Since relaunching her website, Beyonce has slowly been allowing her fans inside her ultra-private life. Last week Bey launched a tumblr site, which included several pictures of the star with her family, on vacation, with her husband, and just being herself.

Recently, Beyonce wrote a letter singing the praises of First Lady Michelle Obama. Beyonce calls Mrs. Obama “a force” and “an empowered inspiration.”

Beyonce serenaded the Obamas during the President’s inauguration ball, and last year she teamed up with Mrs. Obama on the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. But her love for Mrs. Obama doesn’t end there.  Beyonce and Jay-Z are ardent supporters of the President, and recently  attended a ritzy fundraiser supporting his reelection campaign.

Despite her support of Pres. Obama, it seems that since becoming a mother, Beyonce is connecting with the First Lady on another level. She praises Mrs. O for being a caring mom, a nurturer, and an example for little Blue Ivy.

Check out Beyonce’s letter to First Lady Michelle Obama and let us know what you think! 

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    I felt this letter in my heart.

    Not a fan of Beyonce, but I am a fan of encouraging our Black women.
    Rock on.

  • Yb

    This was a very beautiful letter.

    I’m sure that Michelle is more than aware that she is all that and more. Beyonce is only reaffirming that in her letter.

  • Bosslady

    Aaaaaw, that’s cute.

  • African Mami

    she can write! HABA!-*DEAD*

    BEYONCE STANS-go back to!

    kiiiyute doe.

  • Miss J

    Awww, that’s cute

  • Val

    Beyonce didn’t write that letter, her letter writing surrogate wrote that for her. Lol

    (Hides from Bey stans)

  • malik hemmans


  • T

    hmmm. Seriously, is it me? What is cute about this? Who the heck is Beyonce’s camp allowed this letter to be released for public consumption?? Seriously?

  • LS

    Wow she has the vocab and writing abilities of a 3rd grader.

  • The Comment

    Do u want to be mega rich and stupid or book smart and broke. As if I had a choice.

  • Bee

    Okay, I appreciate black women encouraging black women. Yet this letter saddens me for one reason: she has the vocabulary and penmanship of an elementary kid. Surely, she didn’t write this! Bey fans, none of you all can deny that this letter reads and looks like something my elementary-age nephew would’ve have written. The woman is 30 years old and filthy rich, for goodness sakes. Just wow. I find it endlessly insulting that the richest people are often the least educated and least intelligent among us. The injustice of it disgusts me. That said, I thank Michelle as well, for being an inspiration and a true class act.

  • amarie

    Did little Miss Blue Ivy write this? Talk about basic…

  • Mariah

    Most people that are book smart are NOT broke.

  • t..

    i wonder if people would criticize the letter if they didn’t know beyonce wrote it….hmmmm. its not like she was writing an essay people. it was just a quick note expressing her admiration. geez

  • Zaza

    This note was clearly meant to be written in a carefree relaxed manner. Plenty of intelligent people use shorthand/txt speak in such correspondence. It makes me laugh when haters jump at any chance to call Beyonce stupid. Has anyone tripped out the ‘she didn’t finish high school’ line yet? Snore.

    To be honest most people can and do shuffle through the school system and can make it through a degree. You don’t have to be Einstein. Far fewer people manage to not only make it, but stay on top of a competitive difficult industry like Beyonce has. There’s more to intelligence than book smarts. She might not have a BA,or MSC but she has a multimillion entertainment empire to her credit. if she is so ‘dumb’, how come everyone else(and a multitude of tried and failed r n b singers) can’t do what she’s done?

    Some people put too much on academic qualifications, it’s an achievement yes,but there are other measures of achievement. I would gladly swap *some* of my ‘book smarts’ in exchange for some of the creative/ business/networking/social intelligence she clearly has that has kept her on top of her game. How sad that a successful black woman dropping a note to congratulate another successful black woman has to draw such predictable catty remarks.

  • rosie

    ….so if she’s a boss, why does she need you to bat for her?

  • edub

    I agree. I feel like putting a gold star on it and adhering it to my fridge with a magnet.

  • Zaza

    Lol what a random response. She doesn’t need anyone to ‘bat’ for her, however I find remarks about her supposed stupidity foolish themselves, and snobbish,for the reasons I outlined above.

    My point was that there is more to intelligence than perfect grammar on a note. But you chose to ignore that and attack me for ‘batting’ for her.Um ok?

