For the third year in a row, Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy is graduating 100% of seniors and sending them all off to college in the fall.

Urban Prep Academy is the city’s only all-black, all-male charter school and it has been achieving amazing results since opening in 2006. Urban Prep has outpaced many schools across the nation, sending all of its graduates to college for the past three years.

Tim King and other prominent African American leaders started Urban Prep Academy to counteract many of the dismal odds facing young black men in the public education system. Their aim is to foster success by instilling self-esteem and promoting high achievement among its students. Their motto, “We Believe” says it all.

This year’s graduates are heading to universities across the nation from Morehouse and Duke, to Howard, the American University in Paris,  the University of Virginia, and many many more.

Despite their success in high school, Urban Prep’s graduates carry that same success into college. Eighty-three percent of Urban Prep graduates continue their college education after the first year, which is beats the national average of just about 65-percent.

Urban Prep credits its success to its dedicated staff, students, and community involvement. Although its students come from economically disadvantaged areas, Urban Prep is able to spend more money on its students because of contributions from the wider community.

We commend Urban Prep Academy on their success!

Learn more about the graduating class or donate to Urban Prep Academy on their website. 

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    Damned if we do…damned if we don’t…I guess in some folks minds…smh

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    Dude? I had a headache come on when I got to that section. If they didn’t do jack, then they’re lazy-ass good for nothing thugs. The students did very well, and they still get cussed. Cheese and rice, man! >_<

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    I’m very happy for them, and I wish them a lot of success. Also, kudos to the school and its staff. :D I remember there was a lot of naysaying in the news media when this school opened. Well, the proof is in the pudding for the third straight year.

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