Solange Is Ready For Spring, Covers Time Out New York

by Britni Danielle

How fly is Solange Knowles?

Beyonce’s baby sister has carved out her own space in the fashion world and has taken it by storm. The Houston gal snagged the cover of the newest issue of Time Out New York and is bringing in the spring with a bevy of cute and colorful outfits.

In the spread, Solange also talks about her move from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, her favorite designers, where she loves to shop, and what she’s working on next.

Check out an excerpt:

What’s your favorite place to shop online?
I love Net-a-Porter (, but it’s a gift and a curse. Living in New York has made [the site] that much more dangerous because I have my settings set to New York Premier, which means [purchases] come the same day. It is such an addictive drug, to be able to wake up in the morning, order a pair of shoes, and they are at your door four hours later. I made the biggest mistake of introducing that to my sister, and she’s just been out of control…out of control. It’s just out of control.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I love Tibi for all of my classic staples; Suno because I’m a print girl and they do it so well; and Diane von Furstenberg because she does a phenomenal job with prints and color and just makes wearable, accessible womenswear that’s easy to throw on.

You’ve been getting quite a bit of attention from the fashion industry. What’s your take on that?
I’m humbled and excited about it, but I’m not trying to be a huge designer or a big model. I’ve been clear I just want to express myself. I’m really appreciative for the love and respect [from the fashion community], but I just want to do the fun shit. I’m a lot more interested in style than fashion—style is what makes us who we are.

Do you have any long-term fashion icons?
I’m inspired by my mother from the ’70s and ’80s–she looked like a walking American Apparel ad. She definitely set the bar in terms of style. I’m also inspired by Björk, Erykah Badu and Diana Ross. I gravitate to the people who have stood the test of time; that’s why so many of my style icons are older. If you can conquer that many decades and that many trends and still look timeless and beautiful—that’s where I’d like to be.

What are you working on now?
I’ve been working on my album for two years. It’s my first independent record and it’s been a journey. It will be out this summer.

What do you think of the looks? What’s your Spring style? Check out 3 things we’re feeling for spring!

  • Robin

    I like this piece a lot. That Net A Porter story is funny, and if I had pockets like Solo and Bey I would be in big trouble.

    I’m not a big florals girl, but I do plan to incorporate some color into my all black everything wardrobe this spring. Pastels were everywhere, so I want to challenge myself to try a bit softer palette.

  • Miss J

    I love Solange’s style , she really evolved in terms of style and she is not afraid to take risk when it comes to her style.

  • Cia

    Love Solange!!

  • omfg

    as strange as it may sound, one of the smartest things solange did from a career perspective was cut her hair and go natural.

    it distinguishes her from her sister and all the other heavily weaved black singers/entertainers.

  • sisterAyiti

    strangest thing she’s done was going natural? Oh, really.

  • edub

    her style is ON POINT. I love Solange!

  • African Mami

    Good for her…she is disassociating herself from Beyonce!

  • NaijaAnon

    @ SisterAyiti… you might want to put on your glasses and reread that comment :)

  • EbonyLolita

    Solange has found her voice & personal style. That’s a blessing no matter what age you are. Being comfortable in your own skin is the BEST fashion accessory!!

  • O’Phylia

    She’s every where, and I approve.

  • Dalili


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