Over the weekend, I began to feel incredibly sad and hopeless about the case of Trayvon Martin’s murder. Although the facts seem extremely cut and dry, the fact that Trayvon’s killer, 28-year-old George Zimmerman, still remains free, not having even been arrested, made me angry.

I began thinking about all of the people who were–just a week ago–tweeting, Facebooking, and donating millions of dollars to find LRA leader Joseph Kony, and why they weren’t doing to same to bring Trayvon’s killer to justice.

I mean, I get it.

American black boys and girls aren’t an “exotic” enough cause for some, and when they come up murdered and missing no one but their families seem to care. Just as many don’t the names of Oscar Grant, Aiyana Jones, Danroy Henry, Ramarley Graham, and Jordan Miles, I’m not surprised that most still don’t know about Trayvon.

But instead of remaining helpless, I decided to act.

Faced with these emotions, I took a page from the Kony 2012 playbook. I felt that if more people knew about Trayvon’s story, we could apply pressure to Florida authorities to handle the case fairly. As I began to think of ways to spread the word, it clicked: Use social media.

I took to twitter Friday night and asked all of my followers to tweet their favorite celebrities and urge them spread the word about Trayvon. Although I have just over 1,700 Twitter followers, I figured, if we all spread the word we could potentially reach millions.

Friday night I feverishly tweeted, retweeted, and shared links and other information about Trayvon. With the help of my fellow tweeters, we began gaining traction and caught the eye (and retweets) of celebs like rappers Chuck D, David Banner, and Talib Kweli. Others like Boris Kodjoe, NFL player Dezmon Briscoe, Samuel L. Jackson and John Legend also began spreading the word.

I was amazed. Even though I’m one person, it was clear I can touch someone else and they can touch someone else until out reach grows exponentially.

Because of many in social media keeping Trayvon’s story alive, mainstream news outlets are now covering the case, and it has even gotten the attention of the White House.

So what does this mean for you?

Many of you, like me, were probably disturbed by this incident and inspired to act. But where do you get started? Whether you simply post about Trayvon on your Facebook page, tell people in your neighborhood or begin volunteering with organizations that combat violence, it all helps.

But in case you want more concrete ways to get involved, here’s 3 things you can do today to help get justice for Trayvon Martin:

Hit the tweets: Join me in urging celebs to sign and share the petition to get Florida officials to arrest and prosecute George Zimmerman. They have millions of followers and can quickly spread the word.

  • Tweet: Pls sign & RT the petition to bring #TrayvonMartin’s killer 2 justice. His family deserves answers http://chn.ge/xc4oze

Write a letter: Many around the web have decided to start a letter writing campaign, and some have even said they will send empty Skittles wrappers to Chef Bill Lee. Send a letter to Sanford police chef Bill Lee to express your concern about his department’s handling of the case.

  • Bill Lee, Chief of Police
  • [email protected]
  • 407.688.5070 – Office
  • 407.688.5071 – Fax

Stay informed: Knowing the facts and educating others about them is key to continuing to spread the word about Trayvon Martin. Visit JusticeforTrayvon.com for more details.

Do you have ideas about how we can mobilize to get justice for Trayvon Martin and other victims? Share!

  • JL

    I signed a petitiion on change.org

  • Dalili

    Good on you for starting this campaign via twitter! I signed the petition on change.org as well! I hope it inspires the Sanford police to do the right thing and arrest this man; let a jury of his peers determine if his self defense claim holds any weight.

  • isola

    Boycott Disney, you have to hit the city in the pocket. Disney is their bread and butter. The Montgomery Bus Boycott worked because the city was losing money when blacks stopped riding the bus.

  • http://keipinit100.wordpress.com Akeia

    There is another website: http://colorofchange.org/campaigns/

    You can put in your information and have a pre-written letter sent on your behalf.

  • http://pervertedalchemist.blogspot.com Perverted Alchemist

    That sounds like a good idea- but only in theory…

  • dede mays

    Great idea to do a Kony like appeal. Love the poster. I am signing every petition that comes my way to arrest the killer of Trayvon Martin!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i have signed a dozen petitions but i do not fool myself.
    there is no justice for a black man.

  • Nic

    I wish there was a way to donate to Trayvon’s family, because I sense they have a long legal battle ahead of them. Does anyone know if anything has been set up?

  • Dalili

    Thanks for posting the link.

