Skin and hair care label Carol’s Daughter was once a staple in the arsenal of many naturalistas, but as other homegrown companies have flooded the marketplace, Carol’s Daughter seemed to be courting a more diverse audience. Now, the company is taking it back to its roots and reaching out to women considering “going natural” or those who are new to letting their natural tresses shine.

Recently, Carol’s Daughter released a teaser video for their new site, Transitioning Movement, which helps newly naturals “transition” out of their relaxer and into rocking the hair God gave them.

The site’s website tells readers they want to help women “get back to the basics of natural beauty” by helping the ditch their creamy crack addiction.

Carol’s Daughter describes the site as:

“This definitive online source on how to transition was founded on the idea that every woman should celebrate her own unique beauty. As women transition from relaxed to natural hair with protective styles, the big chop or long or curly grow-outs, we aim to support them as they brave the change with fun, informative and helpful features.”

While I think it’s great newly naturals have yet another resource, I wonder how having a major player in the hair care market will affect the thousands of upstart natural hair blogs from everyday women.

What do you think of Carol’s Daughter’s new ‘Transitioning Movement’ site? 

  • African Mami

    Team All others, bye!

  • I got sense!

    Happy for Solange BUT Carol’s Daughter sold out to the white folks a while ago. They are just doing what they do.

  • Jessica

    I think this will be a great resource for women who need help transitioning. When I went through this phase, I struggled to find a site that was specifically about transitioning and where I was in the process. Most hair blogs are cluttered with too much irrelevant info.

  • LainaLain

    Man, I really wish I had that kind of skill with bobbi pins.

  • starr

    I’m sorry, but I think that they are just jumping on a movement made popular by bloggers, and youtubers. They saw how popular, and how effective, those people were, and saw $$$ on it. thats just how I see it.

  • mahogany

    Exactly my thoughts. Carol’s Daughter is not what it used to be. And there are only a few products that I would use from their line. They don’t always use the best ingredients and they have become to commercial now. They are just trying to attract new clients.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Not committed to any particular line except Jamaican Mango and Lime (I have locks and their spritz and shampoo keeps my dry scalp at bay until the next attack), but other than that I don’t spend money on a corporate line, this is where the NATURAL comes in.

    Many “everyday women” bloggers give tips on transitioning, styling etc using NATURAL products that come form the earth itself such as Shea Butter, 100% virgin olive, jojoba, tea tree, coconut and other oils, honey, avocado, baking soda, and the lists of items and regiments goes on!

    You don’t have or need to buy what Carol’s Daughter is selling. I haven’t heard great reviews either, but I’m not trying to throw shade on the brand.

    But before you decide to buy/commit to a line of “natural hair care” products, PLEASE examine the ingredients the line uses to create their stuff.

    Just because I say I’m making something for you doesn’t mean it’s for you.

  • Chic Noir

    Just checked out the site. It looks okay so far.

    When I became natural almost a decade ago, there wasn’t much out there but Carol’s Daughter. Back then I liked Carol’s Daughter a lot. I used CD’s hair and body products.

    I was very found of her cotton candy body balm and fragrance spray. I would get so many compliments esp from men lol. When the other investors came in, they revamped the line, most of the body products go dropped. The only body product she has around that I still use is the foot lotion.

  • Insight

    What’s wrong with attracting clients? Isn’t that what companies are supposed to do?
    … If you call “selling out” making your business successful, then yea Lisa Price sold out. Yea bloggers are great, but they are not making money from blogging (at least not the smart ones). They created the “transition” to make the company more resourceful and profitable.
    Unfortunately when it comes to a business as large as Carol Daughter’s you don’t just make decisions on a whim or emotionally. They come with detailed planning and thought. By opening up the demographic that Carol’s attracts, not only are they increasing their profits, they are also becoming more established in the hair care community.
    I.E. When facebook started, it was only available to college students, now it’s available to anyone with an email address. Instagram didn’t make ANY profits, and then Zuckerberg bought it for 1 billion (aprox.)….how much you want to bet the value of Instagram will increase exponentially in the next couple of years.
    Apple was suffering in the 90’s when their computers was shaped like a big head and weighed a ton. STEVE JOBS was even fired at one point and then rehired (that’s when Apple started to take off with Mac book, ipod, etc). If they didn’t change their marketing strategies against personal computers, we could be living in a DIFFERENT world right now.
    Some are always mad whatever the case may be; or love voting for the underdog until they are not the underdog anymore. If Carol’s daughter wasn’t being discovered some would be mad or say the line was the “best kept secret”. Now that you can go into the mall and see a store meant for black/minority hair we’re still mad?? But you don’t have any comments about the carp sold at CVS or the beauty supply store?!
    I on the other hand, am happy and motivated because it was founded by a black woman. Go head Lisa Price! Make that money! :)

