For the third year in a row, Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy is graduating 100% of seniors and sending them all off to college in the fall.

Urban Prep Academy is the city’s only all-black, all-male charter school and it has been achieving amazing results since opening in 2006. Urban Prep has outpaced many schools across the nation, sending all of its graduates to college for the past three years.

Tim King and other prominent African American leaders started Urban Prep Academy to counteract many of the dismal odds facing young black men in the public education system. Their aim is to foster success by instilling self-esteem and promoting high achievement among its students. Their motto, “We Believe” says it all.

This year’s graduates are heading to universities across the nation from Morehouse and Duke, to Howard, the American University in Paris,  the University of Virginia, and many many more.

Despite their success in high school, Urban Prep’s graduates carry that same success into college. Eighty-three percent of Urban Prep graduates continue their college education after the first year, which is beats the national average of just about 65-percent.

Urban Prep credits its success to its dedicated staff, students, and community involvement. Although its students come from economically disadvantaged areas, Urban Prep is able to spend more money on its students because of contributions from the wider community.

We commend Urban Prep Academy on their success!

Learn more about the graduating class or donate to Urban Prep Academy on their website. 

  • Sylvia

    I think that is wonderful. Congratulations to the young men of Urban Prep Academy and to the school itself. You are doing wonderful things for our community. It’s nice to hear positive stories of our young men. So proud of you all and I don’t even know you. Congrats again darlings.

  • Dalili

    **Thundering Applause!!**

  • Keep it Real

    This is good I’d also like to know the avg and median students ACT and SAT college entrance exams test scores. That will tell you if these kids are actually doing better academically than kids in other urban area schools. Just having 100% graduation in an urban school is an accomplishment within itself, however, even the best H.S.’s in the country don’t have 100% of the students who want to go to college.

  • lostluv224

    i tweeted this earlier!! WONDERFUL

  • Perverted Alchemist

    A job well done gentlemen!

  • binks

    This made me smile, this is a wonderful look. Congrats to the young men!

  • The Taker

    *Tosses confetti and streamers all over the place* Congrats!!!

  • rob

    This my chicago for ya. Doing it every year.

  • alldawg

    Look at my sons, proud of all of them…

  • pink

    Great to hear a POSITIVE story about our young black males; as opposed to constant negative news! Thanks, and keep the positive stories coming regarding young black males.

  • Whatever


  • golden_girl

    What a great story. A strong community is wealth.

  • mamareese

    Hooorrrraaayyy for young black men doing the dang thang!!!! Hooray for any young person taking charge to be successful!!!!

  • babe

    This does not surprise me. Black males teaching black males have no other choice but to thrive. Children tend to do better when they have teachers who actually care about them. If I had the money, I would start two in every city in America!!!!!!

  • Tonton Michel

    Congrats to them and I would like to know what the advantages they are having over the public schools.

  • May

    What are you black women so happy about? 99% of them will be marrying white or other none black women and you know it.
    Just look at the statistics.
    “If you invest in males in developing nations, less than 35% of the investment goes back to their families or communities. Invest in their women, and over 95% of the investment goes back to the family and their community. We continue to be lost because we focus all of our energies on boys who inherently seek what they perceive to be greater rewards (like hunters) outside of themselves.”

  • QCastle

    Im very sick of people on here referring to black men or boys as males. Youre talking about human beings not livestock.

  • May

    It must be a subconscious thing, which should tell you something.

  • grateful

    where did you get that quote from?

  • Reality Check

    sir , its not that serious……
    congrats guys !!!

  • modern lady

    Good look, indeed. It shows the rest of the country (black, white and otherwise) that these results are possible in American schools.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Oh oh

    Tommorow’s generation of da good black man, who’ll be b itching day and night bout –

    women want thugs.

    The kinds of black men who get the OK from C lu tch type black women, aren’t the kinds of black men who are gonna do anything for the masses of black people.


    and what’s with the “yes we can” reference?

    is that like -

    stay in school kids – eat your greens, do yoos omework & 1 day whitey mite giv u da prezzidunce job and put you upfront to do they dotty wok and tek de the blem 4 all da no gud they dun?

    and btw kids

    lean how to spell gud and tark gud -

    lick me


    and no saggin – keep it strictly belted pants and bow tie.

    . . . . whatever . .

    kiss teet


  • Socially Maladjusted

    The only reason to go to school is to learn a high tec skill or a trade. But you’ll only be trained to perform a skill, you won’t know how to think – which means you WON’T be EDUCATED.

    If you wanna get an education, read and seek out people who are doing the stuff that interests you. If you aint interested in nuttin, then you have right to -

    shut the f uck up.

  • omfg

    lmao @may

    i was thinking the some thing.

  • Erica

    I agree May. Thats why I love that Oprah created her school for girls. Wish she would created some here in the states.

  • QON


    It does tell me something. It tells me exactly why 99% of these young men end up with non black women.

  • Yeahright2011

    That is wonderful to see. Now make sure the adults don’t hitch a ride on their coat tails. I hate that.

  • Yeahright2011

    @QON You making a point about where these kids will be putting their private parts in the future definitely tells me something. I have a son so that makes you sound like a pervert, at least me. Old nasty self.

  • edub

    I was thinking the same thing. I would like to see standardized test scores, too.

  • QofNewcastle


    Shut up.

  • QofNewcastle


    I think Oprah explained why she wouldnt create a school for girls here in the states. This is what she said to Newsweek in 2007:

    “Say what you will about the American educational system — it does work. … If you are a child in the United States, you can get an education. … I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools that I just stopped going. The sense that you need to learn just isn’t there. … If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod, sneakers, or some money. In South Africa, they don’t ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school.”

