Would You Ever Date Your God Brother?

by Britni Danielle

After photos of Bobbi Kristina kissing her longtime friend and apparent God brother, Nick Gordon, surfaced some accused the teen of having an inappropriate relationship. While I’m not judging her choices–the child has been through it!–hearing folks (and allegedly her grandmother) criticizing her for her relationship with her God brother (GB) got me to thinking…

Would I ever do it?

I have a few God brothers, and although we aren’t especially close (and are of varying ages), I wouldn’t necessarily rule them out from my dating prospects if I found them suitable.

But of course, it all depends.

If we were raised together as brother/sister, as Nick and Bobbi allegedly were, and our relationship was super-duper close, then perhaps I would feel some type of way about hooking up with my GB, but aside from that, I don’t see a downside. Your families already get along, you already know his history and who he really is, and you don’t have to introduce him to your representative until you feel comfortable enough to allow him to see the real you.

But could you do it, Clutchettes and Gents?

Could you date you God brother/sister? Speak on it! 

  • LAD86

    Well, I don’t have one and never will have one.

  • http://afrikanmami.blogspot.com African Mami

    It ain’t incest if they aren’t blood related. I’ve never heard of Whitney having this godson, but whatev. Wish the young lady a happy and prosperous life.

  • OSHH

    No, like LAD86 said I don’t have one but even if I did and we were raised up together like fam, I’d consider them fam blood relation or not.

    This young lady needs the love, support and guidance of her blood relatives..

  • kissa

    Please Leave Bobbi Kristina alone..She has been through enough…The last thing she needs right now is people judging every thing she does with HER LIFE! Bobbi Kristina should not be a topic on Clutch find something else to write about….She’s an already emotionally vulnerable person right now….

    Peace. Love. Harmony

  • kissa

    I guess my comment won’t post..

  • Alexandra

    I agree with you both above. They aren’t blood related & I honestly can’t fuss over it.
    But as someone who does have god-brothers, no I wouldn’t. We were raised very close as well, and I consider them my blood brothers.

    I just think the both of them found comfort in each other after Whitney’s death.

  • apple

    whats a god brother? i have a god father and mother but brother?

  • 80s born, 90s raised

    Either one/both of your parents are his god mother or father or one/both of his parents are your god mother or father. Yes I would, if he is not blood related.

  • http://www.twitter.com/amanilovejoy Amani

    I hope I’m not out of order here, but if my mom died a month ago…you would not see more for at least 6 months let along running the streets getting pizza with anyone let alone my Godbrother/boytoy. I would be no more good. But that is just ME, I guess we all mourn differently.

  • Candy 1

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. They aren’t related by blood, and even if they were raised around each other, they obviously don’t look at each other as sister/brother despite the *informal* title of god brother. Now if we were talking about second cousins or something, then I’d say ‘eww’.

  • lostluv224

    I think the problem isnt so much the godbrother/ fake brother blah blah…we all know Whit just took the boy under her wing cus he had family issues so Kristina isnt doing anything wrong.

    the issue IS that they’ve been all this my brother this my sister for over 10 years…fast forward to Whitney’s death/ Will revealing….and a week later thats her man, shes sporting an engagement ring, kissing him in the streets?!?! i do not care what anyone says, young man just found the ultimate come up. she was vunerable as hell and he stepped right up in— too easy not too.

    Cissy snatch your grandbaby up before you have yet another messy situation. Bobbi Kristina has BEEN out of control.

  • LAD86

    Maybe so, Kissa. But what is the likelihood that she reads Clutch?

  • LAD86

    Maybe so, Kissa. But what is the likelihood that she reads this site?

  • binks

    No, if my parents raised you along me than you are my brother blood or not, this my come out of pocket to some but I think she’s loving the press attention now….shrugs

  • pink

    I see an opportunist. It appears that Whitney had been taking care of this kid because he had been living with them for years. He’s probably use to being taken care of and assumes Bobbi Kristina is going to come into some money; thus he’s thinking….I better stick around.

  • pink

    Yeah binks….I also think she’s enjoying the attention.

  • pink

    Yeah Amani….everyone mourns differently. Some people move on quickly, and others never recover from the loss. Much peace to you.

