Since African Americans fought for freedom from slavery in the 19th century, many have called for reparations–financial compensation for the years of chattel slavery. Although former slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule to help them rebound from being enslaved, the program was short-lived, and many have been wondering if African Americans–like their Jewish counterparts–would ever see proper compensation for suffering such heinous atrocities in this country.

While we will probably never see financial compensation for slavery, many have argued that blacks in America should receive reparations in the form of a free college education or student loan debt forgiveness, while other still hold fast to the “40 acres and a mule” philosophy and want land.

In June, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (NCOBRA) is holding a conference to examine why African Americans should still be granted reparations more than 150 years after slavery ended.

“After the passage of the 13Th and 14Th amendments, laws were passed to re-enslave people of African descent through Jim Crow laws. The New Jim Crow is a result of the low-intensity war against the Black community under the guise of a ‘War on Drugs,’ in addition to ongoing discrimination, and an extension of the slavery experience for Black people,” NCOBRA writes.

NCOBRA’s reparations conference takes place in Philadelphia June 22-24.

What are your thoughts on reparations? Do you think African Americans will ever see some form of reparations by the U.S. government?




  1. I say give them some of what they built, the USA was built off the backs of the strong and all they recive is hate death and horrible living conditions and we wounder why they are angry? hell we didn’t educate them at all and expect them to be as smart as us come on America wake stop the BS and lets be real we owe them a lot. I loves this country and wouldn’t want to be any where els but I know it wouldn’t not look like this if we didn’t get that free labor from the slaves.

  2. Jobobo

    I think that restitution for slavery may be the only way for Americans to ever truly show black people that we are supportive of them rebuilding a positive self-image that the devastating aftermath of slavery, segregation, and discrimination, and diminishing effect that this history has had on their sense of identity. I think that, aside from a relatively small base of overtly bigoted racists in America today, most Americans are generally accepting of our black brothers and sisters, and that if this acceptance and encouragement for black people restoring their self image continues alongside paying restitution we may finally put this issue to rest in a meaningful manner that allows us to truly level the playing field going forward. However, I also believe if all of these things are done, and black people accept the sacrifice the rest of the nation is making to level the playing field on their behalf, that these sacrifices come with expectations. Paying out restitution comes with the expectation that this specter haunting our past is laid to rest once and for good. No more anti-white racism, no more incredibly pervasive practices in education that promote white guilt and damaging white identity in revenge for things our great grandfathers and their great grandfathers did. Restitution comes with the expectation that black people use the hand up to promote a positive self-image, and stop with the perpetuation of hate and violence. It comes with the expectation that the racist-against-whites counterculture ends. The question is, are black people up for the challenge?

  3. TylerMDGL92

    We are not in the position to demand for
    reparations. Think About This__How many Black people Commented on this
    question? How Many Black people Identify the same issues in our communities but
    never do anything to improve them? This Is the time of revolution :Empowering Black
    America Is the first step. We Have To Understand that before we make any
    demands we must come correct. We must stop feeding into this worldly way of
    being that is majorly supported by african americans. Im A Young Black Man So I
    Understand what you guys are saying and your Right, We Do Need to be paid for
    our contributions to the history of this country, But at the same time we cant
    expect any changes from the “White Man” if we arent making any
    changes within ourselves, within our families,within our social groups,etc. It
    Starts with us. If you are really bothered by this then start a movement within
    your community helping individuals Adults and Youth Register for Community
    Colleges, Filling out Financial aid, Look for grants and scholarships, learning
    how to dress appropriately in certain occasions. Please dont take what im
    saying the wrong way Because i cant agree with you more. But If you think, What
    if the gov said ok we will give you $50,000 + A Full Ride Scholarship to any
    university Globally, How many Of us will actually go to school for purposeful
    Degrees and Not For Audio Engineering,Video Game Designs, And other careers
    that are typical Urban Degrees. We Need To Stop Looking At The Media For Get
    Rich Quick Schemes And then wonder why nobody respects us in the real world,
    its because we dont respect our selves enough to demand respect in a respective
    way. Not every black person is lost,ignorant,But that is whats portrayed in the
    media is we are Loud, Ignorant, Crazy, Mean, Irresponsible, Lazy Etc. Thats Not
    Fair But what have done to change that image?? Now I know every body is not
    made for the corporate Life or anything, I Not Saying you Have to transform in
    to that. But I Am Saying No Matter What When It Comes To Dressing Like you Have
    Sense, Style,respect and Class for your self. then go for it. But We Buy Gucci,
    louie, Ralph Lauren Etc pro clubs and shakas instead.

