Wednesday, ABC News obtained video from the Sanford PD that showed George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer, as he was being led into the police station for questioning. The video, which shows a well-built Zimmerman getting out of the police car unassisted and without blood or bruises to his face and head, contradicts his claims that Martin bashed his head into the concrete, broke his nose, and began viciously beating him.

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This video comes on the heels of the information that the lead detective in the case wanted to arrest Zimmerman because he didn’t believe his self-defense story, but was overruled by Sanford PD’s former police chief, Bill Lee.

Wednesday night also saw the apparence of George Zimmerman’s father, retired judge Robert Zimmerman, who condemned the NAACP, President Obama and others for their “hate” against his son. The elder Zimmerman told MyFoxOrlando that his son was in fear for his life and that Martin was viciously attacking him before the shooting. However, the police surveillance video and the Florida funeral director who prepared Trayvon Martin’s body contradicts Zimmerman’s claims.

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman interview:

Last night on MSNBC’s the Last Word, the funeral director told host Lawrence O’donnell that he did not see signs of a vicious fight (no abrasions to the hands or knuckles), as Zimmerman claims, on Trayvon’s body–only a gunshot wound.

In light of these latest developments, the attorneys for the Martin family are hoping for an arrest of the man who killed their son.

  • Sasha

    I saw this video and the first thing I thought was “there goes his defense”. Now there are documented accounts that say he received medical treatment for the cuts he supposedly received so that could explain why he looks cleaned up HOWEVER what about that broken nose he supposedly sustained? Wouldn’t there have been some kind of tape or brace on his face to set his nose had it been broken? Wouldn’t his face have been swollen and possibly he might have had a black eye or two? His clothes look very clean, no visible sign of a struggle unless he was allowed to change. Sorry Mr. Zimmerman not buying it and most cognitive Americans aren’t either.

  • Laugh

    I can’t believe people are even buying any of this killers stories. Just shows how messed up things are especially when you black! But thank God for the video!

  • omfg

    there are still things i don’t get.

    apparently he said travon banged his head against the sidewalk. i have to believe that if someone banged my head against the pavement that i might require stitches if not a visit to the hospital to get a ct scan to determine potential internal damage.

    also, if zimmerman was following trayvon in a vehicle, how/why/when did he get out of the vehicle? and if he got out of the vehicle, did he have a gun in his hand? or did he run back to the car to get the gun when there was a physical confrontation? if he ran back to his car, why didn’t he just stay in his car, lock the doors , roll up the windows and drive away?

    and, at what point did the police respond to zimmerman’s initial 911?

    oh, and since zimmerman’s dad is a retired judge, well, now we understand a little bit why he got off.

    this is a damn shame. was there even an autopsy done on trayvon?

  • bk chick

    Some people are still trying to rationalize this video…cognitive dissonance is a bitch! But, the way I see it, the minute George got out of his car to play cop he got whatever was coming to him, so he was still in the wrong sans the alleged beating.

  • Poriwoggu

    Did anyone actually look at the video fullscreen?

    1. George appears to be a little dazed.
    2. George has a 2-3 inch wound on the back of his head that one police officer spends some time inspecting.
    3. There is a large obvious blood stain on the front of the jacket. The jacket must have been zipped up when he was attacked.

  • entro

    You are LYING. Ive watced this video five times. there is NONE of what you said on there. You are telling people dont believe their lying eyes. More propoganda from the zimmerman camp

  • apple

    @Poriwoggu if you reach any harder you might fall out of your chair

  • Cia

    From what I saw I didn’t see any injuries that support his story of being viciously attacked by Trayvon, maybe there is a scratch but certainly no major injuries. Also, if he did receive medical attention why are there no bandages on the cuts on the back of his head or for his broken nose? So many unanswered questions.

    I will just wait for the police photographs that were taken of Mr. Zimmerman since he is claiming to be the victim. I am an attorney and I have represented clients in criminal court and usually they take pictures of injuries as a normal part of compiling the police file. If there are no pictures then again the Sanford PD have proven to be either a part of a cover-up or simply incompetent.

  • Sexy Mix

    2.another lie.
    3.and yet another lie.

  • Sasha

    I know that Clutch magazine is a forum that likes to promote discussion and hear the thoughts of their readers but Poriwoggu please for your own sake just shut the f*ck up. Have a good day.

  • Dalili

    @Poriwoggu: Were you watching the same video?

    (a) Zimmerman doesn’t appear dazed at all! If he were, the policemen would have helped him into the building. You are right though, he should be dazed given that by his account Trayvon bashed his head into the concrete side walk several times. Dude should have been more bloodied or in the hospital with a concussion if we are to believe his story.

    (b) The policeman spends about 10 seconds max inspecting the wound on the back of his head.

    (c) If he did indeed had a large blood stain on the front of his jacket, the police men should have been wearing gloves so as not to contaminate evidence and taken the jacket to gather DNA for blood spatter etc. Believing you would confirm what many have believed about the Sanford Police from the beginning, that they were sloppy and dropped the ball in several instances.

    April 10th can’t get here soon enough.

  • mamareese

    I felt a coverup was going on. Ew his dad’s an exjudge…more foolishness to come. Here’s what worries me….this can lead to tampering, witnesses being thrown out and all. I’m worried this might get thrown out because of how it’s being handled…….this boy may never see justice by the laws hands if these kinds of mistakes keep happening.

  • binks

    Right! The self defense was a lie from the jump I don’t know why people are trying to rationalize this, this case is pretty open and shut why people are dragging their feet when the evidenvce clearly points to wrongful death based on circumstances that Zimmerman clearly cause is a misuse of the justice system in and of itself. Hell a 1L law student and an entering police officer could finish this case

  • entro

    I don’t know if you are old enough to remember Rodney king,there was a video and because of the jury being all white , the cops that beat him were acquitted.

  • Ben Dover

    If you wanna murder a black kid and not be charged; it helps if your dads a judge…. Just ask George…

  • minna k.

    this is for a t shirt (or bumper sticker if you live outside of nyc.)

  • fgsl

    Gosh, I guess it’s back to the copy room for poor Britni Danielle after the photo ABC ran yesterday.

  • Omar Santiago

    so the latest video shows zimmerman was attacked and bloody, lol, i love how yall jumped the gun on this one.

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