Since African Americans fought for freedom from slavery in the 19th century, many have called for reparations–financial compensation for the years of chattel slavery. Although former slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule to help them rebound from being enslaved, the program was short-lived, and many have been wondering if African Americans–like their Jewish counterparts–would ever see proper compensation for suffering such heinous atrocities in this country.

While we will probably never see financial compensation for slavery, many have argued that blacks in America should receive reparations in the form of a free college education or student loan debt forgiveness, while other still hold fast to the “40 acres and a mule” philosophy and want land.

In June, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (NCOBRA) is holding a conference to examine why African Americans should still be granted reparations more than 150 years after slavery ended.

“After the passage of the 13Th and 14Th amendments, laws were passed to re-enslave people of African descent through Jim Crow laws. The New Jim Crow is a result of the low-intensity war against the Black community under the guise of a ‘War on Drugs,’ in addition to ongoing discrimination, and an extension of the slavery experience for Black people,” NCOBRA writes.

NCOBRA’s reparations conference takes place in Philadelphia June 22-24.

What are your thoughts on reparations? Do you think African Americans will ever see some form of reparations by the U.S. government?


  • Yb

    No. Sadly we won’t. We deserve it since the shit we STILL have to put up with today, put I don’t believe we’ll get it.

  • miss ivy

    Yes we do deserve compensation in the form of Land and Money. Our Ancestors died building this country, and we have still not been given what was promised 40 Acres and a mule I would love to have my share! I do believe we can still get this if we continue to sound the horn and protest in all forms to remind them their bill has not been paid!!!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    A group tried this in 1999. It didn’t work then and it probably won’t work now…

  • Simone L

    Oh no. Not this again.

  • Natalie

    No… and it’s time we stop waiting for it. Yes, acknowledge we have a white supremacist system, but don’t wait for handouts either.

  • Val

    If Black people start burning down Beverly Hills, Chicago’s Gold Coast and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, then White people might get scared enough to pay some kind of reparations. Otherwise nope.

    Btw, Japanese Americans also got reparations after they were placed in internment camps during World War 2.

  • African Mami

    It CAN work….just be more vocal about it. Let it be a talking point…….make them uncomfortable!

  • Priceless34

    Instead of waiting and waiting for something that will never about we stop killing each other and educating ourselves so that we can began to build our own wealth so that it can be passed down to the next generation… we have to start from somewhere…

  • df

    this is what they think needs to be fixed? THIS?!!!! i totally agree with the comments above, deal with the real problems destroying the black community. what a joke.

  • mamareese

    Ya’ll are gonna get mad….but our ancestors deserved reparations. We deserve to move forward and work towards bettering our race…..didn’t nah one of us suffer a whip to the back or shackles on our feet. That’s like getting a purple heart and never going to war. You didn’t do nothing to deserve such an honor. Please.

  • frank l

    Priceless…….. It starts at the home. And you couldn’t have said it any better.

  • frank l

    my grandfather came from italy with no money left his family for 5 years live in a basement of a bar with rats held a job for half the pay of black, german and irish he never co mplained he couldn’t get a job because he could not speak english and because he was dirty and they thought he carried disease because he was Italian. He worked even when he had pnuemonia to have money . His family needed.him to succeed their lives depended.on it. My uncle was killed by the Irish because he was Italian and the cops did nothing. If my garandfather didn’t work so hard I would not be here. Failure was not an option. Their was no.welfare of food.stamps. when the rest of my family finally cqme here they lived in an attic.apartment in Newark nj. All seven of.them. J never asked.for more than was him from hard work and that ethic.has been passed.on to me qnd my family. America isn’t the land of a handout land.of.oppurtunity. in other countries if.your.lazy your family litterally starved to death. They new if you work you eat and it didn’t matter what you did. Anyone can be president in this country if you set your mind to it and stop waiting for someone else to wake you up for work.

  • Guest

    Were you and your entire family enslaved and systematically opressed for centuries??? No, so shut up and get the hell offa a BLACK WOMEN’S BLOG!!