  • binks

    I love the thought of the letter but the letter itself doesn’t leave a lot to be desired, it kind of fuels the airhead rumors with her but I thinks her thought and effort overrides the letter itself.

  • The Comment

    Sweetie I live in SF. The streets are filled with homeless people with Ph.D’s and former mayors from across this country.

  • The Comment

    So true…so true. That is why I asked …..would you rather be mega rich and not so book smart or book smart and broke. @Mariah really believes if you are book smart you are not broke. Which I have to assume she is very very very very very young. Most of my friends are in academia—-the eptiome of book smart—-and they are not rich.

    I know we put a premium of talent. Beyonce is worth every penny. But I find it very sicking that the very people who teach us how to read and explore the world can barely pay their rent or afford a home (at least not int he SF Bay Area). I have one child and the thought of homeschooling her would send me over the edge. I don’t have the patience.

    At least she was thoughtful enough to write a letter. And that is really all that matters.

  • befree

    Um.. you can be both at the same time.

  • befree

    When did finishing high school become putting “too much on academic qualifications”?

  • Tiffany W.

    I suppose I can take out my e-red pen and mark the hell out of each of these comments, since we’re all experts in the English language.

  • t..

    she did finish high school. she was homeschooled/tutored and graduated that way.

  • entro

    Damn bee

  • Zaza

    Lol no Befree. Again missing my point. I bother to read people’s comments properly, I wish others would do the same. I was using the ‘she didn’t finish high school’ as an example of comments I’ve seen people who dislike Beyonce say about her,to mock her. Draw breath, read, then comment.

  • Ms. Information are my cyber was I thinking the EXACT same

  • African Mami

    Great minds think alike mama!!!!:)

    In any case, we rarely take anything seriously.

  • http://JDORJ.COM mmmmKAY

    The multiple intelligences you mentioned remind me of Howard Gardener’s work (which basically states that there is not only one measure of intelligence “book smarts”, intelligences can be categorized into different genres such as interpersonal, musical, logical, spatial,etc…). I get it. Being book smart should is not the only factor in determining a person’s intelligence.


    Who writes and “publishes” a letter to the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES in a “carefree relaxed manner”?

    That’s what’s wrong with the world, lack of standards. Granted, she spent some time working with Michelle in various programs. However, I think the letter should have been written formally, especially since this “informal” letter was published online. If she wanted to address Michelle in private with all those damn grammatical errors (prepositional phrases…smh) and that limited vocabulary,ok cool. Not in public for everybody to see. As for the GED….smh

    That being said, I like Bey’s music, her style (70% of the time, IDK what she has been wearing since she had the baby?) and I rock with Michelle. We all know her ass didn’t graduate from high school though. Lol!

  • tiffany nced

    WOW! Who starts any letter or quick expression of ones happiness and begins with a lowercase letter. Really!! I am surprised that they posted this note, its a totaly embrasment to woman of color that think money and fame is worth more than a education or basic english. Let’s all hope that you educate your daughter to learn basic english and grammer so that when she’s ready to write a public letter its not an complete embrassment to you.

  • vinny

    Wow! Talk about hate! Yall have to realize Beyonce has millions of fans all over the world and im sure majority of them are average, did you guys ever think that since she was posting this letter that she wrote it in a way that was simple so that her fans from all walks of life and ages could enjoy it and comprehend what it was saying. Not to mention it was straight to the point and straight from the heart, I feel sorry for her because no matter what she does there is always negative people judging her every move.

  • “Bee”Sux

    God, what an idiot! If you are writing a letter to the First Lady of the United States, wouldn’t you think to use spellcheck and spell out the word “you?” So, she’s not only stupid, but she’s also lazy. Disgusting that someone this stupid has so much when there are highly-intelligent people all over the world who are starving to death. I’d sure like to redistribute her wealth to some of them– people who could potentially HELP and contribute to our society by doing something other than shaking their butts and putting out crappy songs that need to be auto-tuned. Plus, if she is so pro-Obama, why isn’t she giving all her money to taxes and charity like Obama is trying to force the rest of us to do? I’m SURE her accountant is doing some fancy footwork to keep her highness from paying her fair share.

  • luvig

    She’s a boss and EXTREMELY gifted and talented. However, written quickly or not ‘upto’ is not a word which she wrote at the end of the letter. It should have read ‘up to’.

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