Alfonso Ribiero became a trending topic yesterday, not because for former Fresh Prince and In the House star did anything illegal or particularly scandalous, but because Ribiero resurrected one of his signature moves—the Carlton—and led a massive flash mob.

Ribiero and his supporter, Body By Vi, aimed to break the record for the largest flash mob in history and promote Ribiero’s weight-loss challenge.

Ribiero was joined by a slew of dancers at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, and at the same time, others around the country were supposed to join in. While I don’t know how many others took up his challenge, seeing Ribiero out there hitting his Carlton brought back fond memories of my childhood.

Since seeing the Hammertime flash mob take over Hollywood some time ago, I’ve always wanted to be apart of one, but have yet to take the plunge. I’ll think I’ll be adding it to my “to do” list soon, though.

How about you? Have you ever participated in a flash mob? Would you? 

  • Matt

    The flash mob was killer. Visalus is creating a culture across N. America that is so fun to be part of. We set the world record for simultaneous flash mob with over 50,000 in over 300 cities. I can’t dance well and wasn’t sure about it, but I had a blast. “The Challenge…jump on it, jump on it” Haha.

  • Matt

    The flash mob was absolutely killer. I am so glad I was a part of it. Visalus is creating a fun culture that is sweeping N. America with health and wealth. We set the world record for the largest simultaneous flash mob with over 50,000 in over 300 cities. Body By Vi is taking over. I am not a good dancer but loved it…”The Challenge…Jump on it, jump on it” Haha

  • LaNeshe

    Loved it! That made my day.

  • dhoensty1

    they looked like they were having fun.. he needs to make a exercise vid.. lol..

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