Wise Words: This or That, Choose Wisely

by Britni Danielle

“You’ve got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you’re not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice.” - Steven D. Woodhull

Remember the Black Sheep song ‘The Choice is Yours’? Well, life is a lot like that. You can get with this (happiness, pursuing your dreams, living the life you want) or that (being stuck in a rut, being weighed down by others’ negativity, not reaching your potential).

When faced with those choices, which would you choose?

While many would overwhelmingly pick the positive ones, the way we begin each day and either allow our own negative attitudes or the attitudes of others to affect us will determine how our day ends up.

If you wake up everyday dreading the tasks ahead it should be no surprise when your day sucks. Conversely, if you wake up everyday thankful for another shot to pursue your goals (or work on your side hustle/blog/hobby), then more likely than not your day will turn out just fine.

This…or that…which one will it be, Clutchettes?

(I had to share it!)

Happy Thursday!

  • LaDreaming86

    Uh huh, yea.

  • Alexandra

    Thanks for the posting the classic.

  • Dalili


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