Recently, a disturbing video surfaced of L.A. rapper The Game on stage in Adelaide, Australia.

During the video, a young female fan on stage gets repeatedly groped by men in the rapper’s entourage while he yells to the girl to, “show off your titties.”

When the woman is unwilling to flash the crowd, one man grabs the woman’s breasts, and another tries to pull off her top. The woman is able to keep her clothes on and when it becomes apparents she won’t get naked, she’s pushed off stage while The Game tells her, “You shouldn’t have brought your ass on stage.”

When women’s groups in Australia called The Game out for his entourage’s behavior, his response was to go on a Twitter rant.

His flippant response to a very real case of sexual assault is disheartening and continues to reinforce the notion that victims “should have known better” than to get assaulted in the first place. While some, like celeb blogger Nicole Bitchie, have condemned The Game’s behavior as “disgusting,” many others have doubled down on the victim blaming.

While it may have been easy for artists to get away with despicable behavior in the past, one thing is clear: the availability of cell phone cams and social media networks makes it nearly impossible for these deplorable acts to go by unnoticed.

  • JL

    This is disgusting and disturbing. I hope more attention is brought to this case of assault and he and his entourage are held accountable.

  • OSHH

    His actions are beyond boorish. It seems that far too many men just don’t respect women even at just a basic human level. I don’t enjoy hip hop as I once did as a youth. Most of it I cannot stand along with the depraved lifetsyles it promotes and camoflages all at once.

  • African Mami

    And we wonder why black men are perceived as being the lowest common denominator! What in the world. There is already a perception about us out there, why continue to perpetuate it?! We also owe it to ourselves to rectify our image!

  • Natalie


  • BNWW

    Add the n-word use to this misogynistic behavior and then it’s easy to see why this derogatory racial slur continues to be a word that we should only use when referencing it in its historical context (educating!).

  • African Mami

    There’s even a video of him spitting on fans-to be precise women. To think, I was going to marry this dude. How delusional of me! I am so disappointed in him. I liked him.I was going to be his ride or die. Guess not.

  • E

    Let this be the end of this mans career.

  • LN

    How are his actions different from his words/lyrics? Are we really surprised? Why women support this idiot’s music….I will never understand.

  • Yb

    Is that supposed to be justification for the Game’s actions?

    If David Duke makes a song saying “Kill all niggers” and his actions match the lyrics in his songs, with house negreos supporting him do we forfeit the right to be surprised and condem his actions? No, we would still speak out against him.

    So why doesn’t the same apply to the Game?

  • LuLu

    But yet if that was his daughter he’d be ready to kill someone! The nerve of these rappers!!

  • LN

    YB GTFOH!!!, clearly you’re an idiot. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING!!!! justifies this fool’s actions. I have no respect for this “artist” as a person nor do i care for his music. He is disrespectful in his words and his actions. I’m not surprised he would do something like this especially when his music is a reflection of his actions. This is not the first time he’s acted in a disrespectful manner. Is this the first time, you are hearing about this guy? Again, I don’t support anything this fool represents and I’m not surprised by his actions. What did you expect from this type of individual? Decency? GTFOH!!!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I am so disgusted.

  • Yb

    LOL. Wow. U mad?

    Your previous comment absolved all responsibility from the Game’s behavior by stating no one should be surprised. I heard of the Game’s actions and the nonsense he spews in his so called “music” BUT one can still be disgusted, outrage, AND surprised when seeing such misogynist acts occur.

    And if you cannot argue your point without resorting to childish name calling, LN than that clearly makes YOU the idiot.

  • Tonton Michel

    Yeah this was messed up but I am not surprised, he needs to be checked.

  • apple

    @african mami … you have slain me, please give my family my life insurance policy because you…i cant! i love you!!!

  • Yeahright2011

    Welp, its nice to know that we’ve started exporting our trash (BBW, RHOA, rappers, etc). SMH

  • JaeBee

    Agreed. Let’s see how he responds in another 16 years or so when his daughter “Cali” is degraded on stage, and commanded to “lick [her] titties”, and is felt up without her permission, in front of an audience of ignorant beings.

  • Chnyere

    SEE, that is the thing, u go to a rap concert where they calling girls b***ches, telling them to bend over and speaking to them like they deserve no respect. And you dancing and singing to the music, pumping up the artist like he is ‘God’ ( e.g. ‘ I love u’ and trying to get on stage) you are pretty much agreeing with what he is say. ” Yea, I am a b***h,” your actions say I agree with u and if I get up on that stage I will do whatever u want me to ( i.e. the shit he been raping about). Truth hurts.
    BUT, no means on, no matter what.

  • chanela

    why is anybody surprised? hes a RAPPER. aka the most disrespectful vile creatures ever. this is a music genre that glorifies rape,murder,gang violence,promiscuity, misogyny,prostitution, and baby mamaism. notice how all the biggest problems ain the black community are ALL praised in rap?

    i can’t believe people have the nerve to call rap “black culture” hell no.

  • N****Please…

    Of course, let’s just ignore all the white men cheering in the crowd and while we are at it, let’s ignore all the stories of white frats sexually assaulting women in colleges. Let’s ignore all the stories of rape that come from “clean” white middle class communities and pretend like only MOC sexually assault.

    Yes, you remind me of Rush Limbaugh: quick to conclude, slow to contextualize

  • Wuluwulu

    @ N****Please

    Because others do it does that mean we have to do it too? Should we not choose to hold ourselves at a high standard irrespective of what others are doing? I think this is one of the biggest problem among some of us, as soon as there is any criticism as far as base behavior is concerned, we start spewing that others are doing it too. We all know that the greatest atrocities done in the history of mankind have been committed by white men. But that does not excuse us of bad behavior.

