Twitter has once again shown that it is truly the place for cowards to throw darts at people who they wouldn’t dare confront in real life. After Brittney Griner’s amazing performance at the NCAA women’s basketball championship Tuesday, twits started questioning the 6’8” athletes’ sex due to her low voice and athletic ability. Some of the obnoxious tweets were:


“it’s a shame Brittney Griner’s sanctimonious basketball skills are overshadowed by her sounding/looking like a man.”


“Why is Brittney Griner so good at basketball? Because she’s actually a man. #haveyouheardhertalk.”


“My prediction: Baylor’s national championship will be vacated once it is confirmed that Brittney Griner is, in fact a man…”


“I hope @SkyDigg4 walks up to Brittney Griner at the end of this game n asks her – MAN pull your D*ck out!? *Pun Intend #NCAAWomensBasketball.”


Why it is that when a woman is exceptionally good at a sport her sexual preference is put on blast as if it has anything to do with her talent? I believe it goes back to when we were kids and to be told that you play “like a girl” was an incredible insult. Being male or female has nothing to do with the talent that you were blessed with. It’s beyond sad that an amazing basketball player like Griner can’t get the respect she deserves for perfecting her gift because some feel that women who are great at sports must secretly be a man.


SMH at the ignorance.

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  • Cherish

    I was thinking of Caster Semenya when reading this story. Just because Griner is athletic with a deep voice, it doesn’t mean that she is male!!!!!! Y’all haven’t heard of tomboys?

  • sunday

    No, not quite. Nothing against Brittney Griner, she’s an awesome basketball player, but she does have masculine characteristics. Many women do, and she’s one of them. While I agree that folks really need to leave her alone and how she looks is completely irrelevant to her skills, I’m not going to say they’re incorrect in the basic assessment that she’s masculine and/or androgynous.

    With that said, I’m really taken aback by the response from men. Sheesh! Most of what I’m hearing from them sound borderline threatened by her. The only real reason to be threatened by her is if you plan on taking her in a pick up game. Other than that, hush.

  • jazzyphile

    I’ve only seen pictures of her without makeup playing basketball–plenty of women look manly without makeup. Let’s see her “madeup”.

    • angelface

      Agreed…she actually does look boyish here…but I can easily imagine her looking very “girly” if she wanted to.

  • I got sense!

    @ Risa in reference to:
    “Why it is that when a woman is exceptionally good at a sport her sexual preference is put on blast as if it has anything to do with her talent? ”

    Are you serious? Take your ass out of your head. No one is questioning her ability and there have been plenty of FEMALE basketball players who have fabulous athletic ability and look/sound like FEMALES! Not to mention who gives a fuck?!?! People make fun of other people all the time for whatever damn reason.

    People are saying that because of her voice and height and looks. She has masculine features. That is an honest assumption. If she wasn’t a ball player and looked/sounded the exact same people would still wonder the same. Stop trying to turn this into a “women are the perpetual victims”. She looka like a man.

  • Am I the only on who’s has hair envy when it comes to Brittney? Her hair is so thick and I would not mind having it.