  • Bridget


  • marais morris

    did or didn’t carol’s daughter have something to do with the promotion of the movie, THE HELP? i can’t remember exactly what it was that someone said a long time ago about this. clutchettes, please let me know if you know anything about this. thanks

  • Krysie

    I am pretty sure that a similar article was already posted on Clutch not too long ago….

  • AllNatural is the best natural hair website I have been on so far. Not only is it pretty to look at but very informative

  • Chic Noir

    I dig Urban Bush Babies and Curly Nikki. I’m happy for each and every one of them who does well. I wish MopTop Maven would come back.

  • df

    I’ve heard NOTHING but horrible reviews for 98% of her products and on top of that they are fairly costly….

  • hehe

    @Chic Noir

    I loved Moptop Maven! Her blog had hair, fashion, beauty, and ,more.To bad she’s an alleged scam artist *sigh*

  • Amber

    Duh. That’s called business. You see a lucrative opportunity you take it. The natural hair trend is on the upswing. Why wouldn’t Carol’s Daughter take advantage of that?

  • Amber

    What do you mean sold out to white folks? You mean diversified their audience? Expanded their target market? These are typical (savvy) business moves! I don’t think the products rock my socks, but I definitely don’t think she sold out to anybody. But if expansion and success of a black-owned business=selling out, well go on then. I respect your position.

  • Amber

    I LOVE and blogs like it. But I think those blogs typically cater to people that are already natural (past the transition phase). I think CD found a less visited niche of the trend. I’m not saying that guarantees success, but it already shows partnerships with established natural hair bloggers, like HeyFranHey.

  • apple

    After that moptop maven scam scandal I don’t think she ever coming back


    I think Carol’s daughter has lost touch with their audience. Their stuff smells good but honestly anything I want to use in my hair I can make and do make. I like most of the big natural blogs but for mine I try to focus on both newbie naturals and already natural. Plus I make it a point to reach out to people in person about natural hair, a plus that big companies can’t do.

  • keke

    Wait a minute? there was a scandal with moptop?!!! where in the world have I been? i had no idea that was going on. I was wondering what happened with her, I used to visit her site faithfully…

  • Viv

    @ Amber,

    +1000000. I’m not a fan of Carol’s Daughter products either (I live not far from their recently-closed flagship store in downtown Brooklyn and would walk right past because the products I tried were too drying on my 4b hair) but I will never knock business savvy and hustle.

    Keep on diversifying and keeping fresh, that’s what makes a company successful, and I support any Black woman trying to honestly do her thing. If you don’t like Carol’s Daughter, don’t use it, period.

  • Bunny

    I get diversifying, or whatever buuut…this whole movement seems to be too little, too late for CD. When I went natural back in 2009, I was already hearing tons of negative reviews about their products. And now moving away from the customer base that got them popular in the first place? I dunno. Something just isn’t quite right…I’m not sold. And Solange just IRKS me for some reason!

  • Kesha Warren

    I was done with Carols daughter after their whole polyethnic BS. I’ll stick to nappturality or bglh thankyouverymuch

  • Kesha Warren

    BTW read this article about the campaign with light skinned women only:

    Carol’s Daughter HATES Black women- Why no Self-Respecting Black Woman Should EVER Purchase Carol’s Daughter Products EVER!

  • Flee

    +1 Thanks You. So tired of people critizing things they dont know jack about… crabs in a barrel!

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