New Jersey-based actress Racquel Bailey is a hustler. Bailey recently grabbed headlines when she spent $1500 to buy a billboard near Tyler Perry’s Atlanta studio to convince the director to cast her in one of his productions.

Actress Buys Billboard to Get Tyler Perry’s Attention, What Out-of-the-Box things Have you done to Land a Job?

According to Shadow & Act, Bailey says she spent her “last money” on the billboard in an attempt to catch Perry’s attention.

While I’m not a fan of Perry’s films, I don’t fault Bailey for wanting to catch his eye. Perry is one of the few black filmmakers who seem to have some sway in Hollywood and he is loyal to the actors he works with, often using them over and over again for projects both on the big and small screen.

I’m inspired by Bailey’s initiative. Like so many others attempting to break into an industry, she realized that you have to find ways to set yourself apart. She is just another example of those who have gone to extraordinary lengths to land their dream jobs (or any job) in this tight economy.

From people creating web sites and video blogs just to snag a job, or using their social media accounts to reach out to potential employees, more and more people are circumventing the traditional routes to success.

How about you? Have you ever gone to extraordinary lengths to land a job?

  • Robbie

    Nope but I hope he calls her. after all, she seems to really want it. I say give her a try because she may be the next big thing.

  • Dreaming

    “Have you ever gone to extraordinary lengths to land a job?” – No. One is lucky to even get an interview nowadays.

  • African Mami


  • HowApropos

    I wish her the best. It’s hard for a black actress out there…

  • babe

    Good move, but she should have used a better photo. But kudos to her, because that shows she thinks :out- of- the- box”!! Good for her, with her creativity, she should land something soon. I hope she does.

  • stone

    ATL is cheap as hell. $1500 bones gets you a whole billboard advertisement?!

  • Candy 1

    No, I have not. I wish her the best, though.

  • Dreaming

    What difference does it make?

  • EbonyLolita

    Smart move!! I can’t say I blamed her. But usually my resume & interview got me almost ALL the jobs I’ve ever applied for.
    In her case she made it happen just to get to the interview phase. More power to her. No shade but that pic isn’t necessarily flattering. She’s a pretty girl but something tells me she has better head shots then the one used on that billboard.

  • mamareese

    I was thinking the same thing….better head shot booboo. Here’s the thing…..I get tired of hearing how people do crazy things for fame….recall the boy in the balloon….the Lotto Ticket lady….I mean sometimes you just have to prefect your craft, work the law of averages and hustle hard. But even though this billboard looks mad tacky colorwise…I hope it lands her something.

  • MsZMC

    Even if it’s not with Tyler Perry, someone will call her for a chance to audition and that can help her build her career as well. Bold move.

    My motto is if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!

  • CHelle

    Nope, but people doing the unthinkable and the impossible are the ones making it happen for themselves. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. I hope she’s worth it, with all this hype.

  • filthy ape

    ahahaha filthy boons

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