Say what you want about Wiz Khalifa, but the dude is always working. Recently, the Pittsburg native dropped yet another mixtape, Taylor Allderdice, and had the web talking about his lead single Never Been, Part 2  featuring Rick Ross and her fiance Amber Rose.

The track is a smoothed out follow-up to the 2010 track, Never Been, which appeared on Wiz’s Kush & Orange Juice mixtape.

Although Rose didn’t have an official verse on the track (it seemed more like a hook), many are questioning her use of the n-word. While many have pointed out that Amber is biracial, other’s aren’t trying to hear it and think it’s wrong for Rose to drop the n-bomb.

Either way, one thing is clear: Wiz not only loves Amber Rose, but he’s also trying to help her build her music (rap?) career.

Check out ‘Never Been, Part 2′ and let us know what you think!

  • LAD86

    Naw, not feeling it at all.

    *Why do comments post on some articles and not others?

    Between the comments not posting and database errors, I am losing my mind.

  • Nicole

    So did Amber just say nigga?!

  • Yb

    Yeah, but she’s black, well half (or so she says) so I guess that gives her a pass in the hip hop world and the black community to say that word.

  • Fiore Scott

    Why do people have an issue with her saying nigga?

  • Viva Charlamagne

    The word is DEROGATORY. Plain and simple. People should have a problem with ANYONE saying the word “Nigger”. Whether it be “nigga”, “nigg” or “niggette” the origins of the word remain and its still a racial slur regardless of whose mouth it leaves.

    Funny, I don’t recall any hispanic person fondly referring to themself as a “spic”, any white person fondly referring to themself as a “honkee” or any Pakistani person fondly referring to themself as a “Paki”.. people really need to get it together!

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  • L

    I’m an all or nothing kind of guy. If you wanna complain about Amber saying it, then you damn sure better not put up with it from any other artist, comedian, or person at all. If you’re cool with an African American saying it, than it can’t be that derogatory and therefore she, or any other person gets a pass on it too. To say it’s okay for an African American to say a word, but not for a white person is just as racist as the word itself.

  • yvette

    This song is fire. his whole album well said Khalifa. Amber You said it.

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