Is the Marilyn Monroe Trend a Good Look for Black Women? – You would think Marilyn Monroe was still alive and gracing the big screen the way admiration for the actress and model has withstood the test of time. If there’s one woman whose reign as a classic beauty hasn’t let up, it’s her. Her curves have been the symbol of voluptuous beauty for the modern-day plus-sized woman, her hair proves the age-old saying that blondes have more fun, her unending sexiness has given women liberty to let their skirts blow in the wind and not care who sees, and now it seems more than ever, she’s even become a beauty icon for black women. (Continue Reading…)

Bag of Tricks: How My Purse Saves the Day — Satchel. Crossbody. Baguette. Tote. Hobo. Messenger. Bucket. Bowler. Clutch. Whichever style it is – whichever color, fabric, or hardware selected – a woman’s purse is a tool that prepares her to take life by the horns. You see, as a Coco chick, each day you step out the house should be treated as an adventure; you simply never know what you’re gonna get! Sure, there are some constants that we can count on. You know – work, school, volunteering, gym – the usuals. But every moment that leads to those destinations and every interval in between is a chance to happen upon something new and exciting, so you’ve always gotta be prepared. A superhero never flies off without his or her cape do they? Nope. So I, being the self-proclaimed super woman that I aim to be, am never without my bag of tricks. (Continue Reading…)

Trend to Try: Studded Jackets – Trenches have long been the staple jacket of Spring but there’s another type of outwear that’s threating to take its place—studded jackets. Everyone from Cassie to Nicole Richie, Lil Kim, and Selita Ebanks has been seen rocking this trend and each one has pulled the look off in a different way, from leather-studded lapels, denim jackets with jeweled shoulders, and diamond-patterned biker styles.

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