    BTw: your white Italian grandfather worked for less than blacks?? yeah right.

  • frank l

    Damn he could even speak English and he was paid more than someone of color, I guess I would be pissed. So how much money in reperations do you wish for?

  • E.M.S.

    I’m against reparations, in this day & age you can easily go make a life for yourself if you would just try. It bugs me the black generations of today feel like society owes them something, when it was their ancestors who suffered, not them.

  • Ms. Information

    But Jewish people can be comensated and make thousands of movies recounting the history of the Holocaust…explain the difference. Black people as a whole will never be able to compete with whites….they jumped the starting line a loonnggg time ago and instituted systematic events that jacked us up…

  • Ms. Information


  • Priceless34

    I love when people say their ancestors came over and did this and that but fail to mention how Africans had no choice. They were stripped of their families, freedom, religion, culture and anything else you want to add. There is a big difference. This is why racism continues today because people fail to acknowledge what really occurred.
    Blacks for the most part worked for nothing, had nothing to past down to the next generation therefore could not build anytime wealth that most people were able to do.

    So please spare me the B.S.

  • Shay

    Although I applaud every effort to bring this to fruition, I’m not even gonna hold my breath.

    I’m making my own things happen so that I can pass it along for generations to come.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  • nko uhuru

    stay strong. to those who ackniwledge the pain & continually suffering of african people worl wide. yes the native people got a little piece of the land stolen. a lot of native people are no lonfger here (murdered) but the few who are left are proud of their peoples heritage. the jews and japanese are proud of their heritage. more africans in america need to learn more & be proud of their heritage. if not shut up & get out the way.

  • Tkh

    Funny how no one has mention that not only africans were brought to this hemisphere for slaves but so were the Irish and other eastern Europeans so when we talk about the rediculious idea of reparations to include all slaves. No there should not be reparations……. Only if you were actually a slave…… Anyone here been a slave…. No. Ok then.

  • jamesw

    We should get repartions in the form of money.Especailly since the jewish people received repartions.I don’t think we will ever get repartions in the form of money because we have black people on this site and in the country who don’t think we should get repartions.By black people not being united on this issue it won’t happen.I doubt if there were jewish people who wasn’t united that they all should get repartions.I just don’t understand some black people,who say we shouldn’t get repartions.If i didn’t know any better i would think they were a racist white person.

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  • dbuck

    My question to all of u people is why shouldn’t we get reperations? We destroy eachother and our commuities as a direct result of years of persecution. Don’t you people see that? White people aren’t destroying their communities as much because they have more options. Money, land, education, jobs and employment opportunities. We as a race can not fix the problem if we didn’t intially cause it, and we don’t posses the the tools to do it. Many have tried only to be assassinated and or put in jail. Get it together people. Justice is justice!

  • Tan

    Could sum1 explain 2 me y black people should not get anything because I know a lot of Indians who get paid just 4 bein an Indian and I’m sure they were not born during slavery…..I feel like everybody that was affected should b equal if 1 race get sumthing every1 should r vice versa….I’m not really worried because GOD blessed me not 2 experience slavery and I am grateful 4 that plus I don’t know if I would b okay n Africa either

  • Tired of Bitching

    How about these African Americans that want reparations go F@$! themselves, they want reparations? They want handouts? Go live in Hawaii, that’s the part of the US with the highest handout rate. I was watching the Boondocks the other day and have never heard truer words, “Niggas are living contradictions, full of unfulfilled ambitions, niggas watch and wayne, niggas love to complain, niggas love to hear themselves talk but never explain, niggas love to be another mans judge and jury, niggas procrastinate until it’s time to worry… etc.” Before you start calling me an ignorant or racist guy, take a moment and read my comment in your head and tell me there isn’t any truth to that. It’s so easy to blame white people for the reason as to why a whopping 30% are living BELOW the poverty line, that’s below the poverty line, that does not include living in poverty and the few who are making over the average american wage.