  • meme

    I have been really disappointed with the lack of media coverage. There have only been a few media outlets that have reported this story or even did a panel discussion. As far as celebs goes Im happy that a few of them have started to speak up, because in the beginning it was only Russell Simmons. We are the ones that have to keep this story alive, because people will surely move on to the next headline story soon. What makes this case different from the others is that Trayvon Martin was murdered by a civilian who let his prejudice feelings about Black people dictate his actions. If he get’s off for committing this crime it is going to send a horrible message to the other racist folks out there who are itching to pull the trigger.

  • http://changecomesslow.com/2012/03/19/re-racked-killing-a-black-man-as-easy-as-its-always-been/ Nikesha

    I applaud the effort but unfortunately believe There will be no justice for Trayvon.

    There is no justice for Black men in this country when they find themselves caught between ire and a bullet. There is only death without provocation. Without justification.

    It has been like this since Black men have been seen as a threat to wholesome society.

    In times of slavery Black men were brute beasts to be contained, controlled and trained like horses; to be made docile and domesticated like dogs. When slavery ended Black men were to be feared because of their potency. Hung like horses they were stereotyped as lusting over White women and wanting to ravage them. Thus the genteel southern belle must be saved from the might of less than a man who cannot contain himself.

    This thought process persisted and persists today. This thought process lends itself as to why a man convicted of rape in 1978 and released from prison five years later didn’t find out until February 5th of this year he was as innocent a he said he was.

    For some reason in this country there is a perpetual fear of Black men by many; including their own women.

    It is fear that leads to senseless lynchings. Instead of trees and ropes assailants use guns, more guns, and more guns, pick up trucks and other vehicles.

  • http://changecomesslow.com/2012/03/19/re-racked-killing-a-black-man-as-easy-as-its-always-been/ Nikesha

    As far as mobilizing it needs to go beyond social media. That may work for international campaigns but in this country police don’t care. This isn’t egypt we need laws and action through the justice system and or the bully pulpit.

    The White house has already said that it’s not getting in it. I strongly disagree with this position.

    The CBC will try but they are a mouth piece. And while celebrities are capable of advocating change the majority of it hasn’t been in this country.

    this story needs to make people all over the country wake up and unfortunately because half or more than half of the country may side with Zimmerman i doubt that will happen.

    unfortunately the case of trayvon martin like sean bell, oscar grant and amadou diallo and so many more before him show how post racial we aren’t and how much this country doesn’t take care of its own because of skin color.

  • Jessica

    We can start a prayer line from Cali to Florida, cause the world NEEDS the prayer!!!!!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/TheKMichel K. Michel

    That’s a fantastic picture, Britni. In fact, it’s inspired me to use it as my profile pic on Facebook and Twitter until Zimmerman was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to prison. I told all of my Facebook and Twitter friends to do the same.

    Nikesha’s superb comments inspired me as well, and I hope she knows that she has a new subscriber. It’s situations like this that makes a man want to take the law into his own hands. The sad thing is, if the kid somehow found a way to safeguard himself and kill Zimmerman in the name of self-defense, there’s no way he wouldn’t be in jail right now. At the very least, for questioning.

    Thank you again, Britni for your coverage… which was more than enough of you to do. If it wasn’t for you and Clutch, I probably would’ve never found out about this.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/TheKMichel K. Michel

    Just wanted to say that you’ve done more than enough, Britni. I can’t tell you how important your entire coverage was. If it wasn’t for you and Clutch Mag, I probably would’ve never found out about this.

    I was also inspired by Nikesha’s profound comments. I want her to know that she has a new subscriber. Situations like these are enough to make a man take the law into his own hands. Had the kid killed Zimmerman in self defense…? Well, he’d be in jail right now, at the very least for questioning.

  • minna k.

    THis is great information. I got the basics on this story but wasn’t informed of the details ( on purpose) until today. This is god awful, typical with a surprise ending out of my nightmares. I’m so on the letter writing in the AM.

  • N.

    Thank you for starting an organized effort.

  • Yb

    Me too. I pray it makes a difference.

  • mary mary

    federal agencies are opening an investigation into Trayvon Martin’s murder. hopefully justice will come of this, but we can’t let the story die until it does. i have also heard of people boycotting the whole state of Florida and not taking trips there since it passed at “stand your ground” law (or something like that), which allowed zimmerman to claim self-defense and not be charged.