    What Im trying To Express Here Is That I Love My People. We Are The Smoothest,
    Coolest People On Earth, But We Need to first Ground ourselves in reality and
    take responsibility for the whole we dugg ourself into. Mostly In the 60s-80s
    it wasnt easy to survive so I Get it, But 90s- to Present time, We All Want to
    Be Stars And Some Of Us Hustle Just To Say We Are “Trap Niggas”..
    Thats a Lot Of Idiocy. A Lot Of Our Elders And Other Adult Figures In Our Life
    Fill Our Heads Up With discouraging things about life and other Experiences
    they had. And It Kills Our Ambitions. So We Sometimes Destroy Ourselves. Not
    All But Some. I Mean Literally How Many Movies Do We Have To Watch With
    Intended Messages in them for us Before we actually Comprehend what they are
    saying and Do Something About It.


    Be A Menace (He Wasnt Saying “MESSAGE!” For Nothing)

    It Comes To Education- People In General Go To College Just for the experience
    but dont know what they want to do for whatever reason, And You Cant blame
    Them. But Lets Identify The Problem- Lets Help These Kids And Young Adult
    Understand that their is more than Music, Sports, Video Games, Streetwear
    Fashion,Etc. Im Not Downing These Career Paths Im Just Saying Its Become A
    General Path For Youth Because Its Popular And If You Are Good At This Stuff Im
    Not Talking To You.

    Most Important Element In Any Country, Economy Is Education. So Lets Strive For
    Big Corporate Jobs, You Might Not See Your Self Doing It But You Never Know Til
    Try You Be Good At It. You will Look Good In a Suit & Tie then A
    Traditional White Tee, Etc.





    Majors Etc.

    Is What We Need They Are The Back Bone Of Black America, Its Realizing Our
    Potential Before Its Too Late.

    And If
    You Went to School For Something And You Couldnt Get Hired, Try To Start Your
    Own Business(Easier Said Then Done I Know)

    Must Generate an entrepreneurial spirit and start creating our own jobs working
    as a team instead of alone. Its A Lot Of Ways To Attack Our Suppression We Just
    have to strategically figure out what first.

    Selfish As It May Sound We Need to Focus on Pushing the younger Generations.
    They Hold The Key To Success We Just have to pull it out of them.

    Pick A
    Community And Get Involved. Help Us Grow And Mature And See Life As The Bigger
    Picture. Because We Cant Do Anything With No Community. And I Think It would
    work better together then spread throughout a city.

    and if
    its not a lot of black people where you live>>>MOVE!!!

    Is Just my rant on the subject Not the best answer Or Solution But you can Take
    something Positive out if This and use it to your Advantage.

    Currently In School So Next Time Ill Be Able To Write My Opinion more clearly.

    Wont Be The Last Time You Hear About Me And The Ideology I Have My People. We
    Have Been Down under For Too Long And To Those Who try and Know What they want,
    Our Salvation is Near I Can Feel It.



  4. D Alexander

    The question of reparations? Why did they not come long ago. the atrocious acts committed back then. How is this even a question? Jewish people were enslaved and murdered. ugh! Horrific! But they got there’s? Most Africans were brought on a ship- chained, and forced to do whatever someone says. Is someone joking? America is that arrogant? Wowed I am. The most grotesque thing you can imagine that can be done to one person, were being done to many people. If could picture myself screaming, crying while being whipped, or getting my leg cut off, or ripped aprt by dogs, ” WHY!?!? WHY’S CAN’T I BEEZ FREE?!? WHY?!? I’SA MAN LIKE YOU.!”
    don’t ask why i phrased it like that. that’s besides the point. But there needs to be charges brought up against the country. reparations are only a piece of it. who do i need to talk to to get this started?Because i will

  5. How about all those white soldiers families and descendants that fought and died in the Civil War for the freedom of the black slaves? Who speaks for them?

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