Amazing! Miracle Baby Found Alive in Morgue

by Thembi Ford

An Argentinean couple got the shock of their lives when their grief over delivering a premature, stillborn baby girl was interrupted by the discovery that their newborn was actually alive…while already in her coffin.

The baby’s parents, Analia Bouter and Fabian Veron, went to the morgue to say their goodbyes to the little girl they named Luz Milagros, or “Miracle Light.” When they opened her coffin the baby started to tremble, and then cry, and then wake all the way up. It wasn’t long before Bouter dropped to her knees in shock and had it confirmed by morgue personnel that doctors had made a horrible mistake — her baby was tiny and so cold that “it was like carrying a bottle of ice,” but was very much alive. She remains in critical condition and is improving.

In the midst of all of the rejoicing this was still a very close call and five hospital personnel have already been suspended for the near fatal mistake. Bouter claims that she’s given birth to four other children and doesn’t understand why the doctors would place her under general anesthesia this time around, adding that hospital personnel would not allow her to see the baby between her delivery and her chance to say goodbye (or in this case, hello) before the child was to be sent to a funeral home. She also added that her baby was issued a death certificate twenty minutes after her birth, but has yet to be issued a birth certificate.

Isn’t that something? Oh yeah, and she definitely plans to sue.

What do you think of this story?


  • Stephanie

    They were going to use her baby for something illegal I bet you. In countries like that there’s always something fishy going on.

  • lostluv224

    Sue?!? I’d be going through that hospital laying hands on everyone. Thank GOD those parents went to say their “goodbyes” that poor baby would have died a horrible death

  • Dalili

    Oh my word! :-(

  • sunday

    Wow! Sooo love the name they had given her, so fitting. Hope Baby Luz grows up healthy.

  • craig

    Luz in spanish language means light .. my girlfriend name is Luz in Philippines

  • craig

    And my birthday is april 12 .. same day of this news .. My fiancee name is Luz

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