    I have an idea: stop waiting for reparations, you want money? Go to school, work hard, and contribute to your community.

    If any of this offended you, then good! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  • theres no such thing as a black person

    This racist dude before me is generalizing blacks based on a cartoon! There is a such thing called menatcide. That’s like genecide through the mind. And its not because of slavery either, its because of everyday life for blacks. And yes, Obama granted native americans reparations, I have no knowledge of them being enslaved over 100yrs ago but they got paid. Black ain’t lazy people either. We just don’t wanna work for the white man anymore and why should we? We have been working for y’all for free, working for y’all for pennies and now working for y’all for free again in prison. One thing I agree with the racist dude is we need to stop waiting on whites to do something for us. Fuck them! We need to get ourselves outta this slump. So all you black fortune 500 mufukas, all you rappers, singers, actors and ball players need to combine your resources because when you get robbed, its up to you to replace what’s been taken, and take precautionary measures to prevent it from happening again.

  • J.W.

    Why is anyone asking the USA for reparations? The slaves were brought here from the 1500′s until 1865. 300+ years of slavery and only 80 of it was under the control of the United States government. And much of that time was in the southern colonies. Shouldn’t the UK be paying African Americans for reparations? The UK owned this land for more than 75% of the slavery era in this nation.

  • mark

    Only thing anyone should get is a one way plane ticket to where ever it is that will shut the complaining

  • mark

    They got there hand outs already, foodstamps welfare

  • Linda

    Truer words were never spoken, why couldn’t we come together during slavery and fight then? We waited for the white people to fix it. Well we really couldn’t come together because they made sure we couldn’t and wouldn’t work together. Lighter blacks were better so they worked inside, darker blacks worked outside. House slaves vs. field slaves, during everything you can to survive even if you have to go against your fellow “brother” or “sister”. Whites were very smart and clever, they made sure we were put down, and thought of as nothing but property. What’s lower than that? Even though slavery was over 200 years ago, us being equally treated is still new. Virginia still had segregated schools in the 70s, in some parts of the deep south proms are still segregated. It’s not give us reparations because we are broke, look at what we’ve been through as a people, and are still going through. A black news reporter was taken off the air because of her hair. Whites don’t want us to make it, that should be enough for us to get off our asses and do something.

  • Tod

    I say give them some of what they built, the USA was built off the backs of the strong and all they recive is hate death and horrible living conditions and we wounder why they are angry? hell we didn’t educate them at all and expect them to be as smart as us come on America wake stop the BS and lets be real we owe them a lot. I loves this country and wouldn’t want to be any where els but I know it wouldn’t not look like this if we didn’t get that free labor from the slaves.

  • Tod

    How can we get this education when we are born into new day slavery that keeps us out of schools that allow you to make enough for the next generation? You don’t understand it’s a system nothing changes unless it does.

  • Jobobo

    I think that restitution for slavery may be the only way for Americans to ever truly show black people that we are supportive of them rebuilding a positive self-image that the devastating aftermath of slavery, segregation, and discrimination, and diminishing effect that this history has had on their sense of identity. I think that, aside from a relatively small base of overtly bigoted racists in America today, most Americans are generally accepting of our black brothers and sisters, and that if this acceptance and encouragement for black people restoring their self image continues alongside paying restitution we may finally put this issue to rest in a meaningful manner that allows us to truly level the playing field going forward. However, I also believe if all of these things are done, and black people accept the sacrifice the rest of the nation is making to level the playing field on their behalf, that these sacrifices come with expectations. Paying out restitution comes with the expectation that this specter haunting our past is laid to rest once and for good. No more anti-white racism, no more incredibly pervasive practices in education that promote white guilt and damaging white identity in revenge for things our great grandfathers and their great grandfathers did. Restitution comes with the expectation that black people use the hand up to promote a positive self-image, and stop with the perpetuation of hate and violence. It comes with the expectation that the racist-against-whites counterculture ends. The question is, are black people up for the challenge?

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