  • gemcee1111

    I love hip hop-my hip hop does not discriminate against race or culture…my hip hop certainly does not disrespect or sexually assault hip hop is not The Game. How disgusting for this to happen to her and a huge round of applause to this girl for respecting herself..even with the pressure of all those people around.

  • gemcee1111

    As a sidenote, If you have ever attended concerts such as: Common, De la Soul, Brother Ali, Krs One..this doesn’t happen. Choose your Hip Hop wisely. People also still love Chris Brown..WTF is up with that? Make good choices people.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “why is anybody surprised? hes a RAPPER. aka the most disrespectful vile creatures ever.”

    So a rapper is worse than a rapist, killer or child molester, huh? I see now…

    “this is a music genre that glorifies rape,murder,gang violence,promiscuity, misogyny,prostitution, and baby mamaism. ”

    Gangsta rap…maybe (Which no one has listened to in about 20 years). But hip hop as a whole? Nah, man, you’re all kinds of wrong! I expect this statement to come from someone who knows nothing about hip hop in general from the little bit they hear on the radio.

    ” notice how all the biggest problems ain the black community are ALL praised in rap?”

    Addressed? Yes. Praised? Hell, no! I find it funnyabout problems that have existed long before hip hop was even created give people the audacity to throw shade at hip hop. When Black people start addressing issues instead of sweeping them under the rug like they always do (Examples: teenage pregnancy, out of wedlock births, Black on Black crime and colorism- all of which existed long before hip hop’s existence), I might give Black folks the benefit of the doubt. Until then, I look at Black folks the same way I always have- incessant whiners with no real solutions other than blaming and scapegoating.

    “i can’t believe people have the nerve to call rap “black culture” hell no.”

    And this is the only thing you’re right on. Rap is not a part of Black culture- it’s a part of hip hop culture. Hip hop culture and Black culture are in no way synonymous. There are a lot of things I find offensive in Black culture and hip hop is at the very bottom of the list of things.

  • African Mami

    @ N****Please,

    May the devil that told you to associate me with Rush Limbo, flee from thee!!!!! FLEE I COMMAND THEE! FLEE.

    Re-read what I wrote. I was not bashing black men. Wat the fuggers.

  • Pseudonym

    @gemcee: NOT TRUE. I stopped being a fan of Common after witnessing him at a concert at the Johns Hopkins University (2007) where he brought one of my classmates on stage and picked her up and humped her like a dog. Ironically right after he sang “What would I do if God was a her…?”

    I told a friend about it an apparently he performs that routine at all his concerts

    Here’s an example:

  • binks

    This dude still have fans and a career?….you learn something new everyday….but the video is disgusting and pathetic I can’t even call them men

  • E.M.S.

    The video is truly unsettling. I lost count of the number of times she had those disgusting dogs grabbing at her chest. I’m appalled by this behavior and how The Game clearly has no respect for this girl (and women in general).

    She should sue him & his crew for the incident. And I’m certain the two men physically responsible for touching her can be arrested.

  • Bee

    Not surprised. This is why the only (male) rappers I support are Lupe Fiasco, The Roots, and Mos Def. I can’t be bothered about the rest of these jerks.

  • OSHH

    @ Pseudo, exactly, Common doesn’t know who he wants to be these days, cause he certainly has a tinge of misogyny in his lyrics as well. *recent controversy with Maya A*

  • Mocha

    Now, this is the same dude who has a daughter, how would he feel if strange men felt her up? With that being said..if these “rappers” are so high in demand with females, why do they feel the need to feel on women? I mean..that’s an oxymoron…if you have a bunch of women who love you, why when a woman come in contact with you or your people you have to treat her as if she’s the last piece of azz you will ever get?! It’s disgusting and the same way we all stuck together and called out Too Short for his BS we need to stick together and call Game out on his BS. As I’ve stated before, young boys and men look to these men as role models and aspire to be like them. So you can’t be mad that your man has no respect for you when he BELIEVES what fools like this say in their songs and can’t seperate REALITY from ENTERTAINMENT.

  • QCastle

    Throwing her off stage was probably the best thing he could have done for her. She wasnt about to move during this sexual assault.

  • QCastle

    @African Mami

    Black men didnt need this incident to be viewed as the lowest common denominator. They always have since time immemorial. That a rapper can change your opinion about black men speaks far worse about you then black men.

  • Alexandra

    Extremely disrespectful. Did he really have to say that? How about stopping it, instead of encouraging it?
    I know the women in his life must be embarrassed.

  • LAD86

    Of course he does. His fans are boys/men who would probably behave the same way, and girls/women who have the “Well, if we can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality.

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  • kissa

    There is a petition up on against the game and crew..I’m very appalled and disgusted..Men like him deserves no spot light in my book..

  • Deborrah Cooper

    The only reason that this made world news was because the men were Black and the girl was White. This shit happens to Black girls around the nation every day of the week by non-famous black men, and no one says a word. But you let a white woman get felt up, and people want to start a petition!

    That is the reason why most women are into the victim blaming. That is what happens to them, and they see no reason that she should be treated like her breasts and body are more valuable than any young Black female.

  • dvine0722
  • LAD86


  • CHER

    Pure evil!

  • Yoda

    It’s not a f-ing nsync concert
    So use your head and stay off stage!!!

  • Not surprised

    Always leads back to race doesn’t it? What a fucking joke…

  • JRM

    TSk TSK, what can i say, you hang around with dogs, you get bitten by fleas!!! I am in no way saying she was to blame, but as a self respecting woman, I would never take God out of my thoughts to disgrace the stage with these looooooosers. Many of these rappers are nothing more than wayside trash, who have a record deal and 15 minutes. Nuff said

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