  • CHE


    You are absolutely correct- the more educated and upwardly mobile Black men are the more likely MOST of them are to date and marry non black women(research the facts for yourselves)…..I have even heard from the horses mouth(black men) that and I quote *ONLY BROKE N*****AS GO OUT WITH BLACK WOMEN* end quote. I have also heard from Black men themselves that most of the black men they know in college are looking for White, Hispanic and Asian women, not Black women and these black men are most likely helped by their Black mothers and other Black female relatives….. so go on Black women and praise them -they will take your praise, encouragement and help and keep on stepping to the White, Asian and Hispanic women or you Black women can praise, encourage, and help OTHER BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS…THEY NEED IT TOO!.

    @Qon/eshowoman- FALL BACK, DEMON!

  • Yeahright2011

    @ Make me Pedo.

  • Glazed’ Donut

    This is pathetic that such a positive article turns into this.

  • African Mami

    @ QCastle,

    You do have a point. I hate women being referred to as females! :)

  • Ocean Blue

    Thing is, the trend of referring to Black women as ‘females’ , ‘b*tches’, and ‘hoes’ by default was started by Black men.

  • QueenofNew


    Maybe these black men should marry their mothers or female relatives.

    Real talk, black men have often cited the LACK of support they received from their relatives in their academic pursuits. No one takes the education of black boys seriously, surely not their mother or the members of their female peer groups who pursue style over substance.

  • omfg


    neither black girls or boys receive support to pursue education in the black community as it is not valued in the hood.

    also, you’re talking about not getting support from female relatives? well at least they KNOW their female relatives and those women probably got up in the morning and cooked them breakfast and tried to give them a roof to live under. also, they probably enrolled the boys in this school. you think their fathers enrolled them in school? think again sweetie.

    one thing we can be almost certain about is that these boys do not have fathers in their lives.

  • Keep it Real


    What women are these that you speak of? Women of other races are marrying at the same rate as the men except American Black Women. Let’s look at the facts of interracial marriages. NEW 2008 interracial marriages American born males Asian (41%) and Hispanic (41%), American born black males 22%. 2001 British born Black Males interracial marriages 50%. NEW 2008 interracial marriages U.S. born females Hispanic (37.4%) and Asian (50.8%). 2001 British black (30%) WOMEN marry interracially. American black women (9%).

    This fallacy that black women are not dating interracially out of loyalty is laughable at best. Go to any interracial romance website. 90%+ of the women looking for interracial love are black women! Black women are trying to date interracially there’s just not a lot of non black men (in America) who have a serious interest in dating them. I’m sure if given the chance for a quick hookup with a black woman a lot of non black men wouldn’t pass it up but a serious relationship is another matter. I think that will change in the next 20 years.

  • Keep it Real


    Typical brainwashed Black Feminist. Do you all see what Feminism has done to her?

  • kissa

    “The only reason to go to school is to learn a high tec skill or a trade. But you’ll only be trained to perform a skill, you won’t know how to think – which means you WON’T be EDUCATED.

    If you wanna get an education, read and seek out people who are doing the stuff that interests you. If you aint interested in nuttin, then you have right to.”

    ^ ^ I have to agree…I know folks who are “educated” that cannot think for themselves and lack common sense as you have stated..

  • MissAnn

    “And when he get on, he’ll leave yo’ azz for a white girl”

    Kanye West said it best…

  • CHE


    FALL BACK, DEMON! with your wilfull blindness and idiocy.


    You and your nonsense AGAIN….provide the name or links to the sites where Black women are 90% of the women looking for interracial love and if it is true that should tell you something.

  • Tonton Michel

    Seriously some of y’all need to seek therapy, a bunch of kids who did good and are on the way to college to make something out of themselves and people start throwing shade on them about who they are going to date, marry and where they spend their resources? Can they live their lives first? Maybe pass class and graduate, get a job, travel, find themselves perhaps? Instead of sweating who they date and marry, (cause it’s most likely not going to be anyone on this website), worry about your self.

    You people do not even know these kids, what there dreams are and their beliefs, yet here you are projecting your bitter lives on them. The fact that they came up through an all black boys school is more likely to influence them to take a serious look at their community and want to give back. If they dont so what, on to the next one.

    For real, hating on some teenage High School graduates?

  • Keep it Real
  • Fox

    ACT & SAT scores don’t mean anything compared to pure drive and determination.

  • Alexandra

    100%? That’s amazing! Congrats to all the young men; wish them luck!

  • au napptural

    Congrats to them! Though when I start my school it will be co-ed. If we learn to get along from a young age there will be less problems and hopefully no more QONs in our community. :)

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  • CHE


    LOL…..Its an interracial dating site and since I am not a member I cant see the photos of the ladies or men and the initial photos are probably stock photos…so come again and if that site is 90% Black women I KNOW WHY and it is saying ALOT.

  • CHE


    Also, I wonder what the Wyoming and Utah interracials look like and how many members this site has,LOL…..what do you do troll the internet looking for the most obscure sites to prove your points and so you can slay the feminazis on Clutch…keep trying.

  • BlackAnon

    Reading your comments give me a headache.

  • TheMuseintheMirror

    Damned if we do…damned if we don’t…I guess in some folks minds…smh

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Dude? I had a headache come on when I got to that section. If they didn’t do jack, then they’re lazy-ass good for nothing thugs. The students did very well, and they still get cussed. Cheese and rice, man! >_<

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    I’m very happy for them, and I wish them a lot of success. Also, kudos to the school and its staff. :D I remember there was a lot of naysaying in the news media when this school opened. Well, the proof is in the pudding for the third straight year.

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