  • entro

    I signed on change.org.its taken me a while to wrap my mind around what happened to trayvon,I’m so filled with anger and rage and most of all fear for my sons.I feel like we as a country have gone back in time to where whites can do anything they want to us without any repercussions. I cry for him and his parents. Sadly I have relapsed into my hatred of white America,something I thought my Christianity had released me from.intellectually I know that we are all children of the most high God,but emotionally I feel that most of these people are devoid of humanity and soul less because of the atrocities theyve committed against every people they’ve encountered.

  • chanela

    you know what. in the movie “21 jump street” ice cube made a joke saying ” this boy is white so that means that people actually give a shit”. its so true though!!!!

  • http://www.adivastateofmind.com A Diva State of Mind

    Thank you for starting this effort and providing information on who to send letters too. The Trayvon Martin site (www.justiceforTrayvon.com took notice; on the homepage they are now asking people to pick a celebrity to help demand justice. I pray for the Martin family and hope all of our efforts brings justice to Trayvon.

  • Laugh

    Thank you for all you’ve done!

    Please sign the petition at


    It’s a petition to get that pig arrested. Very easy to do.

  • serwaah

    living in toronto as a black woman this story does not suprise me but it hurts me as a mother. how is it that those who commit crimes all of a sudden have more rights than those they hurt. in the name of justice, this guys should be arrested and investigation into his life i’m sure will show how racist he is. i still don’t get it how black people still think because they chains are cut off their wrists they are free.
    a mother has lost a child and the killer needs to be held responsible.

  • apple

    is it like this in toronto or rather do things like this happen there? what is it like for a black person there?

  • serwaah

    same in toronto, no news media when blacks are missing, black women beating up, assaulted. only news worthy is if it’s in schools or in areas known to be low income with several minorities. Look up Jordan Manners and see what you find – this was allover toronto news and now there’s a trial. reason in the news – it was a school shooting, in predominantely black neighborhood (jane/finch area) to a young black kid living in community housing. glad it made headlines but it’s left with the family to keep fighting for justice.
    just yesterday my husband and i got pulled over in a mall parking lot because they got a report that a male with blue shirt stole some stuff from some store, when he realized he had the wrong person he took off and continued pursuit. we just laughed it off and went home with our kids. previous week he got pulled over – reason something wrong with birth year. all because we black driving sports car.
    Toronto, london, florida, chicago it does not matter where you live – as long your black you have to double check yourself all the time.

  • http://theaaridan.tumblr.com TheMuseintheMirror

    Zimmerman 2012…let’s make HIM Famous

  • http://www.theyeyodiaries.com Amber

    Thank you for this. I’m so captivated by this story. I downloaded the picture and made it my profile picture on Facebook and I’m encouraging everyone to do the same.

  • Alexandra

    I was linked to the change.org petition last night & signed. When I did, it already had close to 450,000 signatures. They’ll reach the 500K mark before the end of this week.

  • mamareese

    Power in numbers great idea.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare


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  • cupcakes and shiraz

    1.5 million sigs on the petition so far…

  • Fed up

    Any color against blacks is always hate,what about blacks on other races?
    Fed up hearing this crap over and over and over. Teach your kids morals, right from wrong.

  • http://facebook laurithia

    What did trayvon do immorally wrong. Cause last time I checked walking from the store with a bag of skittles, ice tea and hoodie is not immoral. Please help me to understand your point.

  • luckii

    Right from wrong? Wow. Maybe you should sould search and decide why you predetermined that somehow this 17 year old wasnt taught right from wrong. What caused you to say that. Thats an honest question to answer. If a black person had done it I would be just as outraged . I dont believe that community watch people should run through the streets accosting and shooting people who have the right to be where they are. This same person could have shot you , your mother or your best friend . He could have followed your little brother and shot him. Then the police could have tested your dead little brother fro drugs instead of the shooter. Then furthermore they could have allowed to shotter to go, with his gun and live a happy life . How mad would you be if someone was following you. Would you submit to them just becasue they questioned you even though they had no right to? Ask some real questions. Why do you percieve that black people are running around killing eachother. Do you know that every facet of society has criminals? Do you know that White men get arrested in America way more than Black Men but black men fill up the jails? Why? What did the black person in America do that was so terrible that they should be enslaved and then disrespected and their lives and losses be minimized by white supremacist ideals that assume that the victim is somehow to blame.

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