Recently, former NBA baller Allen Iverson made headlines when he asked a divorce court judge to toss out his wife’s divorce petition because he claims they were still getting it in until recently.

The couple has had a rocky relationship for years, and Iverson’s ex, Tawanna, said she finally had enough when the former Philadelphia 76’s star allegedly took out $20,000 from their joint account to buy jewelry, but couldn’t afford to feed their children.

Iverson, who was recently sued for a $375,000 unpaid jewelry bill, has been experiencing some money woes lately and some speculate whether or not his attempt to throw out Tawanna’s petition is really just a slick way to get out of child support.

Hearing about the (very) messy details of Allen and Tawanna’s divorce made me think of all of the people who get themselves into sticky situations because they’re still sexing their ex. While it might not lead to as dramatic an episode as this, sleeping with your ex can cause its own sets of problems.

But surely there must be a time when getting it on with your ex doesn’t cause angry tweets or profanity-laced Facebook posts, right?

When it comes to sex with an ex…is it a do or a don’t?

Speak on it, folks!

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  • DO!!! DO DO DO….

  • Don’t don’t don’t. Sever those ties!

  • Tiffany

    Sleeping with an ex is comfortable, familiar, and safe. So I understand the appeal to, shoot, I’ve done it a few times. In the end, they are called “ex” for a reason and some look at the sexual encounter as a means of reconsiliation when in reality, one (or both) just wanted some. It’s better for all parties involved to just move on. So to answer the question, it’s a don’t.

  • kissa

    A big time DON`T! They are EX`s for a REASON…

    • what if the reason is he just happened to be too ugly?! Like c’mon, now.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    do it. i certainly did………

    • will be there Friday, pick me at the Amtrak station…