84011041If you live with your eyes wide open long enough, you may find that this phrase holds genuine meaning. Everybody is touched by events we deem misfortunate, but sometimes, what appears to be a tragedy, is the fertilizer for the growth of a joyful life.

We’ve been facing obstacles since we were born into this world. The phrase “growing pains” sums up the very essence of tribulation as a tool for development. We live and we learn, but beware of the lessons you choose to discern from life’s trials. The outcome can be the difference between you becoming the victim, or the victor.

The loss of a job or a significant relationship can present great deal of negative energy that can prevent you from viewing the circumstance in a productive way. So, you may have not been hired for that dream job you interviewed for. This is the ideal moment for you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Surely you have some significant goals you want to achieve, so perhaps that job was not the best means for you to reach your goal. Try again from a new vantage point. You’ve just been given an opportunity to learn resourcefulness in attaining your dream.

The end of a relationship is often quite distressing. It’s easy to let the pain of the separation from your partner or friend feed the demons within, but if you just allow yourself to understand the reasons you two had to part, you can embrace what is important to you in a relationship, find inner happiness, and ultimately, the perfect partner to share it with.

Drawing strength from the painful events in our lives is one of the most empowering things one can do for themselves. It’s an instant confidence booster, and a sure fire way to arm yourself with the tools necessary to “live your best life.” In other words, we may not have to be the product of our environment. Instead, we can become experts of finding, and cultivating the positive aspects of a situation to create an inspired existence.

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  • shadow

    Very nicely written article on how to view some of the unexpected , unwanted, or uncomfortable things that come our way!

  • apple

    a window opens..for you to jump out of..
    im still waiting on how these certain unfortunate events will work in my favor

    • [email protected] being open to jump out

      sometimes I think some of these optimism articles are just written to be written, they bear no reality! oh well.

    • Isis

      lmaooo @ jumping out. People say that sometimes when you lose you really win. Still waiting for me to see that winningness too lol

    • Ocean Breezy (LAD86)

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, Apple.

      This is no different than people foolishly believing that everything happens for a reason and that karma is real.

    • Kaylen

      Bitter itches ^^^^^^^^

  • Dalili

    I believe it! There’s always the option to press the reset button should things go awry. Always.

  • True story – I used to work for one of the largest employers in Cali. My job was decent though the initiation was not worthy of the position or pay. I spent the first 6 mos (probation) careful to not offend those who were intentionally offensive and just stuck w/business. I gained weight and was miserable but my rent was paid and I had full cable (wrong logic but it is how many tend to think).

    One day, a co-worker left on the spot because they felt like it. My probation was done and I still went a little beyond to cover my communication. I announced I was leaving for lunch and my cokehead boss went off publicly for no reason.

    Immediately that day, I did a mad search of online colleges in my area and got an enroll date that day. Not only did I get the classes I wanted but about three months later, layoff notices went out.
    Since I had almost no seniority (even though my bosses told me I would have a long future), I knew I was on the chopping block. So I ended up leaving shortly afterwards but still continued taking classes, both for credit and no-credit.

    This has helped me get numerous business writing jobs which have helped to pay bills. Though the DVR is about to get cut off again and I have accepted that I need to relocate to a cheaper part of town, I’m happy to no longer be in a position where I’m barely getting by and stressed out.

    So I will tell anyone that your one bad day could lead to many better ones.

    • Ocean Breezy

      But you were already prepared for what was to come.

      It is much different when things happen with no warning or one is left to ask, “Why me?”

    • Velma

      I like your story……I truly believe that things happen to us for a reason. There are no coincidences. We are on this planet to learn and then when our life is over (young or old), we return home to the other side. You always have “free will” to make another decision when you are presented with an experience.

    • Mz.Muffinstuff

      Thank you for sharing. I just lost a job although, temporary it was suppose to last until July. Wasn’t told anything by former boss just a phone call from my agency and they don’t understand what happened??!? Anywho…I was paid 50% less and no benefits, no time to study for my certification exams; so I’ve decided to not dwell. It won’t change the situation; yes, I am a believer that good things will happen. Not everything that happens is good but God is.

      @Ocean….I understand what you wrote about knowing somethings in advance; however, people don’t always pay attention to what’s happening around them. She could’ve kept listening to her bosses who told her she was going to have a long career there & done anything, kudos to her for taking charge & following the signs & not the words of her boss.

    • Mz.Muffinstuff

      Oops…Sorry about the typos! I’m using my Android.

    • Thanks Ladies,

      Ocean, the thing is that when your boss tells you that your job is secure, you will believe it. And when you get older, you will deal with BS better than you did at 21.

      Now, what I omitted was that while my bosses were telling me this, a friend that worked in administration had received a letter from the Governator stating that cuts were going to affect my dept – and she forwarded it to me before it went through the proper channels.

    • Ocean Breezy

      “When your boss tells you that your job is secure, you will believe it. “

      I wouldn’t believe it, especially since things happen to me that always cause me to be set back to square one and there is never any lesson to be learned from any of it.

  • CaSweetface

    I’d love to believe this and sometimes things didnt workout for the better, but I have an equal amount of WTF just happened and why? Things that happen with no warning and with collosal devestating impacts like something im currently in that literally, for the life of me make zero sense. Optimism is cool…i guess to avoid jumping out the window i suppose..lol smh.