  • pink

    On one of the rag/gossip shows like ET….someone asks the question “is Bobbi Kristina going to follow in her mother’s musical footsteps?” NOT!! No offense BK….but from what I’ve seen/heard….you can’t sing. BK can’t even remotely hold a candle to Whitney’s singing. If BK could (really) sing a label would have picked her up a loooooooong time ago

  • ogawdDee

    Much ado about nothing…

    BC has someone in her corner in a tragic time in her life, so she’s supposed to stop seeing him because some folks don’t agree with it? Um no.

    No blood-ties, no problem…

  • Hushpuppies

    If I had one, and he looked like that, then hells to yeah I would!

  • AustralianGirl

    She looks so sad in this photo….. shes probably just finding comfort in this young man.

    Shes a very young girl who’s just lost her mother and isnt speaking to her father.

    Leave her alone.

  • Gina

    what’s a ‘godbrother”? i hate when black people do this. if there is no blood or you did not go down to the court house to make it official, YOU ARE NOT RELATED! no she is not your “wife” because yall never married….. urks my nerves. just like this boy. he lived with the family, that’s it. no relation. its fair game for bobbi kris,

  • ogawdDee

    Some folks have a problem with claiming fictive kin. If you’re not my family, then you’re not family, plain and simple.

  • mamareese

    Not my tea but he is fair game…no blood relation. This may make for a stronger relationship because they grew up together. This girl is going thru enough…why her grandmother would make a fuss or this and not her alleged drug use is beyond me. If there is such a thing as moving on after losing your mother…let this baby be and let her move on.

  • DBG

    They are not related. Whats the problem again? PC nation or bust.

  • orchard72361

    This beyond sad!!!!!!!!!!! Cissy or Pat one should have gotten custidy of Bobbi Kistina from Whitney long time ago. I loved Whitney, but Whitney was a horrible parent. What parent in their right mind would home a stranger who’s mother refuse to raise, surround them around their daughter? I hate to say, but God got tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • orchard72361

    No one should step up to be a parent since Whitney is dead because Bobbi Kistina has been on her own since she was 12 years old, sex, drugs, drinking and more. When Oprah did that interview I was turned off because after observing Bibbi K., she appears to look washed up (been their, done that).

  • orchard72361

    So from what I get from your posting is, you would bring a stranger into your home who’s mother refuse to raise and raise him around your daughter than later they become lovers? This is the very reason why some of our young females are fucked up!

  • charlese

    All a “godbrother” is, is your mama’s friend’s son. No relation = fair game. In fact, at least he’s someone you know. “Play” family is funny to me. “This my play cousin…”

  • orchard72361

    I am a school teacher and boy have I EXPERIENCE girls looking like hookers at the age 14. Their bodies are unbelievable (stretch marks everywhere, butts out the door,heads bald out, weave to the floor, and very sexual active. Parent will pay for this!

  • Toi

    Let us remember that a God sibling is now always a blood relative! If it’s as simple as your families being close than who cares. Stranger relationships have happened, this one is getting too much attention.

  • Nigerian sista

    I really don’t see the big deal in this. They are not blood related. If they are happy to be dating each other then let them be. Things like this happens in any part of the world. Indians, Pakistanis marry their cousins. The only thing i’m concerned about is the timing. They are both still grieving the death of their mother, so its not a good time to be cultivating a relationship thinking its love. They know that Whitney will not be happy about it if she was still alive. A little concerned it will all end in tears. Personally, I cant say that I wouldn’t do the same if I had a ” adopted bother”. You never know until your in the same position.

  • 42 Cents

    Absolutely not. A God sibling is still deemed family; whether by blood or not. Therefore, it makes the relationship vaguely incestuous.

  • Tami

    As long as they are not blood related, it is all good…They know each other & they grew to love one another…Nothing wrong with that at all…Love happens.

  • ruggie

    I can’t comment on Bobbi Kristina’s life, nor on the overall culture of black fictive kin but I CAN say I’m damn grateful for the godparents, non-blood “uncles”, “aunts” and “cousins” and people who helped raise me and showed me family love when I was coming up who never dared cross that line.

  • http://facebook Suseth Montezuma

    I think that is just nasty we are all brothers and sisters in Gods name but when yu make it ofical trew church it shouldn’t be allowed !

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