the mother a ‘crazy b*tch’. My point is that people are quick to put a girl/woman at fault for a man’s poor behavior, and this is evidenced by all of the nasty comments toward Mike Epps’ daughter on the urban blogs I have also read this story on. If this had been a son and father thing, people would just say that the son is ‘angry for not having his father around’.

  • mamareese

    Another celeb kid seeking 15mins of fame.

  • overseas_honeybee

    3 sides to everys story (Hers, His and the truth) but there’s alot more going on underneath the surface for Mike to speak to his daughther like some random cat off the streets. He went all the way in and its sad their relationship had to get to this level. Hope they can pull it together and move forward.

  • Libby

    I care because children don’t have the right to be verbally abuse to a parent either. He said ” I don’t know what possessed you to talk to me like that”. Yes I do want to know what she said because she knew it would illicit that type of response THAT’S why she taped it and left her comments out. Being a parents doesn’t mean you don’t lose your temper sometimes and people forget that. Parents have feelings too. His daughter said ” “You not going to nothing, all you do is talk”. Does that sound like someone scared to you? Please that 18 year young WOMAN is far from this young impressionable child. She had a mission and I see some of you fell for it. Think about this. How did we even hear this tape? If you answer Bria, it seems she followed through on her threat to her father.

  • Leslie Hawkins

    I want to hear the whole conversation not just the parts that she wants us to hear, i dont beleive that is fair. since you put him on blast allow us to hear it all so we can put you on blast as well not just him

  • Leslie Hawkins

    i understand what you are saying but sometimes us as Parents do lose control and as everybody know when we do at times we say things that are a little harsh but like i said before where is her part of the conversation again i dont think its fair to just post one side of a conversation i think she got the response she wanted

  • Fox

    Right. The little bit I heard her say sounded very smartmouthed and sarcastic. If this was really about tuition then there wouldn’t have been a problem to pay school directly. She’s on some mess and sometimes you need to get talked to like a grown person on the street if that’s what you’re acting like. Whatever, there’s more to the story.

  • http://youtube.com/thebaseshow BASE

    Remenber Mike Epps Makes money using curse words. I dont ever agree with calling your daughter a b .But when u use those words all the time its easy to say them in the heat of anger. This story is now a family issue that they will have to deal with everyone else should butt out

  • Dude

    Well after hearing the full audio clip (on another site) I have come the the conclusion the the reason is because of the not claiming all of his kids, it obviously hurt her. But on the other hand if i were to talk to my father or any other elder like that i would have had the taste slapped out of my mouth. It’s just the case of someone not considering others feelings I’m sure for any person if you parent went on and basically acted like he only had 2 kids knowing that they didn’t even acknowledge you would expect that there would be some sort of internal issue. But in all honesty at the end of the day right is right and wrong is wrong and he could have handled that situation in a better way.

  • Tameka

    Reading between the lines, apparently there has been some issues between Epps, his daughter, the mother and the grandmother. If the man said he would pay the school directly he obviously has a problem putting money in any of their hands. There has to have been several incidents, conversations and arguments that have revolved around money. Epps is a successful entertainer and money. I don’t doubt he feels his ex wife and daughter are money hungry. However this does not excuse his language towards his daughter. No father should speak down to his child regardless the situation because they are the parent (the adult). Communication is the key for this family. There are a lot of holes in the story above anyway.

  • bran

    she is an idiot she is a selfish and disrespectful little brat , if that was my daughter with a smart mouth like that wit nothin but greed man i would have beat her like no tommorow

  • Michelle Hill

    I was never spoken to like this by anyone none the less my father!! However she was wrong I thought he said no paying for her collge but tunes out he did what a sensible parent/person would do suggest he pays the school directly. If your parents ate not together and one of your parents weather they ate famous/rich or not you will always feel like they treat their children in their currently relationship better. Even taking the finances out they see them day to day since they live with them and of course you dot have that but want that duh doesn’t take a shrink to figure that out.

    She spoiled and obviously a liar bc if she wteuly anted the money for school her ungrateful ass would have said thank you daddy and that would have been it.

    Where is this getting her?? Parents are people and they make mistakes I hope that they will forgive like families do and work it out. Bc at the end of the day we making all our comments/suggestions shouldn’t mean a thing Gotham bc albeit this is family business.

  • Parent

    These children grow up in this day in time think they have the right to say what they want in we can’t respond. I have been pushed too bi.. Sometimes yes comes to mind.

  • http://twitter.com/Author_JGail J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    I can’t believe I never heard about this — mike epps is one of my favorite comedians.

    Another thing I can’t believe is how so many people fail to see the real issue here. It is not so much about $$ as it is about how he didn’t shout her out as his daughter on that show. That was wrong. You should claim your kids whether in public or private. That hurts. That girl is hurting — she is acting that hurt out by trying to hurt him. it’s as simple as that. Children don’t pop out the womb bad, disrespectful and spoiled, they are mirrors of their parents.

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